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Movie Review - Underworld: Awakening

So yeah, went to see this Saturday night. I have no prior experience with the Underworld franchise, so admittedly I was slightly confused, but the movie still had a bunch of problems. One thing more than most:

(c) Randall Munroe of XKCD (
So imagine it says "Kate Beckinsale" instead of River Tam. Same thing. It was ALL action, generally very ridiculous action. The action was good, yes, but I gotta say that I would've appreciated maybe ten minutes without a fight scene at any given point. If a scene was mostly talking, it became a fight scene within 5 minutes. It featured a character we already know, someone generally considered hot enough to never tire of watching, with a pretty giant budget, a good choreographer, and, well, the directors are kinda unknown to me but they did a good enough job at what they did I think.

Millions of logical inconsistencies in that movie though. Some good ideas too. The beginning was of special interest to me: It started with a Previously On: though it didn't use those words. Come on. Movies don't DO that. It then gives us a ridiculously cool bit about the Purge, done in a style that I can only call Dead Space + District 9. If the whole movie was in that style about the Purge, I would watch it. But then it goes into standard fare. The whole movie is in black, blue, and white pretty much, which DOES make for a neat look but ends up quite dark. The black guy cop that helps her was well acted and well written and such (and is the source of the majority of the talking scenes, so I thank him for that) but he seemed almost unnecessary to the plot really. All the moves that the "heroes" take confused me, such as deciding to stand and fight when running is CLEARLY the right choice, and Kate's moment early on where she pretty much takes a guy who let her go from the facility and did nothing personally to her, dangles him out a window, interrogates him, GETS the info she needed, and then still decides to drop him four stories; I just kinda sat and thought, "Wait, this is the PROtagonist?"

But I do need to credit its action, its acting, and its music, as well as the creative vision and concept, fast-forwarding the timeline to add in humans. Actually, I'm remarkably reminded of the Metal Gear Solid series: Starter piece, sequel piece that moves a logical amount forward in time, prequel piece that goes way back, super-future piece that goes even further into the future than 2 and there's crazy tech around. But while MGS4's problem is too much ridiculous story around a kernel of an action game, Awakening is ridiculous action around a kernel of a cool concept. I suppose time will tell if they can make something out of their concept, what with the blatant sequel hook at the end.

Watch this movie if you like: Turning your brain off to mindless action, gruesome but cool effects.
Don't watch this movie if you're expecting: More words than would fit in a tweet.

Also, the remix of Made of Stone (by Evanescence) they play at the beginning of the credits is rad as all hell. Link:

End Recording,

Dogs in the Vineyard AP: Terrance River Branch

Hey there, folks. Had my Dogs in the Vineyard game last Friday, and, well, I was very happy. Now for some messed-up reason I decided not to write it up right away, so I'm hoping I get all these details right. Oh well. I really should record my sessions so I can go back and remind myself. But without further ado!

Featuring the Dogs:
- Brother Judah, played by Daniel. Brother Judah is heavy on the Body stat and kicks ass in a physical fight. Daniel is the fellow who has always played the "I attack him." guy in all of our other games, and struggled quite a bit last game to get out of that after doing it resulted in me fucking his character over. Also the most prone to ask where the strip club/brothel is at.
- Brother Eli, played by my little bro Curtis. Brother Eli is very into guns. Very much so. The Acuity also makes him decent at talking though. He came in late to the session, you'll see that in the events.
- Sister Lydia, played by Kris (it's a guy, I know that name goes either way but he's playing a genderbent character). Very talk-y. Kris is the most into the RP next to me.
- Me, Ego, the GM. I struck with the iron fist of God last game, in two ways, so I wanted to ease up on the throttle. I tore up their guys pretty good last time so I kinda adjusted my maths to not blow them away with more good rolls. I also sorta used the heavy hand of black-and-white-morality on them, so I wanted to make it more grey since that's something I love about Dogs.

    It was high noon when Brother Judah and Sister Lydia rode into Terrance River Branch. The town was a smaller one, but was in well enough shape. People flocked to the Dogs like usual, and the baby kissing commenced. They made their way to the Steward's house, and met Steward Brother James. He invited them in, served them etc. Daniel, in all his infinite tact, asked if he had a daughter, to which he got a "No, but I have a son." and went on to explain his problem. His son, Brother Timothy, was of marrying age and the Steward had worked with Brother Simon (a local) to arrange a marriage, but the girl, Brother Simon's daughter Sister Althea, was refusing to cooperate. The Dogs said they'd try to work it out and went off to talk to Brother Simon's.
    At this point I informed Daniel that Brother Judah happens to be very (very) distantly related to Brother Simon. Initially I was going to have them a bit closer related, but Dan was already pretty set on hitting on Sister Althea so I made it, um, less weird (we also weren't sure what pre-Wild West marrying age was, so we called it 16 to avoid weirdness). It came up that Judah and Simon had met briefly many years ago, but had had no contact since. But the pair arrived, and Sister Althea wasn't home, but Simon answered the door.  They briefly caught up on the doorstep and got to the issue. Simon didn't know why his daughter was refusing, but it became quite clear that he needed it to go through - he really needed the dowry from the Steward to keep the cattle ranch operating. He'd tried to convince his daughter, but it hadn't worked. He implored them to talk sense into her, and informed them that she should be at the church, since she spent most of her days helping the older priest out there (okay, I gotta admit that I know nothing about Mormonism in particular aside from what was in the Dogs book, so I don't know if they actually have priests. I just assumed they had a role like that and called it a priest. If they don't, just imagine that's one way in which The Faith differs from Mormonism. Same with the word church, idk). They went on their way.
    So they arrive at the church, and it's very clean. The door is open, and they find Sister Althea sweeping the floor. Brother Jacob, the priest, is nowhere in sight. They approach and introduce themselves, and find that Brother Jacob had gone home early that day, feeling quite ill. They got to the heart of the matter and asked why she wasn't cooperating, and her answer was that she didn't believe one should marry without love. This is a funny difference between character and player logic, since for the Dogs arranged marriages are common, normal, sacred, and to be gone through with. On the other hand, my players here in the modern age happen to believe in love, not arrangement. Kris with Sister Lydia quickly found his (her?) loophole to very concretely argue for love. His character already had negative relationships with her Cousin John and Uncle Ebidiah and Aunt Celia, who she grew up with, but last time's game ended with him upping his relationship with John to a positive. His explanation was that Ebidiah had arranged a marriage between John and Lydia, and she was strongly against it and ended up hating them all for it (since Celia just stood by and watched). She revealed that after last time she found that John wasn't at fault really and was a good person really (after his help last time), but this meant that she was going to be very against the arranged marriage. Anyway, back to the scene, she asked them to talk to Timothy. She didn't know where he'd be, but said that Brother Jacob the priest would probably know.
    I told the players that it was getting to the point that if they went back to the Steward's, they could find Timothy there since it was supper time (and Timothy would of course be back home, the Steward had told them that earlier). However, the players asked if if the time could be a bit earlier so they could still go and talk to Brother Jacob, they wanted to see him and figure out about him. So that's what happened. At this point little bro showed up, so Brother Eli came strolling into town and some friendly locals pointed him to the Dogs. We all filled both him and the character in (actually I did, but I'm thinking in the future I should totally have one of the other players do it, have their characters explaining to the latecomer so that heads stay in the game). They showed up to Brother Jacob's place. It was run down, with a large garden in the front that seems to have grown out of control and has started dieing from the fall season. They knock, and he yells at them to go away. They say they're Dogs and a couple minutes later he crack the door very slightly to talk to them. He looks kinda sick, and I described basic symptoms they could see. They kept probing, and he kept trying to get them to go away. When they asked off to the side where Timothy was, he told them that Timothy would be at home by this time. Now, I'll of course spoil it right here, but I was subtle enough then that no one guessed precisely what it was, but the symptoms I described were those of a person halfway between hangover and drunk. But the players didn't fully get that, and left to go to the Steward's, but they knew something was up here. They're also told he'll be at the church the next morning.
    To the Steward's. They get there, and meet Timothy for the first time and are left along with him for a few minutes. You know that one guy you know, maybe he went to your school, who just looked perfect all the time and totally knew it and was kinda smug about it and everyone hated him? With the perfect hair and the super-friendliness and always-happy-and-helpful attitude and you couldn't help but hate him for it all? Timothy is that guy. He is entirely and completely in love with Althea, for all the right reasons too. Essentially, this was one-sided love being pushed. Some of it is probably just because she's denying him, but he doesn't care. The scene goes through, and, I confess, I don't perfectly recall how it goes. So sorry, but it becomes a lot fo exposition. They learn that Timothy helps out as a farmhand at Brother Gregor's. They learn that Brother Jacob hasn't been the same since his wife died 6 months ago, and they reason that that's what was up with the garden. Apparently she loved that garden. That's also when he started getting sick it seems. Now at this point the table talk is telling me that the player's suspect slow poisoning. From this point on Dan accuses pretty much every character of having been poisoning him. Now, characters are gonna go to sleep about now, but Kris has a different idea. He wants to go out and talk again to Sister Althea about Brother Jacob's illness. Dan says sure thing and goes with him, but Curtis isn't really up to it and leaves his character at the Steward's, where they have rooms for the night.
    We go there, and they knock. Simon answers, and they talk for a minute. I do not recall precisely how, but they manage to make Simon upset with them (probably a stupid comment Dan made that I put through) but they gt in to talk with Althea. The information they get: The illness started when his wife died, and has gotten regularly more consistent, until now when he goes the majority of days. She's never seen him get sick, he always leaves when she's off cleaning or some such and leaves a note saying that he's off. There's nothing he does consistently before getting sick, but she remembers that he's been out by Brother Gregor's farm a number of times and has never explained it. In the end I'm pretty sure Dan said something stupid again and she slapped him before Simon drove them out. Burned THAT bridge! But she still needs their help. The two get back to the Steward's and sleep.
    Next morning, I ask who gets up early and who sleeps in. This time Dan thinks his Brother Judah would sleep in, while the other two get up. I'd anticipated someone getting up, so I had them encounter Timothy in the doorway. He said that he was going to keep helping Brother Gregor out on the farm, and pointed them so they knew where it was if they wanted to come by. Now the Dogs decided on their course of action - they would all go together to Gregor's farm in a bit, once Judah rejoined them, but in the meantime wanted to check out Brother Jacob some more. On a hunch, Kris sends Curtis off to Brother Judah's house while he brings Sister Lydia to talk to Jacob at the church. We decide to run Curtis and Brother Eli's bit first.
    Brother Eli arrives, and Brother Jacob isn't there. Kris wanted Eli to check the garden for a grave. He totally found the grave in the garden, extremely well maintained3, unlike the rest of the garden. Nothing was really up with the grave though - theme of the night was NOT undead. But it was a nice little flavor bit. Off he goes to meet Lydia at the church.
    But Sister Lydia has already started before he gets there. The door is shut at the church. As she steps in, Brother Jacob shields himself from the light. All the windows are covered. I keep a couple of themes going here. First, the light-sensitive thing, he makes his pounding headache very obvious. The other main theme is that he continually refused help. He wouldn't describe his symptoms specifically, and any probing got a derivitive of "don't worry about it," and the exact phrase "it'll pass." Now, I've of course been building him up as an alchoholic, but they haven't pieced that together. Curtis at one point speculated that the symptoms I'd describe were kinda like half-hangover half-before-a-hangover (aka drunk), and that's what I was going for, but they hadn't considered that it was actually that. They interrogate why he's been going around Gregor's farm, and don't get anything other than that he's got problems and really doesn't want the Dogs poking into it. They leave and retrieve Brother Judah and all decide to head to Brother Gregor's farm.
    So they head there, and are  met by Timothy, who dashes off to fetch Gregor. Eli decides to skulk off and hide in the wheat field, since they suspect there's something suspicious going on. When Gregor comes out, he gives a bunch of political-style answers, dodging anything incriminating. Timothy was looking awful nervous though and kept glancing backwards toward the back of the barn (a spy this guy was not. I was running out of time for the night and wanted to get the big reveal out if I needed to cliffhanger). Eli, already out of sight, snuck off to check it out and found a tarp covering something. He lifted it up a bit and peeked under, and got a faceful of that distillery smell. Took it off, and found that it certainly looked a lot like one too. We cut to a shot of Brother Eli appearing behind Timothy and Gregor, saying "Excuse me, but... what is this?" as he holds up a full bottle of booze? Gregor's hand lept to his side, where he presumably has a revolver, and Timothy freaked out and is running like a bat out of hell. Cliffhanger right there.

