Friday, February 20, 2015

Legend of the Elements: The New Draft's Playbooks!

I'm not particularly into Fall Out Boy, but every so often they hit something interesting. Sampling Suzanne Vega seems to have done it for me.

Hey folks, I said I was gonna come by and preview these! I know I don't post much, but every Sunday I do a music post and at the end of those I usually do a status update on each of my projects, so if you're wondering how things are going, check those or follow me on Twitter!

This file has a slight formatting change to the playbook layout, and includes several major changes. First off, there's three new playbooks! The Hunter, The Peasant, and The Spiritshaper are brand new, and two of those you've never seen anything for! The former two are mostly designed by one of my players, Henry. The Hunter has adopted a couple of the Warrior's moves, while the Warrior has a couple new ones of its own. The Monk has also had a noticeable replacement of one of its moves.
These are not final! I'm going to be having a little design party soon to help iron out the remaining things that are either incomplete or that I'm simply not satisfied with. As a guarantee, The Airbender will change.
Also there's no art in these yet. That's usually the last step of my process.


I'm very excited for this upcoming stuff. If you're going to be at Emerald City Comic Con at the end of March, I will be there with Games on Demand, running both Legends of the Elements and The Shining Void, so remember to come see me if you're interested!

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