Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Shining Void: Release Version 0.1

It's here! After a lot of work, The Shining Void is ready for release. What once was a fragment of an idea as Mass Effect Hack, in existence just to bandy ideas about with some other Mass Effect hackers, is now a full game. The Mass Effect name has been worn off, though still referenced, and the game is larger in scope than Avatar World. Now, it's not quite as fine as AvW yet, but that's the next step: what The Shining Void needs now is a playtest.
What is my final goal? Payed release. Having a pdf I can sell would be beyond awesome. That's still a ways off though.

This release has every element of the game except for the equivalent of an ApW Fronts system. Much of it, however, is still pretty subpar. In the push to this release, I forced myself to write some things that I wasn't 100% on just so I could get to the release, so not everything's perfect. The layout of the supplemental sheets is particularly iffy to me; there's a large block of space on the speciesbooks, the speciesbooks aren't capable of being folded in half well, and the basic moves sheet is incredibly cramped.
Oh, a note: The gray bars on the playbooks are art placeholders. I'll get to art eventually, but it's a lot of work.

Well, no point dithering about any longer. Here's the link!

The Shining Void v0.1 Zipped Archive

The Shining Void v0.1 Separate Files

If you have any comments, or especially if you play it, I really want to hear about it! I see comments here, I'm on Twitter as @Logbook_Project, and you can find me on the Story Games forums as horn_head_o (check out the "Hacking Mass Effect/Apocalypse World" thread and the "[The Shining Void] Apocalypse World / Mass Effect Hack Version 0.1 Release" thread).

Enjoy, tell your friends!

End Recording,

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