Superlite Heroes!

Superlite Heroes is a small game on the front of a single sheet of paper. It is a game of playing superheroes and all the struggles that go with that. It has a very simple system meant to get out of the way and facilitate uncertain moments, then allow play to get back to the conversation.

I should also say that I've never played it. I wrote it in a fit of inspiration one weekend while energized by Lasers & Feelings, and then revised it a year later, so let me know if you take it for a test-spin!

Latest Version (v2) Download:

Click here to download the game!

Click here to read an online transcript of the game!

Update History:
September 2013: Original draft (v1) released.
October 29, 2014: Version 2 released, full rewriting of major components and condensed down to a single page. Made it pretty!

If you play it or have any thoughts, let me know! It could use some feedback.

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