So that was pretty intense. But I should reflect.
What Was Good: The moral grey, the progression, the investigation, and I'll pat myself on the back a bit with how I put the NPCs together. I feel it was extremely satisfying all the way through, and I'm very proud of my own RP here - I gradually let out the clues, I didn't give away the secret, but something was definitely bubbling up. Now knowing that the secret has been whiskey, Kris mentioned afterward that he could see how all the clues were there, and they just needed to put them together. The moral grey was very nice - they had to struggle with their appointed duties, their obligation to the Faith and its support of arrangement and their belief in love. As for the NPCs, a lot of it wasn't actually me but cribbed from a sample in the book. Here: Althea is prideful, she thinks she's above the rules of arrangement because she believes in love, which results in Timothy being injusticed and him overreacting and becoming smitten. The undercurrent of pride allowed sin to arrive, manifesting as Gregor making hard liquer and dealing it. This let the demons in - their influence knocked Jacob's wife down the cellar steps and killed her, so Jacob turned to the bottle, and fell into alcoholism (resulting in the sin becoming more habitual, the demon's goal). To put the two plots together, I decided that Timothy would buy a bottle to try to give as a gift to Althea to impress her and win her over. Jason Morningstar was right, just make real people and have them react in bad situations. It worked.
What Was Questionable: The investigation. From some commentary I got on Story Games while asking about moral greys, they said that I shouldn't be keeping things secret or hiding things - in other words, I should have come out about how it was booze (at least, that's how I'm interpreting the comments) and let the game feature how they DEAL with the booze, rather than how they FIND OUT about the booze. While I understand that, and maybe I'm using the Dogs rules differently than they're intended, the structure still provided a good place for that narrative. And it was fun.
What I Did Wrong: Well, one thing struck me. We didn't touch the dice all night. No conflicts were started, until that end one we set up. It reminded me a lot more of a cop TV show where it's "follow the evidence investigate investigate CONFRONT." We found last time that this is a good pattern for Dogs anyway because of how long the dice conflicts take, but I would have liked one in there somewhere. It was everyone's fault together: I screwed up NPC creation a touch, and they avoided the couple prompts I gave to push a conflict. They could have pushed against Althea or Timothy at any point, conflicted with Jacob or even Simon (the Steward wouldn't have worked really, but that's cool, since last time featured the Steward as the villain). Next time I picture 3 potential conflicts, any of which may or may not happen: The combat with Gregor (pretty sure this'll happen), a resolution either for or against Althea (hoping to split the party on this one, with Lydia on Althea's side and someone on Timothy's side), and an intervention to deal with Jacob (I'd like to see this, and I'd like to see him lose it to go try and atone). We'll work from there. As for what *I* did wrong, when yo build NPCs you're supposed to pick wants for them, as in "What they Want." That's what I did, except their wants pertained to each other mostly. What I need to do is make it "What they Want FROM THE DOGS." I think that's how it's really supposed to be, and I think that'll put them in a better place to push against the Dogs from.

Very exciting stuff. Can't wait for the next game, where we wrap up Terrance River Branch. We might start one more town then, and after that we'll either do one more town or jump to a new game. Apocalypse World is probably at the top of the roster. I'm hoping to invite our former group member Kenny back for that one, he'd really enjoy AW, and it'd get Curtis out of the group for a bit (I don't wanna exclude him, but I'm not playing a game that has "When your character has sex with another player's character, do this" written on everyone's sheet with my little brother. Too weird for me.)
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Up To Date

Hello! So, what now? February Songaday is still a bit in the future, so not there yet. Instead, for the moment, you get my recent interests and a bit of info on what I've been doing for the past year.

Life) Graduated high school with great grades, entered college with scholarship, finished first semester with great grades again! Turned 18, still no driver's license. Uh, not much else is significantly different in life.
Actually, we just got pounded by major snowstorms in the Pacific Northwest here, lost a whole week of school which is major in J-Term (this thing our school does where we take a single course and plow through a whole semester in a single month). Also I'm awful sick :(

RPG) Well, I ceased playing D&D around May. Entirely. Our 3.5 game was stagnating for a number of reasons and we needed a change. Two of us (of five) are gone - One of us was never a real big member anyway, the other was but just grew tired of the kinda boring situation of our 3.5 game. When I brought us together soon for a new thing, I just couldn't get him back.
And so I started a new thing, a funny indie RPG from beyond the veil of the D&D mainstream. Lady Blackbird by John Harper. Super interesting, very cool setting, rock-solid mechanics and extremely different. It plays a lot more fast and loose, all rolls are done with a single resolution mechanic, all characters are pre-genned and the story's beginning is always the same. I did something a bit risky because I needed another player - I invited my brother to up our numbers. It turned out great. We played two sessions, and decided to try something else cool because I have quite a collection now and I want to play it all. Doing Lady B was the first time I've GMed in almost 2 years, so I was extremely pleased with how it went, and so were my players.
So just my two friends and I, not my brother, eventually get together for a game of Gregor Hutton's 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars. Well, sort of. I hacked it into a zombie game in the vein of Left 4 Dead, since we love those games and it was around Halloween. It was one of the most awesome things we've played in a long while, it inspired some awesome solid-roleplay, something I was worried about happening at all because the rules generally only cover combat. An incredible time, but we just did this as a one-shot.
Now my bro is back in and we're playing Dogs in the Vineyard by D. Vincent Baker. We've done one play session, and we had a bit of struggle thanks to it being so different. My villain was too black-and-white, one of my players is very used to a gung-ho "I attack" style of play and he almost got killed for it, and my maths were a little weird, but I think I know where I'm going with next time.
So we have a couple sessions of that still on the roster (probably 2 or 3 more towns), and then on to other stuff. We have a number of things on the roster to move to. A) Apocalypse World, also by Vincent Baker. Super-mega-awesome game, I want to PLAY in it rather than GM, but that's unlikely. If I must, I'll use the excellent Dungeon World instead, but I really want AW. B) Fiasco, by Jason Morningstar. A couple of playsets we could use, but especially LA 1913. This'll be our first GMless, and one of us is a huge noir fan and wants to try a noir-style RPG, so I'm thinking that one is good. C) Anything GMed by someone else. If anything, I'd start them with Lady Blackbird, since I find it very simple and natural to GM. Even our one never-before-GMed, never-shown-interest-in-GMing player has said that he'd be pretty cool for trying it out, which is beyond cool. D) Dresden Files RPG. Technically any FATE game (Spirit of the Century and Kerberos Club both look awesome) but I really like Dresden's iteration of the rules.
I have a number of other games, but those are the ones at the top of the list. I have Microscope as well, but I need to find the "game" in that if I want to use it as anything other than an amazing world-building exercise. The list'll grow faster than we can play, unfortunately. Always/Never/Now is looking mighty good. My other news for RPGs is that I'm planning on going to two cons this year, Go Play NW and PAX. More on them at a later date.

Oh yeah, I guess one other big thing is happening in the RPG world - D&D Next. I'm pretty involved on the Wizards website conversation for it, look for Egotist! I'm one of the ones super-eager for it and really want to sink my teeth into making it the best it can be.

Music) Well, now that I'm finally done talking about RPGs, recent music! I've been into modern game soundtracks and such a lot lately. I've been super-enjoying the Bastion and inMomentum soundtracks, and Zircon's Antigravity album. You'll see a lot more music when it comes to February Songaday. This'll be my second one, the first was September Songaday, and both of these will be mainlined on Kakariko Graveyard ( Sign up and join us, we're friendly folks! And you'll need to sign up to see my first Songaday. If you really don't care to register, just ask and I'll post my choices.

Art) I don't have any pieces in the pipeline right now, trying to find some cool inspiration. If you want to see some past stuff, feed my Deviantart pageviews ( or check me out on PixelJoint (

Film) Well, I forgot to mention this but I've gotten quite into movies! Most recently I watched Ghost in the Shell, the original English dub. My first time seeing it, I loved it. I know, English dub, but yes, it was good. I want to see the original Japanese one.
Even after a year, I've got A Clockwork Orange and Schindler's List on my bedstand to watch. The former I'm still a bit scared to watch, the latter I just haven't been in quite the right mood. Not sure what's up next, will need to trawl Netflix some more.

Video Games) At last, games! Well, I seem to be playing a lot more recently. Playing lots and lots of Indie Games thanks to the Humble Bundles. Lovin' Bit.Trip tons, Blocks That Matter, Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, etc. REALLY love VVVVVV. Want to get Bastion.
Also, been playing lots of 360. Currently playing Skyrim, against all my higher instincts. Honestly, I'm not impressed. The graphics stop looking good in anything other than a screenshot (other than water and the dragons, and for a game featuring dragons there's certainly not enough appearance variety). The locations all look the same generally and bore the hell out of me. Combat is nothing special at all, there's no significant motivation for any of the quests, the character models still suck quite a bit compared to many modern games, constant inventory management is a bitch, and aside from the main theme the soundtrack is pretty damn uninteresting. The pros for the game are a monstrous overworld full of exploring (though I never go IN anywhere, I just want to have all the places on my map unlocked) and the basic level-up system is different from a lot of games and is an intriguing prospect that could be explored more. Essentially, I'm playing the game to full achievements just to say I have, and it makes a great thing to do with my hands while I watch other stuff on Netflix.
Other games on the main burner are Dead Space (1 & 2, 1 is on a New Game+ and 2 is on a first run-through) and Mass Effect 2.

So, uh, that should be the gist of it all, bringing everything up to date. Should have a movies-post soonish with the Oscar nominations just come out, and hopefully I'll have RPG stuff soon (be it a report on my next DitV session, design work, or just prep for said DitV session).  Later folks. And for nostalgia's sake, I think I'll keep the outro.
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Startup Processes Running -
Prepping Standard Routines -
All Systems Go -
Logging On -
Welcome, Ego.

And, supposedly, the final entry for today! After not touching this blog at all throughout all of 2011, I return and am refueling this place. But what has changed:

My life: I am now a freshman at Pacific Lutheran University in western Washington. Strangely enough, I am still left with tons of free time. Maybe not as much next semester, but a lot.
RPGs: Well, this has changed a lot. 4e is doing it's final dance, but I don't care, because I don't play 4e. I've entered the Indie Games scene, and have played Lady Blackbird, 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, and am playing Dogs in the Vineyard. I have read dozens of other RPGs. Also, the announcement of 5e D&D (aka D&D Next) is very exciting. The RPG world is on the move again!
Metroid: Well after the misstep that was Other M, Metroid hasn't changed much at all. We're still waiting to see what comes next.

Those were the themes of the old Logbook! The new Logbook Project it going to be more of an all around blog, rather than a design center for something I only focused on intermittently. Here's some other stuff I'm involved in:
Video Games: I'm an avid video gamer. I suck at games, but I love them all the same. I play all sorts, and I'll talk about what I'm playing and what I think.
Pixel Art: I'm an artist! I primarily work in pixel art, and I'm pretty good if I do say so myself! Not awesome, but pretty good!
Music: I like music, a lot of it. Electronica and game soundtracks are my primary areas, but everything has its place. I'll be doing Songaday again in February at Kakariko Graveyard (the FINEST forum on the net) so I'll probably crosspost it here.
Miniatures: I actually collect some Warhammer 40k miniatures. I mostly collect Tyranids. I'll probably post 'em up when I complete new stuff.

So that's the kind of rad stuff I'll be posting with at random intervals. I'm gonna try to keep active, especially through February. And I DO in fact have design kicking around in my head, so we ought to see that soon too. Actually one thing large enough to perhaps spawn a dedicated side-blog, but I need to have enough material before I start up on that or it'll stall out like the 4e Logbook Project.

This is Ego, signing off.
End Recording.

The 4th Edition D&D Logbook Project Compiled

"Overview of the Hunter
This is the overview of the Hunter class, the first class that I'm fleshing out. So here it is:

The Hunter is a master of the Metroid universe. Almost all of the most famous heroes in the Metroid universe are Hunters. The most famous of all of the people in the Metroid universe, Samus Aran, is the perfect example of a Hunter. Whether you take on jobs because of a sense of goodness, because a superior told you to, or for cold, hard cash, you hunt things down and kill them for a living. People may think of you as a mercenary, as an assassin, as a soldier, or as an outcast, and any of those just may be right. Whether its true or not all depends on how you play your hunter.

Role: Striker. You concentrate on shooting or slashing at a
single enemy, either eliminating powerful targets or
quickly removing weaker enemies from the field of
battle. You have no qualms about being in melee,
but prefer to fight from a range.
Power Source: Energy. Your techniques are almost all
derived from technology that enables you to
concentrate energy into a damage-dealing form.
Key Abilities: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, simple ranged,
Energy Blaster/Arm Cannon
Bonus to Defense: +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex

Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 6
Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution modifier

Trained Skills: Dungeoneering or Nature(your choice).
From the class skills list below, choose three more
trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Acrobatics(Dex), Athletics(Str), Dun-
geoneering(Wis), Endurance(Con), Heal(Wis),
Nature(Wis), Perception(Wis), Stealth(Dex)

Build Options: Beam Hunter, Melee Hunter
Class Features: Command Visor, Lock-On, Hunter
Specialty, Missile, Morph Ball, Power Beam,
Power Suit

Data Recieved: Hunter Feature: Power Beam
Well, first off I'm going to title my posts with Class Information as Data Recieved(Like what the Log Book sometimes says after a scan).

Today I have a Class Feature from the Hunter's feature list I showed yesterday; The Power Beam!

Power Beam: While the beams used by the many hunters vary greatly, evry hunter shares the basic beam that comes prepackaged with every weapon; the Power Beam. A rapidly firing, yet weak, beam, it is the beam of choice for many hunters. Regardless of Hunter Specialty, it remains useful throughout your career. The power is as follows:
Power Beam Hunter Feature
A round, yellow blast of energy bursts from your gun,
colliding with the target and weakening their defenses.
At-Will * Energy, Charge, Melee
Standard Action Ranged 20
Target: One or two creatures
Attack: One attack against each target; Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1d8+Constitution modifier damage.
Increase the damage to 1d10+Constitution damage at 11th
level and 2d8+Constitution modifier damage.
Charge: Choose one of the targets. This attack deals extra
damage equal to you Dexterity modifier. This is in
addition to the usual boost from the Charge Beam
Melee: Choose one of the targets. If they are within 2
squares of you, they are pushed 1 square.
Special: You may use this power as a ranged basic attack.

Data Recieved: Two Class Features! And a Feat!
Well, I didn't post my piece yesterday, and I apologize about that. But I'll make it up to you! Double dose today, I'll give you a major class feature and a more minor one.

The minor one first; the Command Visor!
Command Visor: Hunters are typically loners, as they rarely want to split the bounties their gunning for. As such, they need to have a way to get around, and the majority of hunters own their own gunships. In order to control the ship remotely, a special visor is implemented into a hunters' helmet, which they call the Command Visor. This visor is almost exclusively a tool to be used at the DM's discretion. It can be used to land the ship, call in a bombing run, or grab and lift heavy equipment, and other such tasks, but only can be used in certain situations.

I apologize, I know you were looking for something with stats, but hey! I have something better!

