Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Songs: Lady Gaga - I Like It Rough

I'm a decent fan of Lady Gaga. I think she's very forward-thinking and her influence is largely responsible for the current state of pop. She's smart and creative and willing to push the envelope pretty much everywhere, plus she regularly carries some very good individuality messages.
I bought The Fame and The Fame Monster pretty much on a whim when I was at Everyday Music down in Portland last time I was there, and I definitely don't regret that purchase.

My list of songs I like from it isn't very unique - a lot of it is what she got on the radio. That's actually pretty uncommon nowadays that artists actually pick their best songs for their radio singles, as their best work isn't always the most ear-catching or trendy, or they misjudge what their best work is. However, I'm also a big fan of this song and The Fame, so I just picked one of the slightly less-known ones for the embed.

Also, I didn't even realize that was Flo Rida in Starstruck, so apparently I've liked Flo Rida since years before I realized I liked him.

Bad Romance
Alejandro (this one's taken a lot of work to get into)
Just Dance
Poker Face
The Fame
Paper Gangsta

(I'll mention this again in some other posts, but does anyone who reads this play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Cuz I bought it yesterday and am actually enjoying it and want to play with some cool people sometime)

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