Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Songs: Kidneythieves - Lick U Clean

Here's the story of how I found Kidneythieves: they're fronted by a lady named Free Dominguez, and she was listed as the vocalist for A Stranger I Remain (Mistral's amazing battle theme from Metal Gear Rising), so I found out what else she's done. I don't know how to define Kidneythieves, but I like their sound. Their sound is just very different from others. I think the vocals give me very faint flashes of Evanescence, but pushes a lot harder than they ever do, though not quite as hard as Halestorm or Paramore do. According to Wikipedia, they're a "American alternative and industrial rock band".

Just check them out. I've been listening to their most recent 2010 album, Trypt0fanatic. They've got another album coming out late this year, so I'm excited for that. It'd be awesome if they have more songs in the vein of A Stranger I Remain, which is just stellar.

This song was kind of random choice from the album. I'm fond of most of the album about the same amount. I don't feel like I've at all prepared myself to be able to recommend other links, so just check out the album.

Comets + Violins (this is my other favorite off the album though)
Kidneythieves on Wikipedia
A Stranger I Remain (if you're waiting for the vocals, they kick in at 3:35 - this mix is one of the most faithful to the actual looping in the game)

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