Morph Ball: Once per round, as a minor action, you can reconstitute your power suit to the shape of a small ball about a foot in diameter. While in this state, the hunter can move through spaces that otherwise would too small to maneuver through. Your stats do not change when you enter morph ball. During a move in morph ball state you can ignore the first opportunity attack that you would normally have to take. You cannot attack normally or use powers normally in morph ball state.
In addition, the morph ball state allows you to use several morph ball specific powers, which are denoted by the Morph Ball keyword. The majority of these powers take the form of the many types of bombs usable while in morph ball state. One such bomb is always available:

Morph Ball Bomb Hunter Feature
You lay a small glowing orb that explodes a couple moments later in a flash of blue energy.
At-Will * Energy, Morph Ball
Standard Action Close burst 1
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6+Constitution modifier damage.
Increase damage to 2d6+Constitution modifier at 21st level.

The morph ball is one of the most iconic pieces of Metroid there is! And here it is, statted up. And you know what? I still feel really bad for not posting anything yesterday. So you get a feat too!

Boost Ball [Hunter]
Prerequisites: Morph Ball class feature, Dex 13
Benefit: You gain the following power:
Boost Ball Feat Power
You begin to glow before passing in a flash under the enemy's feet.
At-Will * Energy
Minor Action Personal
Effect: If you move later this turn while still in Morph Ball state, ignore all opportunity attacks, and you may move an additional two squares.

That's right everyone, an At-Will from a Feat! At 1st level!
If anyone sees any balance issues here, or on any other posts, please make me aware. I really want to do this right.

Data Recieved: The Remaining Class Features
I am starting to get a little tired of just giving the Class Features I already wrote a bit ago. So here's the rest of them. Some are quite iconic, while one I made up for the sake of having a melee build.
Lock-On: Once per round, as a minor action, you can lock onto a particular foe, marking them as your target. Locking onto a foe has a number of benefits. The first benefit is that attack rolls against your lock have a +2 bonus. The second benefit is a bonus to damage dependant on your level.
Level - Bonus to Damage
1-10 - 1d6
11-20 - 2d6
21-30 - 3d6
You can only have one lock at a time. If you attain another lock, the original lock is removed.


Hunter Specialty: Hunters are very well rounded, skilled in a great number of areas, but they still end up better at some things than others. Select one of the following Hunter Specialties. Your specialty will impact both your play style and alter a number of your powers.
Charge Beam: Once per round, as a minor action, you may charge your weapon. Charging your weapon grants bonuses to powers with the Charge keyword. These powers deal your Dexterity modifier extra damage when charged, as well as effects specified by the power. The damage bonus increases to your Dexterity modifier plus 2 at 11th level, and your Dexterity modifier plus 4 at 21st level.
Energetic Melee: All Hunter powers with the Melee keyword add your Strength modifier to the damage they deal, and powers with the Melee keyword also grant another bonus specific to the power.The damage bonus increases to your Strength modifier plus 2 at 11th level, and your Strength modifier plus 4 at 21st level.


Missile: A common feature for a Hunter weapon is an in-built Missile Launcher. You gain the following power:
Missile Hunter Feature
Your arm cannon opens up on the end, allowing space for a
missile to find its way to towards the target. It speeds toward
the target, homing in on their movements.
Daily(special) * Energy
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution+2 vs. AC
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier damage, and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

After an extended rest, you have 3 missile tokens. Each time you use the Missile power, expend one of those tokens. After an extended rest, your number of tokens returns to 3. When you reach 11th level, this number of tokens increases to 5, and it increases to 7 when you reach 21st level. A number of other powers involve expending one or more of your remaining missile tokens as well.


Power Suit: Hunters would never be able to survive in the harsh environments that they do if they had no means of protecting themselves. As such, they all wear some form of protective power suit. Whether it takes the form of Samus' Chozo Armor or Ghor's Robotic Exoskeleton, every hunter has a similar protective armor. The armor can be altered to resemble any armor of the core D&D game. A good approximation of cloth armor is Gandrayda's minor energy field, Noxus' hardened shell is leather armor, hide armor is Kanden's armor, chainmail is about the strength of Samus' suit, scale armor is above average strength like Spire's rocks, and plate armor is extraordinary armor like Ghor's. Every suit includes some sort of visor, generally in the form of a helmet. Mechanically, the power suit exudes an energy shield. When you reach 0 HP, the shield fails and your body begins to take damage. When you reach 0 HP, you do not fall unconscious, but become dazed instead. Once you reach -10 HP, you fall unconscious and are dying until you either are healed, or die.

Alright, so that was the Lock-On, the striker's damage increasing thing. It was the Hunter's build differences, the Charge Beam and Energetic Melee. It was the Missile, an iconic bit of the Hunter getup. And it was the Power Suit, the most visible piece of tech on a Hunter.

Data Recieved: The first part of the At-Wills
Well, this week will be 1st level At-Will powers! One at a time this week, sorry. But I'll give you the list for the week!

Energy Sword, Grapple Lasso, Ice Beam, Plasma Beam, Wave Beam,.

Energy Sword Hunter Attack 1
A length of pure energy extends from your weapon, coalescing
into a long blade.
At-Will * Energy, Melee
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1d12+Constitution modifier damage.
Increase damage to 2d12+Constitution modifier at 21st level.
Melee: You may deal damage equal to your Strength Modifier
to an enemy adjacent to the target. Minions take no
damage from this feature.
Special: You may use this power as a melee basic attack.

And I missed yesterday, so here's the Grapple Lasso as well.
Grapple Lasso Hunter Attack 1
A harpoon of purple electricity hurls toward your target and
jabs into them, allowing you to pull them to the side while
repositioning your footing.
At-Will * Energy, Melee
Standard Action Melee 3
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6+Constitution modifier damage, and you slide the
target 1 square. You may then shift 1 square.
Increase damage to 2d6+Constitution modifier damage at 21st
Melee: Instead of sliding the target 1 square, you can pull them
2 squares.

Morphology: Chozo Ghost
Surprise midnight post! I just wrote this up and couldn't wait to put it up for all of my 0 followers!
Anyway, Morphology is what I'm calling my posts that give out stats for MONSTERS! The thing I left out in my ToC! You didn't think I would just SKIP monsters, did you?

Tonight is the Chozo Ghost, one of my favorite creatures to see and learn about(and one of the scariest for me to fight in Metroid Prime). They have the ability to shoot a blast at you, turn invisible, teleport, they're incorporeal, and they resist the elemental beams. I couldn't quite make an EXACT replica, but here!

Chozo Ghost * Level 15 Elite Lurker
Medium shadow animate (undead) XP: 2400
Initiative: +18 ; Senses: Perception +10; truevision 5
HP: 232; Bloodied: 116; see spectral
Regeneration: 10(If the chozo ghost takes phazon damage, regeneration does not function on the chozo ghost's next turn.)
AC: 31; Fortitude: 27; Reflex: 29; Will: 29
Immune: disease, poison;
Resist: 5 fire, 5 lightning, 5 cold;
Vulnerable: 5 radiant, 10 phazon
Saving Throws: +2
Speed: 6, teleport 4;
Action Points: 1

Void Pulse(Standard; At-Will)
Ranged 10; +20 vs. AC; 4d4 + 2 damage.

Etherealness(Move; recharge 5, 6)
The chozo ghost becomes insubstantial until the start of its next turn.

Surprise Pulse(Standard; recharge 6) * Teleportation
The chozo ghost teleports 8 squares and then makes a Void Pulse attack. The attack has combat advantage against the target.

Spectral(only when bloodied)
Whenever the chozo ghost takes 20 or more damage from a single attack, it becomes invisible and shifts 2 squares after the attack is resolved. The first Void Pulse the chozo ghost makes while invisible does not make it visible again.

Alignment: Evil[note: this is due to their malicious nature under the Phazon Madness.]
Languages: understands Common
Skills: Intimidate +14, Stealth +17
Str 16
Dex 20
Con 18
Int 23
Wis 14
Cha 17
Equipment: none

Data Recieved: Ice Beam
Ice Beam Hunter Attack 1
A blast of supercooled energy speeds from the barrel of your
gun. As it hits the target, the shot slows their reflexes and
locks their joints.
At-Will * Charge, Cold, Energy
Standard Action - Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1d10+Constitution modifier cold damage, and the target
is slowed until the end of your next turn.
Increase damage to 2d10+Constitution modifier cold damage
at 21st level.
Charge: The attack instead slows(save ends).
Special: You may use this power as a ranged basic attack.

Data Recieved: Plasma Beam
Well, I got some good work done today; I finished the Level 3 Encounter powers and Level 5 Daily powers, and I've started the Level 6 Utility powers. Anyway:

Plasma Beam Hunter Attack 1
A jet of lava pours out of your gun and ultraheats the air as
it tears toward the enemy, leaving painful burns that keep
hurting even after the beam is gone.
At-Will * Charge, Cold, Energy
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1d10+Constitution modifier fire damage, and the target
takes 5 fire damage at the start of their next turn.
Increase damage to 2d10+Constitution modifier fire damage
at 21st level.
Charge: The attack instead deals ongoing 5 fire damage(save
Special: You may use this power as a ranged basic attack.

Data Recieved: Wave Beam
The end of the Level 1 At-Wills today; the Wave Beam.

Wave Beam Hunter Attack 1
A trio of electric charges split out of your gun before all
homing in on the target, disabling the foe's defenses.
At-Will * Charge, Cold, Energy
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution+2 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8+Constitution modifier lightning damage, and the
target takes a -1 penalty to all defenses until the end
of your next turn.
Increase damage to 2d8+Constitution modifier lightning
damage at 21st level.
Charge: The attack has a +3 bonus to hit the target, not +2.
Special: You may use this power as a ranged basic attack.

Morphology: Elder Magmoor
Alright, just posting a little early. There'll be more tomorrow as well(I think I've got the Urgradian race almost finished!)

This is hard to do, picking a monster to write.
Elder Magmoor
Level 18 Artillery
Large natural beast (reptile, fire)
XP: 2,000
Initiative: +13 ;
Senses: Perception +21
HP: 135;
Bloodied: 67
AC: 30;
Fortitude: 29;
Reflex: 30;
Will: 31
Resist: 10 Fire;
Vulnerable: 10 Cold
Saving Throws: see Liquid Body
Speed: 6, swim 8 (lava swim);

Bite(standard; at-will) * Fire, Acid
Reach 2; +25 vs. AC; 1d6+4 fire and acid damage, and ongoing 10 fire and poison
damage(save ends).

Thrash(minor 1/round; at-will)
Reach 2; +23 vs. Fortitudel the target is pushed 2 squares and knocked prone.

Magma Blast(standard; at-will) * Fire
Ranged 20; +23 vs. Reflex; 2d10 + 10 fire damage.

Torch Spray(standard; recharges when first bloodied) * Fire
Area burst 3 within 20; targets enemies; +23 vs. Reflex; 2d8 + 10 fire damage.

Cooling Shell * Cold, Fire
If an elder magmoor takes cold damage, its attacks deal 5 extra damage until the end
of its next turn.

Liquid Rock
An elder magmoor makes saving throws against immobilized and restrained conditions at the start of its turn as well as at the end of its turn. In addition, an elder magmoor can make saving throws against immobilized and restrained conditions that do not normally end at the end of its turn or at the end of an enemy's turn.

Languages: None.
Skills: Blah blah blah I don't like writing monster skills blah blah blah.
Str 24 (+16)
Dex 20 (+14)
Con 22 (+15)
Int 18 (+13)
Wis 21 (+14)
Cha 19 (+13)

Morphology: Magmoor Hydra! Surprise!
Again, I have an extra post! And Its related to the day's piece!
So here's the Magmoor Hydra, a creature I thought up. It usually only lifts one of its many heads from the depths of Magmoor Caverns on Tallon IV, but on the off chance that they are woken up, they unleash the full fury of their anger upon their foes. Mutants with eight heads and a long, slithering body, the first of them were successful mutations by the Tallon IV Space Pirates, which then propagated and became a surviving species in the Magmoor Caverns ecosystem.
Rumor has it that Dark Samus took one of these creatures with her to Phaaze during the Phazon invasion, and that it was fully mutated into a Leviathan Guardian. It is rumored that this creature may still exist, having survived in Distant Space, away from the Phaaze Eradication Nova(The elimination of known Phazon caused by the destruction of Phaaze).

Magmoor Hydra
Level 25 Solo Brute
Huge natural beast (fire, reptile)
XP: 35,000
Initiative: +18 ;
Senses: Perception +21; all-around vision, darkvision
HP: 1200;
Bloodied: 600
AC: 38;
Fortitude: 40;
Reflex: 35;
Will: 33
Resist: 20 fire
Saving Throws: +5; see Liquid Body
Speed: 8, swim 16
Action Points: 2

Bite(standard; at-will) * Fire
Reach 3; +28 vs. AC(+30 with opportunity attacks); 1d10 + 8 fire damage, or 1d10 + 13 on a
successful opportunity attack.

Fireball(standard; at-will) * Acid, Fire
Ranged 10; +25 vs. Reflex; 1d10 + 8 acid and fire damage.

Hydra Fury(Standard; at-will)
The magmoor hydra makes eight basic attacks (any combination of bite and fireball

Each time the magmoor hydra becomes dazed or stunned, it loses one attack on its next
turn instead. Multiple such effects stack.

Threatening Reach
The magmoor hydra can make opportunity attacks against all enemies within its reach(3 squares).

Liquid Body
A magmoor hydra makes saving throws against immobilized and restrained conditions at the start of its turn as well as at the end of its turn. In addition, a magmoor hydra can make saving throws against immobilized and restrained conditions that do not normally end at the end of its turn or at the end of an enemy's turn.

