Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Songs: EnV - Shinto (Happy Mother's Day)

First of all, happy Mother's Day.
Ok, on to the music. This is EnV, or Envy, a producer of electronic music. He's best known for his work with Ryan Roth (DualRyan) and PHI on the Electronic Super Joy soundtrack, which is a really really great club dance music soundtrack. Heavy chip themes, pounding base, and great melody.
Also, the music fits in dead perfect with ESJ, and is actually a ridiculous treat to Audiosurf through. I'm super-excited for the new music EnV's bringing to the table for ESJ: Groove City in June.

I've talked about ESJ before so I won't belabor the point too much. Check out the game, its official soundtrack, EnV's own music, and the other stuff Ryan Roth has put out too (he did the soundtrack for Starseed Pilgrim and The Yawhg if that sweetens the deal for you).

Note: The song Pearlescent on EnV's soundcloud was used in a bonus level in ESJ but isn't on the soundtrack, so if you want to complete your ESJ collection grab that one!

Electronic Super Joy
The ESJ OST (Look on the right for Part II of the OST)
EnV's Soundcloud
Ryan Roth's Bandcamp

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