Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, well, well, you fell in a well

That's probably the best explanation for my chronic absence. Except it isn't. Let's put this out to my imaginary readers in a couple pieces.

Part 1) Interest. I love the Metroid series, but I would never have had a chance to actually use all this and production in a vacuum just doesn't do it for me. If I ever had the need, I'd jump right back on this, but it has not arisen.

Part 2) Goodnight 4e. 4th Edition is in it's final days now, with the announcement of 5e. Chances to use this material will be incredibly slim for me, though I hope that some day in the far future one of you fine fellows in the internet find this and love it and make it your own (with credit if you choose to put it somewhere, of course, but that's hardly my first concern here).

Part 3) I don't play 4e. That's right. I played a couple months of 4e before we decided that it wasn't for us and moved back to 3.5. I love 4e on paper, but in play it messes with my head and with our group. We have since ceased playing 3.5 as well, and have moved to the alien world of indie games. We've played such pieces as Lady Blackbird, 3:16 Carnage From Amongst The Stars, and Dogs in the Vineyard, and I've read countless more. 4e has simply lost my interest, and so has designing for it. I continue to design small pieces for other things, but that's not the Logbook Project.

I will continue on. The Logbook Project in it's current state is complete and finished. The Logbook Project in it's future state will be born. In honor of this transformation, all prior posts will be compiled into a single super-post to follow this, and the Project shall be reborn anew.

Logging out and beginning System Reboot -

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