Alignment: Chaotic evil
Languages: None
Str 32 (+23)
Dex 18 (+16)
Con 26 (+20)
Int 4 (+9)
Wis 22 (+18)
Cha 12 (+13)

In case you couldn't tell, the Elder Magmoor was based off of the Coutl Cloud Serpent, and the Magmoor Hydra was modelled after the Primordial Hydra.

New Species: Urtragian(or Space Pirate)
Tuesday's item! For the unknowing, the Space Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3 had a species of shriekbat known as the Urtragian shriekbat. While Bryyo had Bryyan shriekbats, Elysia had Elysian shriekbats, Aether had aetheran shriekbats, Space Pirate Homeworld has Urtragian shriekbats. I made an intuitive leap. So here's the race!

Ability Score: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 7
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Technology
Defense Bonus: +1 Fortitude.
Limber: Urtragians have +2 bonus to saving throws against the slow, immbolized, and restrained conditions.
Biomutability: Urtragians can “attach” “components”, just as the Warforged can.
Anger: While an Urtragian is bloodied they gain a +1 bonus to damage against non-bloodied enemies.
Genetic Alteration: You can use the Genetic Alteration power.
Genetic Alteration Urtragian Feature
Something shifts in your DNA, quickly changing your physical capabilities.
Encounter *
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Choose one of the following benefits:
*You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws.
*You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls.
*You gain a +1 bonus to speed.
This benefit lasts until the end of your next turn.

The Urtragian is a very alien race, and one that is feared far and wide throughout the galaxy; for they are also known by their trade. The Urtragians are indeed the Space Pirates known to every soul across the Metroid universe. At the center of the greatest of evil schemes throughout time, they have a lot of stigma attached to them. However, in more recent years a great number of Urtragians have been trying to make up for the destruction caused by their kin and a few have even joined the Galactic Federation.
The race itself is incredibly varied, as their genetic code is disastrously unstable. They use this to their advantage by performing experiments with biotechnology to implement in their own bodies. The race is one of the most advanced on the technological scale, having numerous times developed amazing pieces of software that can interface with the technology of their believed progenitor race; the Chozo. Many Urtragians have realized that their homeworld, Urtragia, resides in close proximity to Bryyo and Elysia, worlds where the Chozo used to reside for a time. The good Urtragians vehemently deny that they were the ones who chased the Chozo into seclusion, claiming that there was another race that did so. Whether the claims are true or not, these Urtragians are absolute in their own defense.
The bodies of Urtragians are very flimsy, with even the bulkiest being abnormally flexible. Some pirate experiments(such as Pirate Berserkers or Elite Pirates) forfeit this stretching quality for bulk, but to say that these beasts are still Urtragians is considered a gross insult to pure Urtragians. The Space Pirate language is a dialect of Deep Speech, but it is very guttural, and sensitive races detest having to listen to it.
Urtragian names are typically hard to pronounce in Common but come off very naturally to a speaker of the Urtragian dialect of Deep Speech. They incorporate double consonants as one of the most common attributes.

Urtragian adventurers are quite common nowadays during the days of the great Extra-Galactic Expansion. The discovery of terrifying new alien empires such as that of the Kriken has made the Urtragians seem almost accepted in comparison. However, they themselves don't feel at home in Federation civilization and want a little more of the danger of adventuring, piracy, hunting, or serving in a Galactic Force. Here are a couple examples:
Onaggri is an Urtragian hunter attached to the Galactic Federation's “Crackdown” project, a unit of bounty hunters that takes down criminals in return for hefty government rewards. He's grateful to the Federation for the project, as he was an outcast from his own family, as the rest of his relatives work in a bio-lab full of illegal metroids. He knows that as a crime-fighter he should take them down, but he just can't bring himself to turn in his family. Beyond that, though, the unit is the most important thing in the galaxy to him. When the Federation calls him out to join a specialized task force of galactic pioneers, he has torn feelings about it before eventually submitting and going off to face the terrors of Distant Space.
Fellistris is one of the weird ones. He makes his living as a Pirate, but he is not actually among the ranks of the Space Pirate organization. After being singled out by the Space Pirates as a prime target after Fellistris raided a cloaked Urtragian shipment he sought out the help of the Federation. In exchange for not going to prison, he's been assigned to a specialized task force of galactic pioneers going off into Distant Space. Fellistris is incredibly speciesist against the Krikens, and this could very well pose a potential problem. He also has a bit of an unfortunate family history; his parents were both Phazon mutants, which leaves Fellistris predisposed to falling into a Phazon addiction should they ever come across it.
Well, now I think I should explain some things. Any of you made-up followers play the Star Wars RPG? It splits up play into "eras", or time periods. It had the Old Republic, Clone Wars, Rebellion, New Jedi Order, etc.. For the Metroid bit here, I like a couple of eras of play; the Golden Age of Chozo(which I will not be detailing btw), the Space Pirate threat, the Phazon incident, and a new era, the Galactic Expansion. The Space Pirate threat has started to die down, and many Urtragians starting to turn away from piracy, the Federation can finally stop worrying inward and work on expanding its borders. Spreading its arms towards Distant Space(unexplored territory), there are some fierce enemies such as the Kriken Empire, some dense untouched environments to plunder, and a possible safe haven for the last remaining Phazon. Most of all, someone is hiding out there; the Chozo are out there somewhere.

Data Recieved: Hunter Level 1 Encounters, Part 1
Well, posting Wednsday's bit a little early. Two level 1 Encounter powers today, two tomorrow. Not a clue what I'm doing for Friday. Here's the Level 1 Encounter power list:
Judicator(As Noxus' gun)
Magmaul(As Spire's gun)
Magnum Shot(A close range blast. Played Jak 2? Like the level 1 Red gun.)
Rapid Shot(A succession of shots like the Federation Marine shots)

Judicator Hunter Attack 1
As your gun shoots a silver energy bolt toward your target, you feel your arm shiver. The shot bounces around the foe, removing any chance of hiding from the bullet.
Encounter * Charge, Cold, Energy
Standard Action Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d8+Constitution modifier cold damage. This attack ignores concealment.
Charge: Until the end of your next turn, treat the target as if they do not have concealment.

Magnum Pulse Hunter Attack 1
A single great burst from your gun sends a whole group of enemies reeling.
Encounter * Energy, Melee
Standard Action Close blast 3
Target: Each creature in blast
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 2d8+Constitution modifier.
Melee: You also push the target 1 square.

Data Recieved: Hunter Level 1 Encounters, Part 2
Early Thursday! Here you go:
Magmaul Hunter Attack 1
An ball of magma arcs forward, leaping over obstructions and into the target.
Encounter * Energy, Fire, Melee
Standard Action Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier fire damage, and the attack ignores cover.
Melee: If you are within 2 squares of the target, the target also takes ongoing 5 fire damage.
Rapid Shot Hunter Attack 1
Your gun sputters for a moment before shooting a number of shots in rapid succession.
Encounter * Charge, Energy
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One or two creatures
Attack: Two attacks; Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1d8+Constitution modifier damage.
Charge: You make a third attack, and can select a third target.

Morphology: Level 2 Space Pirates, the Militia and Scout
I wrote up two Urgradian monsters to go with the race entry this week. I couldn't think of anything to go with Friday, so I just did something. The Urgradian race was based off the Elf, so these are based off of the Archer(to the Scout) and the Scout(to the Militia). Also, pre-ordered Metroid Prime Trilogy today, and it comes out Monday! Can't wait!

Pirate Scout Level 2 Artillery
Medium alterred humanoid XP: 125
Initiative: +5 ; Senses: Perception +11; low-light vision
HP: 32; Bloodied: 16;
AC: 15; Fortitude: 11; Reflex: 13; Will: 12
Saving Throws: +2 against slow, immobilized, and restrained conditions
Speed: 7
Sword Swipe(standard; at-will) * Weapon
+5 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage.

Blaster(standard; at-will) * Weapon
Ranged 20/40; +7 vs. AC; 1d10+4 damage.

When the pirate scout is bloodied, it has a +3 bonus to damage against non-bloodied enemies.

Archer's Mobility
If the pirate scout moves at least 4 squares from its original position, it gains a +2 bonus to ranged attack rolls until the start of its next turn.

Genetic Mutation(free; encounter)
The pirate scout gains one of the following benefits: +1 to saving throws, +2 to damage rolls, or +1 to speed. The benefit lasts until the end of its next turn.

Not So Close(immediate reacion, when an enemy makes a melee attack against the pirate scoutl encounter)
The pirate scout shifts 1 square and makes a ranged attack against the enemy.

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skills: Intimidate +11, Technology +10
Str 13 (+2)
Dex 18 (+5)
Con 14 (+3)
Int 12 (+2)
Wis 16 (+4)
Cha 11 (+1)
Equipment: leather armor, short sword(arm mounted), "longbow"blaster(arm mounted)


Pirate Militia Level 2 Skirmisher
Medium alterred humanoid XP: 125
Initiative: +7 ; Senses: Perception +10; low-light vision
HP: 39; Bloodied: 19;
AC: 16; Fortitude: 13; Reflex: 15; Will: 13
Speed: 6
Longsword Slash(standard; at-will) * Weapon
+7 vs. AC; 1d8+4 damage.

Shortsword Swipe(standard; at-will) * Weapon
+7 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage.

Two-Weapon Rend(standard; encounter) * Weapon
The pirate militia makes a longsword slash and a shortsword swipe against the same target. If both attacks hit, the pirate militia deals an additional 4 damage.

Genetic Mutation(free; encounter)
The pirate scout gains one of the following benefits: +1 to saving throws, +2 to damage rolls, or +1 to speed. The benefit lasts until the end of its next turn.

Combat Advantage
A pirate militia that has combat advantage deals an extra 1d6 damage on its attacks.

When the pirate scout is bloodied, it has a +3 bonus to damage against non-bloodied enemies.

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skills: Intimidate +10, Technology +9
Str 12 (+2)
Dex 18 (+5)
Con 15 (+3)
Int 10 (+1)
Wis 14 (+3)
Cha 12 (+2)
Equipment: chainmail, longsword(arm mounted), short sword(arm mounted)

Morphology: Shadow Pirates and Data Recieved: First Hunter Level 1 Daily
Metroid Prime Trilogy ships today, but is not sold until TOMORROW!
This week I'll be showcasing a different type of Space Pirate morphology each day. Today is Shadow Pirates! But first the easy part.
The Dailies for the Level 1 Hunter are:
Battlehammer(As Weavel's gun)
Electroblade(As it sounds)
Running Blast(As it sounds)

Battlehammer Hunter Attack 1
With a resounding bang, a single large bolt of energy slams the target, then explodes, blasting everything nearby.
Daily * Energy
Standard Action Area burst 2 within 10
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier damage, and each target is pushed 1 square from the origin square and is dazed until the end of your next turn.

And Now for the day's first monster: The basic Shadow Pirate! A high heroic tier enemy.

Shadow Pirate Level 7 Elite Skirmisher
Medium natural humanoid XP: 600
Initiative: +8 ; Senses: Perception +14; darkvision
HP: 162; Bloodied: 81
AC: 21; Fortitude: 19; Reflex: 20; Will: 18
Saving Throws: +2
Speed: 7, climb 3(spider climb)
Action Points: 1
Wounding Blade(standard; at-will) * Weapon
+12 vs. AC; (crit 19-20)1d6+6 damage (crit 1d6+12) and ongoing 5 damage(save ends).

Sliding Blades(standard; at-will) * Weapon
+12 vs. AC; (crit 19-20)1d6+6 damage (crit 1d6+12). Effect: The Shadow Pirate shifts 2 squares after the attack and makes one more attack against the same target or a different one. The Shadow Pirate then shifts 2 squares.

Peerless Tumbler(move; recharge 5, 6)
The Shadow Pirate shifts 4 squares, ignoring difficult terrain.

Combat Advantage
A Shadow Pirate deals 2d6 extra damage against any target granting combt advantage aginst it.

Alignment: Evil Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skills: Stealth +11
Str 15 (+5)
Dex 17 (+6)
Con 17 (+6)
Int 13 (+4)
Wis 16 (+6)
Cha 12 (+4)
Equipment: shortsword(arm mounted) x2
Baseline Creature: Human Knife Fighter

And the other one is a much higher level creature, the Cloaking Shadow Pirate!
Cloaking Shadow Pirate Level 18 Lurker
Medium natural humanoid XP: 2000
Initiative: +20 ; Senses: Perception +17; darkvision
HP: 136; Bloodied: 68
AC: 32; Fortitude: 30; Reflex: 30; Will: 28
Speed: 8, climb 6(spider climb)
Hidden Strike(standard; at-will) * Poison, Weapon
+23 vs AC; 2d8+7 damage, and ongoing 5 poison and untyped damage(save ends).

Cloak(move 1/round; at-will)
The Cloaking Shadow Pirate becomes invisible until the end of its next turn and shifts 1 square.

Deadly Blade(minor; usable while the shadow pirate has cover, concealment, or is invisible; recharge 5, 6)
The target of the pirate's next attack grants combat advantage to it, and the pirate's attack deals 4d6 extra damage on a hit.

Assassin's Determination(when first bloodied; encounter)
The Cloaking Shadow Pirate recharges Deadly Blade. If it is already reacharged, the pirate regains 15 hit points.

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skills: Stealth +21
Str 25 (+16)
Dex 24 (+16)
Con 22 (+15)
Int 13 (+10)
Wis 17 (+12)
Cha 20 (+14)
Equipment: longsword(arm-mounted) x2, pirate cloaking device.
Baseline Creatures: Nabassu Gargoyle, Human Dread Assassin

Morphology: Aeropirates
Got Metroid Prime Trilogy today! It is completely awesome. 100%. I just got the Space Jump Boots and am heading for the Sheegoth.

