Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Avatar World: The Rest of the Waterbender
Desert Dwellers do some interesting soundscape stuff, a lot of which is very appropriate for Waterbenders.

Hey there, been pounding away at making the Monk work and I just am stuck on the back half of his moves. So I'm gonna take a break from that and write the remaining parts of the Waterbender! I came up with much of this in December while in Morocco, but hadn't put the finishing touch on much of it. Because there is more to a playbook than their moves! (although those are the most important part)

Because they're the most important part, here's a move I wrote with some help from James on Story Games.
Stances (1): When you set up a waterbending stance, spend 1 Water and roll Move With Intention. On a 10+, you may choose to forgo your usual choices to make your next Waterbending roll an automatic 10. Similarly, on a 7-9, you may forgo your usual choice to use the number you roll when you next Waterbed or a 7, whichever is greater.
Stances (2): When you set up a waterbending stance, spend 1 Water. Until you leave the stance, you take +1 to Waterbending rolls, but have a Tag appropriate to the stance.
Those are the two possibilities. The intention is to emulate the various setups that Waterbenders often take - most significant in the show are the Octopus Form (which Korra uses regularly in full combat) and the Water Vortex that Aang and Korra use. It also allows for the use of all sorts of those "big" moves.
You probably noticed that there's two versions. The first is more radical, and a cooler mechanic in my mind, but the second one is a lot safer. Also the name is dumb and basic and I need to come up with something a little better there.

Stat (Pick One Array):
* Natural +0, Hot +1, Solid -1, Keen +1, Fluid +2
* Natural +1, Hot -1, Solid +0, Keen +1, Fluid +2
* Natural +0, Hot +1, Solid +1, Keen -1, Fluid +2
* Natural +1, Hot +0, Solid +1, Keen -1, Fluid +2
Look (Pick One From Each Set):
* Thick winter clothes, light and non-restricting clothes, loincloth and leaves, city clothes with furs.
* Empty eyes, soft eyes, stern eyes, vibrant eyes, stormy eyes.
Armor Type: No armor
You start with:
* A waterskin of some variety where you carry your Water.
* A small weapon, such as a small knife, club, or staff.

You swore to a family member that you'd accomplish what?
Look to the player at your left. What did you promise to do for them?

Gain a point of Chi when you act (pick 2):
* Calm and Kind
* Vindictive and Tempestuous
* Mothering and Parental
* Enthusiastic and Impatient 
* _________

Once you've trained with a Waterbending master, you are more efficient about your water use and may carry an additional Water.

__ +1 Fluid (max +3)
__ +1 Natural (max +3)
__ +1 Hot (max +3)
__ +1 Solid (max +3)
__ Take another playbook move.
__ Take another playbook move.
__ Take another playbook move.
__ Take a move from another playbook.
__ Take a move from another playbook.
__ Take another Chi key from the list, or write your own.
The gear list bugs me, it doesn't strike me as interesting, but the gear isn't the cool part of Waterbenders in the first place. The Special is a gamble with the game balance, so I dunno there - I have a backup lined up if this really doesn't work great. Also, got a preference for the Stances move, or perhaps a better name? Thanks.
So that's all I have for Avatar World today! If by Friday I don't have the rest of the Monk I'm just gonna post what I have already.
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