Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Songs: Juno Reactor's "Golden Sun of the Great East" - Invisible

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Gosh, what does that title refer to? Well, the big phrase in quotes, "The Golden Sun of the Great East", is the name of a very recent album by Juno Reactor, and it's all I'm talking about today. Released in April, this is a Japan album, a trend that's been cropping up in a lot of bands lately. By Japan album, I mean an album focused toward and/or released exclusively in Japan, not "Japanese-sounding". Rodrigo y Gabriela had Live In Japan as one of their few albums, both of Verona and Halestorm had special editions with unique tracks available in Japan only, it's  growing trend.

Juno Reactor's latest outing is kind of a dream. See, I like more classic Juno Reactor than their recent work (ick to Gods and Monsters). I'm a Labyrinth fella. I got my dad this album for his birthday this year, since he'd asked for it, and I wasn't sure what to expect. Much to my surprise, I got some incredible stuff! Indian instruments and sounds, mixed with the intense beats of Juno Reactor's past. It's fantastic. All the songs are pretty long, but that's okay when they're this good.

This is Invisible, my favorite track off the album.

Keeping the links brief since I'm only talking about one album and it doesn't have that many songs.
Playing With Fire

End Recording,

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