Anyway, today's part of Pirate Week is Aeropirates! In-game modelled as just Aerotroopers, there are a whole slew of types that can be made for 4E. Now, while Urtragians are amazingly genetically morphic, they have not yet found a way to grant a specimen wings. As such, they make do with individual flying harnesses. Each aeropirate has one in the equipment list, but flying harnesses are very personalized, going so far as only working for its assigned pilot. If a PC manages to defeat one without it kamikaze-ing and exploding, its flying harness can't be utilized by a PC. Both of these pirates also has a missile pod. If the PCs are ingenious enough to defeat one without breaking the equipment, reward them with a single missile back to any PC who uses missiles. And without further ado, the Aerotrooper!

Space Pirate Aerotrooper Level 12 Artillery
Medium natural humanoid XP: 700
Initiative: +10 ; Senses: Perception +8; low-light vision
Overheat(Fire) aura 2, only when bloodied; each enemy that ends its turn within the aura takes 5 fire damage and a -2 penalty to saving throws against ongoing damage during its current turn.
HP: 100; Bloodied: 50; see kamikaze
AC: 24; Fortitude: 25; Reflex: 23; Will: 23
Vulnerable: 5 lightning
Speed: 5, fly 7 (hover);
Slam(standard; at-will)
+19 vs. AC; 1d8+5 damage.

Missile Strike(standard; at-will) * Fire
Area burst 2 within 20; +17 vs. Reflex; 1d8+5 fire damage.

Kamikaze(when the aerotrooper drops to 0 hit points) * Fire, Lightning
The aerotrooper may shift a number of squares equal to its elevation, then make the following attack:
Close Burst 2; +17 vs. Reflex; 1d8+5 fire and lightning damage and the target takes ongoing 5 fire damage(save ends).

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Str 19 (+10)
Dex 19 (+10)
Con 22 (+12)
Int 7 (+4)
Wis 15 (+8)
Cha 18 (+10)
Equipment: flight harness, missile pods; all equipment is destroyed in the kamikaze.
Base Creature: Flame Shard

And a guy of my own design, the Aerobomber!

Space Pirate Aerobomber Level 21 Artillery
Medium natural humanoid XP: 3200
Initiative: +12 ; Senses: Perception +1; low-light vision
HP: 155; Bloodied: 72; see kamikaze
AC: 33; Fortitude: 32; Reflex: 33; Will: 33
Resist: 5 lightning;
Speed: 6, fly 8 (hover);
Power Slam(standard; at-will) * Lightning
+26 vs. Fortitude; 2d10+ lightning damage.

Wire Missile(standard; at-will) * Fire, Lightning
Ranged 10; +26 vs. Fortitude; 1d10+5 lightning damage, and ongoing 10 fire damage(save ends).

Flash Concussion Bomb(standard; recharges when first bloodied) * Thunder
burst 2 centerend on the ground beneath the Aerobomber; +2 vs. Fortitude; 2d8+5 thunder damage and the target is blinded until the end of the Aerobomber's next turn.

Matter Bomb(standard; encounter) * Fire, Lightning
Area burst 3 within 20; targets enemies; +2 vs. Reflex; the target slides 3 squares, takes ongoing 10 fire damage and ongoing 10 lightning damage, and is restrained(save ends all).

Kamikaze(when the aerobomber drops to 0 hit points) * Fire, Lightning
The aerobomber may move a number of squares equal to its elevation then make the following attack;
Close burst 3; +24 vs. Reflex; 1d8+5 fire and lightning damage, and ongoing 10 fire and lightning damage(save ends).

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skills: Intimidate +20
Str 14 (+12)
Dex 15 (+12)
Con 23 (+16)
Int 25 (+17)
Wis 18 (+14)
Cha 25 (+16)
Equipment: flying harness, missile pod, flash concussion bomb x2, matter bomb; all equipment is destroyed during kamikaze.

With the Aerobomber, there are even more entries for equipment! Flash concussion bombs set off an incredible detonation that leaves everyone's ears ringing and their eyes seeing white, while Matter bombs throw targets around the explosion, decaying their molecular structure. They should be written as consumables. Flash concussion bombs are rare, and Matter bombs even more so. They are not bombs like a Hunter would use, but more in the vain of an empowered missile. You need to be able to fire missiles in order to use a flash concussion bomb or a matter bomb.
Flash Concussion Bomb Level 21
Other Consumable - Unpurchasable, 1800 gp resale
Power(Consumable * Thunder): Standard Action. Make a missile attack(you only pay the token for using the flash concussion bomb). If it hits, all the damage is thunder damage and the target is blinded until the end of your next turn. All creatures adjacent to the target are also blinded until the end of your next turn.
Special: This power costs 1 missile token to use.

Matter Bomb Level 23
Other Consumable - Unpurchasable, 3400 gp resale
Power(Consumable * Fire, Lightning): Standard Action. Make a missile attack(you only pay the token for using the matter bomb). If it hits, the target slides 2 squares, takes ongoing 10 fire and lightning damage, and is restrained until the end of your next turn in addition to dealing the usual damage.
Special: This power costs 2 missile tokens to use.

Be careful with these, I'm not sure how balanced they are. Actually, I'm not sure how balanced any of this is and would appreciate knowing.
No Hunter power today. I only have the 3 Dailies for this week, so you got one yesterday and you'll get one tomorrow and on Friday.

I've been playing Prime Trilogy and haven't been working on this! I beat Prime 1 yesterday with 11:17, pretty cool for a first runthrough, huh! Now I'm in Dark Torvus Bog in Echoes. For the entries today, I've been running out of ideas for what pirates to make, but I'll fill them in today! I think I'm going to do a Pirate Commando, Pirate Grenadier, and an Elite Pirate.

In the meantime, you can have the remaining Daily Powers for the Hunter that I owe you.

Electroblade Hunter Attack 1
A blade of electricity springs from your weapon. As you hit your target, the electricity flows into the target, paralyzing them.
Daily * Energy, Lightning, Melee
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 2d8+Constitution modifier damage, and the target is immobilized(save ends).
Aftereffect: The target is dazed until the end of their next turn.
Melee: The target is instead stunned until the end of your next turn, and is then subject to the Aftereffect.

Running Blast Hunter Attack 1
You quickly sprint to a better vantage point, then run to a better hiding place.
Daily * Charge, Energy
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Effect: Shift your speed minus 2.
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 2d6+Constitution modifier damage.
Effect: Shift your speed minus 2.
Charge: When you shift, you can shift your full speed.

Morphology: Pirate Commandos
I could have sworn I posted this Friday! Here's a set of 3 Pirate Commandos.

Pirate Commando Level 2 Skirmisher(Leader)
Medium natural humanoid XP: 125
Initiative: +4 ; Senses: Perception +1
HP: 37; Bloodied: 18
AC: 16; Fortitude: 14; Reflex: 14; Will: 14
Speed: 5
Scythe Cannon(standard; at-will) * Weapon
+4 vs. AC; 1d10+1 damage, and one of the Pirate Commando's allies may shift 1 square.

Cannon(standard; at-will) * Weapon
Ranged 15/30; +6 vs. AC; 1d8+1 damage.

Combat Advantage
A Pirate Commando deals 1d6 extra damage on melee and ranged attacks against any creature granting combat advantage to it.

Fanatic(Immefiate Reaction, when reduced to 0 HP)
The Pirate commando makes a basic attack against an enemy that is adjacent to it.

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Equipment: Scythe Cannon, emergency teleporter

Pirate Commandos are skilled pirate warriors entitled to actively hunt the Space Pirates' greatest enemies. While the best of them operate in small, two man teams called Commando Units, the weaker and newer commandos tend to keep other pirates around to back them up. The emergency teleporter is a small item that can only be used once, but it teleports the commando to a predetermined safe point near the pirate home base. If you allow a PC to get one, it could be a good plot point to discover the pirates' base of operations.

Dark Pirate Commando Level 11 Elite Skirmisher(Leader)
Medium natural humanoid XP: 1200
Initiative: +11 ; Senses: Perception +12; darkvision
Darkling Presence: aura 10; light-producing effects within the aura whose level is lower than the Dark Pirate Commando's can create only dim light
HP: 208; Bloodied: 104
Regeneration: 10(If the Dark Pirate Commando takes radiant damage, his regeneration doesn't function on his next turn.)
AC: 27; Fortitude: 25; Reflex: 23; Will: 24
Resistance: 10 necrotic; Vulnerable: 5 radiant;
Saving Throws: +2
Speed: 7
Action Points: 1
Black Scythe(Standard; at-will) * Weapon
+17 vs. AC; 1d10+7 damage(crit 1d6+17).

Darkling Cannon(Standard; at-will) * Necrotic
Randged 5; +15 vs. AC; 2d6+4 necrotic damage.

Ing Fury(Standard; at-will) * Weapon
The Dark Pirate Commando makes two basic melee attacks and shifts 1 square after the first attack.

Disrupting Strike(Standard; recharge 6) * Necrotic, Weapon
+17 vs. AC; 3d10+7 damage plus ongoing 5 necrotic damage(save ends).

Teamwork(Free, when the Dark Pirate Commando scores a critical hit or reduces an enemy to 0 HP; at-will)
The Dark Pirate Commando or an ally within 20 squares can make a melee or ranged attack.

Teleporter(Move; recharge 5, 6) * Teleportation
The Dark Pirate Commando can teleport 20 squares but must end his move in dim light or darkness.

If the Dark Pirate Commando moves 3 or more squares by any means, he is cloaked with supernatural darkness, gaining total concealment.

Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Equipment: Scythe Cannon, emergency teleporter

Dark Pirate Commandos are violent and crazed Commandos, possessed by the Ing, or a similar darkness based monster. They can move with little difficulty into a transistive plane of Darkness, effectively teleporting or becoming invisible. They, unlike their weaker brethren, work very well in pairs. A pair is a viable threat for 4 PCs, which is a standard Metroid adventuring party.

Master Commando Level 21 Elite Skirmisher(Leader)
Medium natural humanoid XP: ? I'll fill it in later.
Initiative: +15 ; Senses: Perception +10; darkvision
Hasten Brethren: aura 5; allied space pirates within the aura gain a +4 to initiative rolls.
HP: 388; Bloodied: 194
AC: 39; Fortitude: 35; Reflex: 30; Will: 34
Saving Throws: +2(+4 against ongoing damage)
Speed: 7
Action Points: 1
Adamantine Sixscythe(Standard; at-will) * Weapon
+28 vs. AC; 1d12+11 damage(crit 19-20), the Master Commando slides the target 2 squares, and the target is marked until the end of the Master Commando's next turn. Damage from this attcak ignores 10 points of resist all.

Blade Mark(Immediate Interrupt, when an adjacent enemy marked by the Master Commando moves or shifts; at-will) * Weapon
The Master Commando makes a melee basic attack against the triggering enemy. An enemy hit by this attack stops moving. If this attack hits, the Master Commando makes a melee basic attack as a free action against a different target within reach.

Off-Hand Slash(Minor 1/round, requires an adamantine sixscythe; at-will) * Weapon
+28 vs. AC; 1d12+11 damage(crit 19-20), and the target is marked until the end of the Master Commander's next turn.

Blastershot(Minor 1/round; at-will) * Weapon
Ranged 20; +28 vs. AC; 1d8+7 damage.

Commando Orders(Minor; encounter) * Healing
Close burst 10; allied space pirates and space-pirate-allied creatures gain 10 temporary hit points. A bloodied target also regains 10 hit points.

Splinter Armor
The Master Commando deals 1d8+4 damage to any creature that grabs him. A creature that continues to grab him takes 1d8+4 damage at the start of its turn.

Powerful Charger
When charging, the Master Commando deals 2d6 extra damage and pushes the target 1 square. He then shifts into the square the target vacated.

Lordly Resolve(Minor; encounter) * Healing
The Master Commando gains 15 temporary hit points and ends one effect that a save can end. If he uses this power while bloodied, he also regains 15 hit points.
Alignment: Any Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Equipment: Adamantine sixscythe, splinter armor

The Master Commando is the overall ruler of the Commando teams, consorting directly with the Pirate High Command. He is trained in perfect elimination of the Space Pirate forces' enemies. Only one target has ever eluded his every attempt, and that one is Samus Aran, the famed Hunter who stopped the Mother Brains, ended the Phazon incident, and was the center of the X infection.

Morphology: Elite Pirate
The other entry I thought I posted Friday, the Elite Pirate!

Elite Pirate Level 18 Solo Brute
Large natural humanoid(phazon) XP: 10,000
Initiative: see dangersense ; Senses: Perception +14; darkvision; tremorsense 20
Quake Radiation: aura 3; each enemy within the aura that is hit by an attack loses all resistances until the end of its next turn.
HP: 696; Bloodied: 348
AC: 30; Fortitude: 30; Reflex: 31; Will: 29
Resist: 20 phazon, 20 variable(2/encounter)
Saving Throws: +5
Speed: 8
Action Points: 2
Reaving Claw(standard; at-will)
Reach 3l +21 vs. ACl 2d10+6 damage, and the target takes a cumulative -1 penalty to AC each time it is hit until the end of the encounter.

Maddened Strikes(standard; at-will)
The Elite Pirate makes two reaving claw attacks against two different targets.

Siphon Fist(standard, usable only when bloodied; recharge 6) * Phazon
+21 vs. AC; 2d8+6 damage, and ongoing 10 phazon damage(save ends).

Plasma Artillery Cannon(minor, recharge 5, 6) * Phazon
Close blast 5; +19 vs. Reflex; 2d8+10 phazon damage, and the target is slowed and takes ongoing 10 phazon damage(save ens both).
First Failed Saving Throw: The target is restrained instead of slowed and takes ongoing 15 phazon damage(save ends both).

Quake Stomp(immediate reaction, when an enemy moves into an adjacent space; recharge 5, 6) * Lightning
Close burst 2; 1d12+2 damage and the target is pushed 1 square. The attack does not target flying creatures.

The Elite Pirate acts two times in a round, on initiativew counts 20 and 10. It cannot delay or ready actions. On each turn, it has a standard action instead of its normal allotment of actions. It can use one immediate action between each pair of turns.

