Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Welcome, Ego.

And, supposedly, the final entry for today! After not touching this blog at all throughout all of 2011, I return and am refueling this place. But what has changed:

My life: I am now a freshman at Pacific Lutheran University in western Washington. Strangely enough, I am still left with tons of free time. Maybe not as much next semester, but a lot.
RPGs: Well, this has changed a lot. 4e is doing it's final dance, but I don't care, because I don't play 4e. I've entered the Indie Games scene, and have played Lady Blackbird, 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, and am playing Dogs in the Vineyard. I have read dozens of other RPGs. Also, the announcement of 5e D&D (aka D&D Next) is very exciting. The RPG world is on the move again!
Metroid: Well after the misstep that was Other M, Metroid hasn't changed much at all. We're still waiting to see what comes next.

Those were the themes of the old Logbook! The new Logbook Project it going to be more of an all around blog, rather than a design center for something I only focused on intermittently. Here's some other stuff I'm involved in:
Video Games: I'm an avid video gamer. I suck at games, but I love them all the same. I play all sorts, and I'll talk about what I'm playing and what I think.
Pixel Art: I'm an artist! I primarily work in pixel art, and I'm pretty good if I do say so myself! Not awesome, but pretty good!
Music: I like music, a lot of it. Electronica and game soundtracks are my primary areas, but everything has its place. I'll be doing Songaday again in February at Kakariko Graveyard (the FINEST forum on the net) so I'll probably crosspost it here.
Miniatures: I actually collect some Warhammer 40k miniatures. I mostly collect Tyranids. I'll probably post 'em up when I complete new stuff.

So that's the kind of rad stuff I'll be posting with at random intervals. I'm gonna try to keep active, especially through February. And I DO in fact have design kicking around in my head, so we ought to see that soon too. Actually one thing large enough to perhaps spawn a dedicated side-blog, but I need to have enough material before I start up on that or it'll stall out like the 4e Logbook Project.

This is Ego, signing off.
End Recording.

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