Thursday, August 28, 2014

Avatar World: v1.5 Release!

Imogen Heap recently released her new album Sparks, and it's really really good! This song's Indian themes make it pretty good for Avatar World here, but just check out the whole thing. It's great.

So on to the main thing! AVATAR WORLD DRAFT v1.5!! I've been working on this pretty much nonstop for the past two weeks, and I'm pretty much incredibly happy with it. Here's what I wrote for the draft notes:
~ The entire layout and text got a makeover! In addition to just looking better and being written more clearly, it's also full of art! I'll be honest: there are a few pieces that are in there just because I didn't want to leave the spot blank (and so will be replaced later) but some of it is for real.
~ The Player Tag system replaces Harm, and Armor is revamped to match! I haven't played with this yet, but it draws on ideas that several groups produced after playtests, and it feels pretty good to me. Much more fictional and it solves my PvP problem! Also on a Tag note, the Basic Moves had a bit of modification to make when-to-place-Tags a little more obvious. Specifically, Speak Honorably can now place Tags, which makes using Chi in social situations much easier.
~ Sub-playbooks are now in the book! Including one I debated whether to put in or not, but decided to go for it: The Avatar. Honestly I think I did a pretty good job with what could otherwise have been a very overpowered concept.
Some of the sub-playbook stuff is also very last-minute, so fair warning. Still, that stuff will get less play than almost anything else in the book.
~ There's a second Quickstart in there! While I really like The Red Mountain, its tone is a bit more serious and mystical and can trend away from the more social moves in the game. To complement that, The Festival of the Four is touched with whimsy and the lighter tone that many get from the show, while also being more social-focused rather than exploration-focused.

In general, I feel really good about almost everything in this draft. All the big things that have concerned me at all in playtests have been addressed, so all that remains is refinement. I intend to make the next revision the final one, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It looks good, it plays well, it's all going great.
Latest Version (v1.5) Download:



Also, if you're interested in playing Avatar World and are at PAX Prime this weekend, I will be running either it or Monsterhearts during my Games On Demand slots Saturday 6pm-10pm, Sunday 6pm-10pm, and Monday 10am-2pm.

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