Alignment: Evil Languages: Deep Speech
Equipment: Plasma Artillery Cannon(whatever the hell you do, make SOME excuse to keep your players from getting this!!!!! It's wickedly powerful, and 'm not even going to bother to write because you would have to be INSANE to give it to them.)

Data Recieved: Hunter Utility Level 2
Well, it's Monday's piece! Late at night, too!
The Level 2 Utilities are:
Antidote(a basic poison/acid resister)
Grapple Swing(Like the classic)
Shield Reinforcement(As it sounds)

SCAN VISOR, the most important piece of equipment in the Prime series. I'm a scan-a-holic.
Scan Visor Hunter Utility 2
You tap your visor and it scans the enemy over, looking for information. Any information found goes to your logbook for future reference.
Encounter * Energy
Minor Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Effect: You make a Monster Knowledge check with a +5 bonus, and learn the creature's name and keywords. You learn what it is resistant to(but not how resistant or any weaknesses). You also are able to distinguish this sort of monster from others from here on out.

Data Recieved: Hunter Utility
Here we go, Tuesday! Sorry, this week isn't going to be very exciting. I start school tomorrow D:.

Antidote Hunter Utility 2
As your body becomes exposed to unknown toxins, your power suit floods you with antidote, either gaseous or injected.
Daily * Energy
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: You take acid or poison damage.
Effect: You gain resistance to the triggering energy type. If the attack dealt both, you choose which type. You also gain a +5 bonus to Endurance checks to resist poison or disease.
Special: You may instead use this power as a standard action, choosing the energy type of your liking.

Data Recieved: Hunter Utility
Number 3! That's all. Sorry, this one is useful but is notably boring. If you pick this over Scan Visor, you just have lame taste.

Shield Reinforcement Hunter Utility 2
With a quick tap on your armor's control panel, you send a surge of power into your shield.
Encounter * Energy, Force
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You gain a +4 bonus to AC and Fortitude defense until the start of your next turn.

Data Recieved: Hunter Utility(Again)
This is the last of the 4 utilities. I haven't the slightest what I'm going to write for tomorrow.

Grapple Swing Hunter Utility 2
A chain of energy shoots from your wrist and burrows into the target. You as the energy chain shrinks slightly, you lift off the ground and reposition yourself somewhere else.
Encounter * Energy
Move Action Ranged 5
Target: One flying creature or one grapple point
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: You may fly(without provoking opportunity attacks) to any other space within 5 squares of the target.
Special: If the target is a grapple point, no attack roll is needed.

Data Recieved: Hunter Encounter 3s
Hello, sorry, I just had nothing for Friday. And now for Monday, I'm gonna cop out on this and give you a power.

The Level 3 powers are to be:
Beam Punch(An untra point blank blast)
Lasershot(A straight piercing beam)
Reaction Shot(Puzzle it out folks)
Spazer Beam(As the Super Metroid weapon of the same name.)

Spazer Beam Hunter Attack 3
Your cannon makes a loud click noise and three small lasers all shoot toward your prey.
Encounter * Charge, Energy
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution-2 vs. AC; 3 attacks
Hit: 1d10+Constitution modifier damage per hit.
Charge: If two attacks hit, the target is dazed until the end of your next turn. If all three hit, the target is instead stunned until the end of your next turn.

Data Recieved: Hunter Encounter 3
This is for Tuesday.

Lasershot Hunter Attack 3
You level your gun and shoot a single, continuous beam that pierces right through enemies.
Encounter * Energy
Standard Action Line 5
Target: Each creature in line
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d6+Constitution modifier damage, and the target is either pushed or pulled(your choice) 1 square.
Miss: The DM moves slides the target 1 square out of the line.

Data Recieved: Hunter Encounter 3
And for today!

Beam Punch Hunter Attack 3
You charge a small orb of energy onto the end of your blaster and small it point blank into the enemy's skull.
Encounter * Energy, Melee
Standard Action Melee 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 2d6+Constitution modifier damage, and the target is dazed until the start of your next turn.
Melee: The target is dazed(save ends) instead.

Data Recieved: Last Hunter Encounter 3
And for Thursday!

Reaction Shot Hunter Attack 3
As an enemy attacks you you spin and shoot them, knocking them back in surprise.
Encounter * Energy
Immediate Reaction Burst 10
Trigger: An enemy within the burst attacks you.
Effect: You make a basic ranged attack against the triggering enemy.

The PHB divided the Equipment chapter(chapter 7) into four sections; Armor and Shields, Weapons, Adventuring Gear, and Magic Items, in that order. I'm just going to start going through, bit by bit.
"Armor provides a barrier between you and your foes-or, put more bluntly, between you and death." - PHB.
This is the simplest possible way to put the idea of armor. Having armor of some sort is even more important in the Metroid universe, a universe where even the atmosphere you breathe can kill in on the wrong planets. It lets you survive the extremes of exploration, it lets you subsist in the void of space, it lets you absorb the deadly force of the hits you take. Your class tells you what armor you're proficient with, though you can take feats to alter such a selection. Armor you're not proficient with provides the same penalty to your attack rolls and Reflex defense as usual(-2).
The old rules said that putting on a suit of armor always takes at least 5 minutes. In Metroid, this is true most of the time, except many hunters have modified their ships to allow them to automatically don their suit when sitting in the pilot's chair. In this way it only takes a single full round action to don one's armor. Other extenuating circumstances exist, but are situational and up to the DM.
Armor is still defined as light and heavy and you still only add an ability score mod to your AC in light armor.
Certain kinds of armor are made according to technologic and esoteric methods that involve unique mechanics. These are masterwork armors and never appear as mundane armors and are always high in level.
And now for the types and an example of it as a Metroid armor.

Cloth Armor:
"Cloth armor doesn't slow you down or hinder your movement at all."
The most basic example I can generate for Metroid cloth armor is a biomesh. All characters can wear it, and most do even if they're wearing more on top. Samus' zero suit is most of a biomesh, and Gandrayda wears full-body biomesh. All biomesh comes with some form of face mask, rudimentary helmet, or atmospheric protection, although whether to use it is generally a choice, seeing as zero-suit Samus doesn't wear anything to protect her face.
Most biomeshes follow your powers, adapting, as when Gandrayda shape-shifts or when Samus goes into morph ball.
If you're wearing what is effectively a second skin and an airtight mask, how do you breathe? Truth is that oxygen is stored within the molecules of the biomesh, and they're used up as you wear it. Unfortunately, this leaves no room for an oxygen generator and the suit's oxygen only lasts for a good 48 hours before becoming expended. When left in an oxygen rich environment the air restores at a 1:1 ratio(1 hour to regain 1 hour of air). Some technologies exist that can extend or restore oxygen in the suit.
The various forms of cloth armor in the PHB and the Adventurer's Vault are: Githweave armor, Mindweave armor, Feyweave armor, Efreetweave armor, Mindpatterned armor, and Starweave armor.
Githweave and Mindweave armor both involve an infusion of crystal into the textile, focusing the mind and body and improving psychic reflexes through mental refraction. Feyweave armor is special because of its crafters, the alien Eladrin, who seem to be connected in some way to the spirit world and are able to channel the mystical energy into the armor. Many warriors make pilgrimages to Feywild, the native planet of the Eladrin, specifically to have Feyweave armor made for them. Efreetweave armor is built from a special metallic thread that absorbs heat yet always seems warm to the touch. For that, efreetweave is considered on of the most comfortable armors out there(RULES NOTE: Efreetweave allows one to survive temperatures one band higher and lower without penalty.). Mindpatterned armor is built from the cells of a semi-sentient bacteria that seems to protect the mind from harm. Little is known of the origins of these bacteria, and they give the armor an appearance of very slowly swirling colors. Hardly anything is known of the mystical starweave, except that it is generally black in color with small specks of bright color, and that it seems to absorb an abnormally large amount of damage. It almost seems to be made from a fabric of void.

Leather Armor:
"Leather armor is sturdier than cloth armor. It protects vital areas with multiple layers of boiled-leather plates, while covering the limbs with supple leather that provides a small amount of protection."
Leather armor is still quite similar to its past self, minus the leather part. Insertion of metallic sheets, ceramic plates, or another hard, thin material in the middle of the traditional biomesh gives a mimicry of leather armor. The ice plates in Noxus' mesh allows him to remain flexible, protected, and cold.
The majority of leather armor isn't any better with the oxygen storage issue, leaving most with a 24 hour time window like cloth armor, but there exists a basic variety of leather armor that is filled with a ultra-thin oxygen generator that replace the oxygen at a fast enough rate to last for a full week of oxygen. This variety costs double the cost of the leather you plan on wearing and imposes a -1 check penalty.
Six masterwork leathers exist in 4e: Drowmesh, Feyleather, Snakeskin, Anathema, Swordwing, and Starleather.
Two of those should sound familiar; Feyleather and Starleather are made almost just like their Cloth counterparts. Drowmesh is made by the shiftier cousins of the Eladrin race, the Drow. These sneaky creatures make armor that even improves you reflexes when wearing it. Drowmesh is shipped all over known Galactic Space, unlike the Feycraft armors. Snakeskin and Anathema are quite similar, and are what they sound like. Snakeskin is made from the highly resilient snakes of Remmorsse II, and Anathema armor is made by interlocking scales from Remmorsse II snakes and the rare and powerful Shadow Snakes. Unlike many leathers, Snakeskin and Anathema are visible on the outside, coating the biomesh as well as lining it. Swordwing leather is lined with the resilient membrane lining the wings of a large bug species that has been transplanted on many planets by the Space Pirates.

Hide Armor:
"Thicker and heavier than leather, hide armor is composed of skin from any creature that has a tough hide...Hide armor can bind and hider your movement a bit..."
Hide armor, unlike leather, is not just a biomesh modification. Hide armor is remarkably similar to its original idea, being made from the hides of various critters. Hide armor is always worn over a biomesh in order to protect from the atmosphere, and while it is not required to disguise the basic biomesh helmet, many do just to seem more imposing. There is, however, a special variant of hide armor used only by the Space Pirates; a living organism in itself, the armor is a genetically modified biomesh, pumped full of drugs. The transformation process is cruel to the organism, and the process is outlawed by the Galactic Federation. It is, however, extraordinarily effective, which is why many pirates are still armored even after their shelled armor is destroyed. This form of armor is unique in that this outlawed armor is the only light armor fully capable of breathing. The organism can breath practically any form of atmosphere and gives off oxygen inside the suit as a result. If supplied with a sufficient energy source, it can continue to live and give off oxygen even in a void. Lots of adventurers and Expansion Unit teams hunt Space Pirates in order to get a good specimen of the armor to wear(as only the creation process is illegal).
The typical creature that hide is made of is the Kerronian Bear, a creature quite like the original Earth grizzly bear. Creatures equivalent to this level of toughness also make good mundane hide armor.
Most hide armor does not supply its own oxygen source and thus only has the 24 hour supply of the cloth biomesh., except in the pirate case above.
Hide armor cannot be worn over leather armor. If it is, there is no additional bonus and only the highest applies. The special leather that improves oxygen supply reacts badly with another armor layed over it and ceases to function.
The official books leave six forms of masterwork hide: Earthhide, Feyhide, Darkhide, Stalkerhide, Voidhide, and Elderhide.
One of those should be quite familiar by now; Feyhide is, once again, made by the Eladrin. They refuse to share what animal it is made from, but it is very tough. Earthhide is made from the stony skin of the Range Worm on Teldor, a a planet whose surface is covered with mountains and whose population all live underground, going to the surface through the gaping holes the Range Worms leave. The Aetheran Sandigger is thought to be a pirate-morphed variant of the Range Worm, or, more specifically, their larva. The Ing-possessed Amorbis is much more like a full grown Range Worm. Darkhide is crafted wherever a sufficient source of dark energy is found along with extreme heat. Pirates still wielding dimension split weapons, along with the Luminoth who made them, are particularly skilled at building darkhide. The pirates try to use Tallon IV's Magmoor Caverns to craft the armor, and the Drow of Feywild bought a number of dimension split weapons from the pirates, making them particularly adept as well. Perhaps most relevant is a game in which rules to go with The Twilight Split are used. Dark energy is quite abundant in these games. Stalkerhide is a timeless favorite of Hunters and assassins, crafted to be totally silent and more mobile at the cost of slightly reduced protection.(RULES NOTE: Stalkerhide armor provides a +2 bonus on Stealth checks). Voidhide is a special thing, somewhat like starweave and starleather, but notably more empty. Elderhide is amazing armor, having been scoured with myriad forces, and it is good protection from the elements. Both Voidhide and Elderhide are made with completely unknown methods, and are both found only as artifacts from a number of ancient civilizations. All that elderhide have been found with have been known to contact the Chozo, whilst all with voidhide have been known to contact the enigmatic Ylla(or Vlla, depends on the source) race. For the record, the Luminoth called them the Ylla, the Bryyonians called them the Vlla. I have the idea that this race lives in expansionist space, the area the Federation is pushing into.

"Chainmail grants good protection, but it's cumbersome, so it reduces your mobility and agility."
The first of the heavy armors, armor now prevents you from adding your ability modifier to your AC. Chainmail in particular has both a check penalty and a speed reduction. My best analogy to one of the Metroid hunters is to Rundas, who is slower on foot and not super agile, yet very well protected. Chainmail is Metroid can be represented by pretty much anything that is somewhat bulky, because heavy armor can do something light armor can't; oxygen generation. By default, all chainmail armor can extend your biomesh's oxygen to a week; a more expensive variant(double price) can boost it to a month.
There are a large seven masterwork chainmail types: Finemail, Braidmail, Crysteel, Forgemail, Weavemail, Pitmail, and Spiritmail.
Finemail is good, but it isn't very much. By using a smaller-moleculed material it resists harm much better thanks to its new density. Braidmail isn't all that much to write home about either, as it isn't much more than an armor whose molecule chains have been twisted to resist pressure. Crysteel, on the other hand, is excellent. Rundas' armor can best be called crysteel, and that is an excellent analogy. There a number of various crafting methods for crysteel. Forgemail was made by the Teldorians, who are master forgers thanks to their time underground. Weavemail is made by the Eladrin again, with the same work as in feyweave and feyleather. They are also the masters behind spiritmail, although not just anyone can request spiritmail from the aliens. Pitmail is forged in the deepest lava pits, and has a glowing sheen like it is reflecting firelight, and resist the power of fire.(RULES NOTE: Pitmail grants resist 1 fire)

Scale Armor:
"Despite its heaviness, scale is surprisingly easy to wear; its straps and buckles make it adjustable and able to fit snugly on the body, allowing flexibility and agility."
Scale armor is strong and, while heavy, very maneuverable. It can be made from any very hard material, such as actual scales or simply plates of steel. Scale comes with a specially built helmet with its own oxygen generator that works fast enough that it only needs recharging once per month, making it effectively never going to run out. Samus' Chozo power suit is the equivilent of scale armor, which just goes to show just how protective scale is.
Scale has seven masterwork variants: Drakescale, Wyvernscale, Stormscale, Wyrmscale, Nagascale, Titanscale, and Elderscale.
Drakescale, Wyvernscale, and Wyrmscale are all variants of the same idea; dragons have amazing scales. Whatever form of dragon, drake, wyvern, or wyrm it comes from, be it a Magmoor or a failed Ridley clone, it will work wonders in armor. Nagascale comes from an unbelievable form of snake also native to Remmorsse II. Titanscale and Elderscale are both extremely rare Chozo artifacts, and Samus' armor is Titanscale. Spire's impenetrable skin is considered the equivalent of titanscale as well. Stormscale is a classified Galactic attempt to create a specialized form of elderscale.(RULES NOTE: Stormscale grants resist electricity 1).

Plate Armor:
"The heaviest type of armor, made up of shaped plates of metal or similarly resilient material, plate provides the most armor protection."
Plate turns what would usually be a normal being into a hulking juggernaut of battle. Plate is always equipped with a sturdy helmet and a device installed into the back of the armor generates enough oxygen that it refills it as fast as you expend it. Even if the device were to be destroyed, you'd have a year before you ran out of oxygen. Not once has a death by hypoxia been recorded while in plate. The only plausible analogy for plate armor is Ghor's battlesuit. Now, plate armor isn't that big, but it's that tough if you scaled it down to person size.
There are EIGHT variant masterwork plates: Rimefire, Layered, Gith, Specter, Warplate, Legion, Tarrasque, and Godplate.
Rimefire is made through a process of freezing and flaming and freezing and flaming, and so on and so forth. It is highly resistant to damage, and absorbs some of the impact even on a hit. Layered plate is just as it sounds, metal forged and layered several dozen times. Gith plate is made of a metal somehow alive with the bacteria from the Mindpatterned cloth armor, a process we have not been able to effectively recreate. Specter armor is made in the rare circumstance when a Drow and an Eladrin combine their abilities. Warplate is specially modified for mass combat, designed for protection from all sides. Legion plate is made in the lava pits of Kint, a sentient planet that rarely lets a soul leave with its precious armor. Tarrasque plate used to be from the carapace of the tarrasque, but the creature is thought to be extinct, making the few remaining as valuable as all the gold in the world. Only one suit of Godplate exists, and it has yet to be located by the Federation. All they've done is read about it from various lores.

Well, that's all the armor. There's not much to say about shields; they haven't changed a huge amount. Just look at the ones in Metroid Prime 3, they're just done with energy fields now. Shields are just the same as ever in the Metroid world.

Data Recieved: Hunter Level 5 Dailies, Level 6 Utilities
Dark Bomb Hunter Attack 5
As you roll right into the perfect place, you materialize a single blank and purple sphere. A second later, it explodes, showering everything nearby with darkness and stopping their motions.
Daily * Dark, Energy, Morph Ball
Standard Action Close burst 3
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d10+Constitution modifier necrotic damage, and the target is immobilized(save ends).
Aftereffect: The target is slowed(save ends).

Ice Missile Hunter Attack 5
The front of your gun folds out and freezing mist floats in front of the barrel. A missile encased in ice and filled with a freezing compound blasts out with concussive force.
Daily * Cold, Energy
Standard Action Area burst 1 within 10
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 3d8+Constitution modifier cold damage, and the target is immobilized and takes ongoing 10
cold damage(save ends both).
Miss: Half damage, and the target is slowed(save ends).
Special: Expend 1 missile token.

Phazon Bomb Hunter Attack 5
Your morph ball glows a bright neon blue as you set a bomb made of living ore, energy tendrils grasping at the air before the whole area is irradiated with deadly Phazon.
Daily * Energy, Morph Ball, Phazon
Standard Action Close burst 2
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. Fortitude
Hit: 5d6+Constitution modifier phazon damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls and defenses(save ends).

Gravity Boost Hunter Utility 6
A flip of a switch on your suit lifts you off of the ground, breaking gravity's bond on your body.
Daily * Energy
Move Action Personal
Effect: You can move 4 squares vertically and remain there, hovering above the ground. While aloft, you are unsteady, taking a -2 penalty to AC and Reflex defense.If some effect, such as a pit opening below you, causes you to be more than 4 squares above the ground, you drop to 4 squares above the ground. You do not take damage from the fall.
Sustain Move: You can sustain this power until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes. When you sustain this power, you can move 3 squares up or down or 1 square horizontally. You cannot go higher than 4 squares above the ground. If you don't sustain the power, you descend to the ground without taking falling damage.
Special: If underwater, you may instead go 6 squares above the ground.

Space Jump Hunter Utility 6
You leap into the air and just keep bouncing over the enemies' heads.
Encounter * Energy
Move Action Personal
Effect: You lift 1 square into the air and then fly 10 squares before moving down 1 square. If you are over open air, you fall. Movement from this power does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Stone Climb Hunter Utility 6
Your morph ball extrudes small orange crystals that allow you to stick to walls.
Encounter * Energy, Morph Ball
Move Action Personal
Effect: On this move action, you move with a climb speed equal to your speed + 2.

Thermal Visor Hunter Utility 6
A quick lick on your visor turns on a heat-detecting night vision for a moment before it needs more light.
Daily * Energy
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You gain darkvision and a +3 bonus to Perception checks until the end of your next turn.
Aftereffect: You gain low-light vision and a +3 bonus to Perception checks until the end of the encounter.

Destination: Elysia, pt. 1
Let a couple days of stuff build up to post together. I just finished(finally) Metroid Prime 3, and I realized that there aren't many Elysia-exclusive monsters! Tinbot, Steambot, Steamlord, Sky Puffer, Steamspider, "Dragoon" Battle Drone, Elysian Shriekbat, Defense Drone, Helios.
Elysia is a low level(Level 3-5) environment, and is a gas giant multiple times larger than its neighboring planets of Norian and Bryyo. Elysia is the ancestral home of a race of technicians(only remembered as the Elysians) who built amazing autonomous machines on a floating city named Skytown in conjunction with the Chozo. The Elysians have long since vanished, but their machines live on. Skytown has also been implemented with one of the Aurora Units(Unit 217) so the Federation can keep tabs on the world.
Elysia is maintained by a huge number of very small unarmed drones who mindlessly repair the breaking down city. Tinbots are easily commanded, but quite weak. Steambots have their own minds, and are more powerful, but are still subject to commands. The Steamlords are the unrivaled masters, entirely self-aware and in control of any units. The Steamlords operate independently of even Aurora Unit 217.
(Elysian) - Keyword indicating that the creature is a native of the gas giant of Elysia. Many Elysian creatures have the ability to interact with each other, making this keyword significant.
Tinbot Level 3 Minion
Medium natural animate (construct, Elysian) XP: 38
Initiative: -1 ; Senses: Perception +0; darkvision
HP: 1; minion; see Slag and Shrapnel
AC: 13; Fortitude: 13; Reflex: 9; Will: 10 see Elysian Affinity
Immune: disease, poison; Vulnerable see Slag
Speed: 4
Pulse Pistol(standard; at-will)
Ranged 5; +6 vs. AC; 6 damage.
Knock Arm(minor; at-will)
+4 vs. AC; push the target 1 square.
Shrapnel(when reduced to 0 HP)
Close burst 1; targets all creatures in burst; +6 vs. Reflex; 4 damage.

Slag(when reduced to 0 HP by fire damage) * Fire
Shrapnel does not activate, and in the Tinbot's space there is left a square of difficult terrain.

Elysian Affinity
When a Tinbot is adjacent to another creature with the Elysian keyword, it has +1 to all defenses; if the other creature is a Steamlord or Defense Drone, it instead has +2 to all defenses.

Alignment: Unaligned Languages: None
Equipment: nothing salvageable
Base Monster: Zombie Rotter
Steambot Level 3 Artillery
Medium natural animate (construct; Elysian) XP: 150
Initiative: +4 ; Senses: Perception +2; darkvision
HP: 38; Bloodied: 19;
Regeneration: see Elysian Affinity
AC: 16; Fortitude: 14; Reflex: 13; Will: 13
Immune: disease, poison; Vulnerable: 5 fire
Speed: 6
Combat Arm(standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d6 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square.

Energy Pistol(standard; at-will)
Ranged 10/20; +10 vs. AC; 2d6+3 damage.

Missile Launch(standard; encounter) * Fire
Ranged 5; +8 vs. Reflex; 1d8+2 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 fire damage and is dazed(save ends both).
Miss: Half damage, and the target takes ongoing 2 fire damage and is slowed(save ends both).

Elysian Affinity
When adjacent to another creature with the Elysian keyword, a Steambot has regeneration 2; if this creature is a Steamlord or Defense Drone, regeneration 5. If the Steambot took fire damage since the start of its last turn, it does not regenerate this turn.
Alignment: Unaligned Languages: None
Equipment: nothing salvageable
Base Monster: Kobold Vermin Handler
Steamlord Level 4 Elite Artiller(Leader)
Medium natural animate (contruct, Elysian) XP: 350
Initiative: +5; Senses: Perception +5; darkvision
HP: 100; Bloodied: 50
AC: 16; Fortitude: 16; Reflex: 20; Will: 18; +4 to all defenses against fear & charm effects. See Elysian Affinity.
Immune: disease, poison; Vulnerable: 5 Fire
Saving Throws: +2
Speed: Fly 6(hover)
Action Points: 1

Slam(standard; at-will)
+8 vs. AC; 1d6+3 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square.

EM Pulse(standard; at-will) * Lightning
Ranged 20; +10 vs. Reflex; 1d10+5 lightning damage.

Chain Pulse(standard; encounter) * Lightning
The Steamlord makes a separate attack against 3 different targets: Ranged 10; +10 vs. Reflex; 2d6+4 damage.

Steam Heal(minor; encounter)
Close burst 2; targets allies with Elysian keyword and self; restore 20 HP to all targets; if target is a minion, that target instead gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of its next turn.

Fear Mechanic(immediate reaction, when the Steamlord is hit by a melee attack; at-will)
The Steamlord teleports 5 squares.

Invisibility(minor; rechare when first bloodied)
The Steamlord turns invisible until he attacks or until the end of his next turn.

Elysian Affinity
The Steamlord gains a +1 bonus to all defenses for each ally with the Elysian keyword adjacent to him.

Escape(minor; recharge 5, 6)
The Steamlord moves up to twice his speed. He can move only into squares that take it farther from its enemies. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. The Steamlord has phasing for this movement.

Alignment: Unaligned Languages: Common
Equipment: Nothing salvageable
Base Monster: Nightcloak Felomin

Destination: Elysia, pt. 2
Part 1 was The bots and the steamlord, part two is the rest of the mechanoids in Skytown, the Steamspider Swarm, "Dragoon" Battle Drone, and the Defense Drone! If you're wondering the eventual part 3 will be the more organic Elysians, the Sky Puffers, Elysian Shriekbats, and Helios.

Steamspider Swarm Level 1 Brute
Medium natural animate (swarm, construct, Elysian) XP: 100
Initiative: +2 ; Senses: Perception +3; darkvision
Whirring: aura 10; enemies in the aura take a -2 penalty to all defenses. Steamspider swarms can't surprise creatures that aren't deafened.
Swarm Attack: aura 1; a steamspider swarm makes a basic attack as a free action against each enemy that begins its turn in the aura.
HP: 32; Bloodied: 16;
AC: 13; Fortitude: 13; Reflex: 15; Will: 11
Immune: charm, fear; Resist: half damage from melee and ranged attacks; Vulnerable: +5 damage from close and area attacks
Speed: 6 (If a steamspider swarm takes cold damage, it is slowed until the end of the attacker's next turn; if it takes fire damage, it is immobilized until the end of the attacker's next turn.)
Swarming Bite (standard; at-will)
+4 vs AC; 3d4+2 damage. If a swarm reduces the damage from this attack by 2d4, its target is also knocked prone.
Stay Down
A swarm can make opportunity attacks against adjacent targets that stand from prone.
A swarm deals an extra 2d4 damage against prone targets.
Alignment: Unaligned Languages: -
Equipment: Nothing salvageable
Base Creature: Gibbering Bunch

“Dragoon” Battle Drone Level 3 Artillery
Small natural animate (contruct, Elysian) XP: 150
Initiative: +5 ; Senses: Perception +3
HP: 38; Bloodied: 19;
AC: 17; Fortitude: 14; Reflex: 16; Will: 14
Resist: 10 lightning; Vulnerable: 5 fire
Speed: fly 7
Slam (standard; at-will)
+6 vs AC; 1d6+2 damage.
Rocket (stnadard; at-will) * Fire
Ranged 10; +8 vs. Reflex; 1d10+4 fire damage.
Missile Jammer
Dragoons have a +2 bonus to AC and Reflex defenses against ranged attacks.
Alignment: Unaligned Languages: -
Equipment: nothing
Base Creature: Spitting Drake(RPGA The Prospect)

Defense Drone Level 4 Solo Artillery
Large natural animate (construct; Elysian) XP: 875
Initiative: +5 ; Senses: Perception +9; darkvision
HP: 232; Bloodied: 116; see also Emergency Reload
AC: 17; Fortitude: 17; Reflex: 16; Will: 15
Resist: 15 fire;
Saving Throws: +5
Speed: 8; fly 10
Action Points: 2
Rocket Stomp (standard; at-will) * Fire
Reach 2; +11 vs. AC; 1d8+3 damage plus 1d6 fire damage.
Kick(standard; at-will)
Reach 2; +11 vs. AC; 1d6+3 damage.
Smash and Shift(standard; at-will)
The Defense Drone makes two kick attacks and one rocket stomp attack, and then shifts 1 square.
Opportune Missile(immediate reaction; when an enemy enters or leaves an adjacent sqaure)
Targets the triggering enemy; +9 vs. Fortitude; 1d8+3 damage, and the target is knocked prone, and the Defense Drone shifts 2 squares.
Plasma Bomb Cannon(standard; recharge 5, 6) * Fire
Close blast 5; +9 vs. Reflex; 3d6+3 fire damage, and the Defense Drone pushes the target 3 squares. Miss: Half damage.
Emergency Reload(free, when first bloodied; encounter)
Plasma Bomb Cannon recharges, and the Defense Drone uses it.
Acid Shot(standard; at-will) * Acid
Ranged 5; +9 vs. Reflex; 1d8+6 acid damage. Effect: Each creature adjacent to the target takes 1d8 acid damage.
Electroparalytic Wave(standard; encounter)
Close burst 5; targets enemies; +9 vs. Will; the target is stunned until the end of the Defense Drone's next turn. Aftereffect: The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).
Alignment: Unaligned Languages: -
Equipment: Nothing Salvageable
Base Creature: Young Brass Dragon
Retro Studios made this piece of concept art to go with the game. If appears to be a phazon-enhanced, more deadly looking version of the defense drone(which, to be honest, looks like it would be pretty cuddly if it wasn't made out of solid metal). If you wish to make use of this version, simply substitute the numbers of the above defense drone with those of the Adult Brass Dragon, from Draconomicon 2 Metallic Dragons. The attacks are the same, with just a numbers increase. The only other significant change would be to shift all the elemental damage types to Phazon. Also, this variant looks like it might belong in Aether's Sanctuary area, and if the damage types became lightning they would line up there pretty nice. I can also see the Space Pirates mimicking these and making their own variants. which is a pretense for any sort of damage type, including Phazon.
Damn, now I want a Defense Drone stuffed animal. It would be so awesome, you have no idea.

Destination: Elysia, pt. 3
Well, I'm sorry to all my imaginary friends who were looking forward to Helios in this update, but he's not here. I don't even think he belongs here. I did, however, make the Elysian Shriekbat and the Sky Puffer. Ironically, I think the Sky Puffer is exactly the same as what I'd use for a Preed or a normal Puffer.
Elysian Shriekbat
Elysian Shriekbats have more in common with traps than monsters, making a single sudden attack when the foe enters their target spot. As such, it should be treated as a trap.

Elysian Shriekbat Trap
Level 1 Minion XP 25
DC 15 The character notices a small mechanical creature hanging from the ceiling and swaying back and forth.
The trap activates and makes an opportunity attack whenever a creature comes within range or begins its turn within range. The trap can only make one attack.
Opportunity Action Ranged 3
Target: Triggering Creature
Attack: +4 vs Reflex
Damage: 4 lightning damage.
A character can attack the trap directly (AC 15, all other defenses 13, hp 20). Reducing the trap to 0 hit points completely destroys it.
Base Trap: Acid Sprayer

Sky Puffer Level 4 Minion
Tiny natural beast XP: 44
Initiative: +5; Senses: Perception +3; Blindsense
HP: 1, minion; see also Spore Burst
AC: 18; Fortitude: 17; Reflex: 15; Will: 15
Speed: 0, fly 2 (hover)
Acidic Slam(standard; at-will) * Acid
+9 vs AC; 5 acid damage.

Spore Burst(when reduced to 0 hit points) * Poison
Close burst 3; +7 vs Fortitude; 5 poison damage.

Alignment: Unaligned Languages: None
Equipment: none
Base Creature: Myconid Gas Spore

Remaining Heroic Hunter Powers
Hey, Level 7 Encounters, Level 9 Dailies, Level 10 Utilities! And thus, Heroic powers complete! Also, I found the 4e Power Toolkit, which lets me make these cool new layouts for it.
Magnet Wave
Hunter Attack 7
A pulse of magnetic energy shoots out from you, either
attracting or repelling everyone within range.
Encounter * Tech
Minor Action                 Close burst 3
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: You either pull the target 3 squares, or push them to a square on the outside edge of the burst.
Melee: After this action, enemies consider the burst to be difficult terrain until they save from this effect or you leave the burst, whichever comes first.

Light Bomb
Hunter Attack 7
Your morph ball releases a piercingly bright orb of energy that explodes in a brilliant blaze of light.
Encounter * Tech, Light, Morph Ball
Standard Action                 Close burst 3
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d8+Constitution modifier light damage, and the target is blinded until the end of your next turn.
Dark Beam
Hunter Attack 7
A glob of dark energy glues the target's joints together as smaller particles pepper everyone else around them.
Encounter * Tech, Dark, Charge
Standard Action                 Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 1d10 dark damage, and the target is restrained until the end of your next turn.
Charge: The target is instead restrained(save ends).
Secondary Target: Each creature adjacent to the primary target.
Secondary Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: The target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Electrofence Bomb
Hunter Attack 7
Your morph ball zips around the enemies' feet, planting sparking kernels of power. After a moment, bolts of lightning begin to course between the nodes.
Encounter * Tech, Lightning, Morph Ball
Standard Action                 Personal
Effect: You move your speed. During this movement, you ignore difficult terrain and do not provoke opportunity attacks, and you may move through enemy spaces(although you cannot end in an occupied square). During this movement, you may drop a number of Electrofence Bombs equal to your Constitution modifier. At the end of this movement, if a target is flanked by a pair of Electrofence Bombs, make the following secondary attack. You may only place one Electrofence Bomb per square.
Secondary Target: Each creature flanked by Electrofence Bombs.
Secondary Attack: Constitution + 2 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier lightning damage, and the target is immobilized(save ends).

Energy Bomb
Hunter Attack 9
A small chromatic globe detonates, coating the foe in harmful energy.
Daily * Tech, Morph Ball
Standard Action                 Close burst 3
Requirement: Choose one of fire, cold, lighning, acid, and poison. This power deals that type of damage, and has that keyword. You choose again whenever you use this power.
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier damage of the selected energy type. If you chose fire, the target takes ongoing 10 fire damage(save ends). If you chose cold, the target is immobilized(save ends). If you chose lightning, the target is blinded until the end of your next turn. If you chose acid, the target takes a -3 penalty to AC(save ends). If you chose poison, the target is weakened until the end of your next turn.

Hunter Attack 9
You attach a crackling purple cord to the target, and keep shoving more and more electricity coursing through them.
Daily * Tech, Lightning
Standard Action                 Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution + 2 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 3d10+Constitution modifier lightning damage, and the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Standard: 2d10+Constitution modifier lightning damage, and the target is slowed until the end of your next turn. Expend 1 missile token.
Special: When you stop sustaining this power, the target takes ongoing 10 lightning damage(save ends).

Hunter Attack 9
Releasing a burst of frigid energy followed by a concussion missile, you aim to shatter their skin while their brittle with cold.
Daily * Tech, Cold
Standard Action                 Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Constitution vs. AC
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier cold damage.
Effect: You make a secondary attack.
Secondary Target:
Secondary Attack: Constitution + 2 vs. AC
Hit: 2d10+Constitution modifier damage.
Effect: If you hit only with the first attack, the target is slowed(save ends). If you hit with the secondary attack only, the target is knocked prone. If you hit with both attacks, deal an additional 2d10+Constitution modifier damage, and the target is dazed(save ends).
Expend a missile token.
Special: If the target has the metroid keyword, and you hit with both attacks, maximize all dice you roll on this attack(as if you had achieved a critical hit).

X-Ray Scope
Hunter Attack 10
Encounter * Tech
Minor Action                 Personal
Effect: Until the start of your next turn, you can see invisible creatures and can detect secret doors. You have a +5 bonus to Perception checks.

Hunter Utility 10
Your power suit floods your body with painkillers, allowing you to keep on fighting.
Daily * Tech, Healing
Minor Action                 Personal
Requirement: You are bloodied.
Effect: You spend your second wind. If you have already used it this encounter, you regain it and then use it. If you haven't used it yet this encounter, you then regain it.

Speed Booster
Hunter Utility 10
You run like the wind.
Daily * Tech, Stance
Minor Action                 Personal
Effect: Until the stance ends, you have a +2 power bonus to speed, you ignore difficult terrain, and you do not provoke opportunity attacks.

Morphology: Auto-Defense Turret
Well, the Auto-defense Turret is a defensive staple of Metroid Prime 1, and the idea continues in each game. Now, their position in MP1 in the Frigate, Magmoor, Phendrana, the Phazon Mines, etc. Partway through the game, you start encountering Mega Turrets in the tougher areas. However, they remain a threat throughout the game. This is a hard thing to model in a 1-level obstacle. Here is a low-level version

Auto-Defense Turret, Level 3 Blaster
Trap, XP 150
Trap: A Turret attacks each round on their initiative after they are triggered,
Perception: DC 25: The character notices an unactivated turret.
DC 25: The character notices the location of the hidden control panel.
Trigger: The trap activates and rolls initiative when a character enters the 4x4 guarded area.
Attack: Standard Action, Ranged 10, Targets: One or two targets within the guarded area, Attack: +8 vs AC, two attacks, Hit: 2d8+3 lightning damage.
Countermeasures: *A DC15 Stealth check can allow you to shift into a guarded square without triggering the turret.
* The turret can be attacked with ranged or area attacks(AC 16, other defenses 13, hp 38). Destroying a turret stops its attacks. If destroyed with lightning damage, it immediately makes an attack against the nearest creature, friend or foe, regardless of whether or not it is in the guarded area, before being destroyed.
* A DC20 Thievery check can hack the control panel and disable the turret, or make it immediately attack one creature in the guarded area.
Upgrade to Elite (300 XP): Increase DCs by 2. Increase number of turrets to 2.

A Mega Turret would be a, say, level 8 variant of this trap, with slightly higher hp, proportionally. Be a little more creative with your defense measures after heroic tier please.

On the Dark Sun Creature Catalog and Agon Wastes
The informed 4th edition player is probably aware of a release from August called the Dark Sun Creature Catalog. Now, apart from being a brilliantly written monster book full of intriguing characters and story capabilities set in one of my favorite settings, it also makes a fantastic piece of gaming fodder for a Metroid game. But how? Why, nearly everything in the book can be reskinned as a critter in the Agon Wastes on Aether! Most things can be placed as is into the Agon Wastes, or with minor changes. The greatest shift may be in the psionics department, where you may need to reflavor that to better fit a creature(the mechanics work fine with the flavor stripped off though). Here's a few examples:

Sanddiggers: A category of monster that has a lot of options. Cilops make fine sanddiggers when you want them in groups, Silk Worms are great for the Alpha Sanddigger at low levels, and a Megapede makes a great super-sanddigger. The Megapede, with proper alteration, might also be a good Amorbis(Maybe Hydra-Megapede Cross, with multi-headed inspiration from Demogorgon).

Salt Golems, if shifted to the light element, make good Luminoth sentry bots(maybe even Ingsmashers), and the Obsidian Golem works the same way with dark(the dark ingsmasher!)

Luminoth Holo-entities left in sacred sites after Ing slaughter are easily made from Raaig Ghosts.

Floating Mantles are totally creepy looking and would make great native-form Ing.

Most anything from that book can be used in Agon, even the humanoids. Call the humanoids variant space pirate troop types if you're having trouble, the pirates had a base there, right?

Destination: Bryyo
The next planet I'll touch on is Bryyo. This is a planning post that won't have game content.

I thought it would be good to get all of my thoughts in order before I leaped right in.
Bryyo Bestiary(This will be Bryyo Natives, so no Pirates):
- Atomic
- Bryyonian Golem(Labor Golem, War Golem, Phazon Mogenar)
- Bryyonians(possibly a race too)
- Fargul(Hatcher & Wasps)
- Gelbug(Gelbug, Shelbug, Scorchbug)
- Gragnol(Gragnol, Gragnol Adult)
- Hopper(Hopper, Alpha Hopper)
- Korakk(Korakk, War Korakk(mount version), Pirate Hussar)
- Korba(Hazard)
- Primals(possibly a race too, probably a lot like Wilden)
- Puffer(Puffer, Gel Puffer)
- Reptilicus(Reptilicus, Reptilicus Hunter)
- Warp Hound

Okay, so that's 13 individual entries. Atomics, the Gelbug family, Gragnols, Hoppers, and Puffers will be easy. Golems, Farguls, Korbas, Reptilicus and War Hound will be medium. Bryyonians, Mogenar, Korakks(including Hussar), and Primals will be hard.

Grab Ledges
Grab Ledges were a new feature added to Metroid Prime 3. I just figured out how they work in game, so here.

Grab Ledge, Terrain Feature
A wall with a grab ledge provides a +10 bonus to your Athletics check to climb or jump up the wall.

So there, an easy one."

Two years of material, default formatting in Word give me 42(!) pages of it. And so it ends. This is your Captain Ego speaking. We will be departing for new shores. Good luck out there.
End Recording, Signing Off