Friday, September 7, 2012

Apocalypse World: Fronts Pt 2

So hey, this is the second front that I couldn't complete last night. This is the Nuzulu (New Zulu) tribe! First music, then right to the front.
It occurred to me yesterday that, since my original September Songaday was before this blog, I've never shared any The Birthday Massacre with you guys! These guys are a goth metal type band with some lighter lyrical tone sometimes. This is off of the album Pins and Needles, but I actually prefer Walking With Strangers, which is simply an awesome album. Lots of cool here, check the songs Kill The Lights, Pins and Needles, Red Stars, Looking Glass, Control, and In the Dark.

Name: Nuzulu.
Expresses: Anger.
Fundamental Scarcity: Not entirely sure, but I like Hunger. Sometimes literal hunger, but also hunger for stuff and hunger for revenge.
Threats: Usimog, The Tribe, The Hounds
Dark Future/Agenda: Nuzulu arrives at the town and tears it apart, killing both Kray and Hide and consuming all within, human and material alike.
Description and Cast: A tribe of Africans that banded together after the Apocalype with a similar appearance and mindset binding them. They now are a mobile gang, set up on whatever vehicles they can get. They're led by Usimog. And yes, they ARE actually cannibals.
Stakes Questions:
* How will the town react if Nuzulu invades?
* Will Usimog retain control of his tribe?
* Will Kray and Hide manage to evade the Hounds?

- Threat 1
Is Called: Usimog
Kind: Warlord - Alpha Wolf
Impulse: to hunt and dominate.
Description and Cast: Usimog is the tribe leader of Nuzulu. He ordered a dress from Hide for his wife, and with Kray's help Hide made it out of his kids. Usimog is now out ot get the two of them. Usimog has a tough vehicle (haven't picked it yet - I like the look of an armed/armored limo but don't feel it's tough enough for him), and a selection of big guns.
Custom Move: When Usimog is in a fight involving Hide or Kray, he gets an extra 1-armor (in the vein of Kray's Rasputin move).
Countdown: 12:00-9:00: Rumblings of Hide and Kray's location reach Usimog.
9:00-11:59: Usimog mobilzies the tribe himself to hunt the two of them.
12 midnight: Usimog finds Hide and/or Kray.

- Threat 2
Is Called: The Tribe
Kind: Grotesque - Cannibal
Impulse: craves satiety and plenty
Description and Cast: The general tribe members. They have some guns, but in general they're just using big blades and stuff - a couple have chainsaws, for sure. Only the best in the tribe drive the vehicles - mostly pickup trucks that they load up other tribe members in the back, but there's some of other stuff. Tribe members do raids on places, often with a Hound or two. Some in the tribe grow tired of Usimog's vendetta and want to get to more serious raiding rather than a manhunt. Some names might be Larass, Krank, Clicking, or Storum.
Custom Move: When you get beaten by or flee from the Tribe, lose 1-barter as well - those thieves and ruffians might take it or might just break it.
Countdown: Nope.

- Threat 3
Is Called: The Hounds
Kind: Brutes - Hunting Pack
Impulse: to victimize anyone vulnerable
Description and Cast: Hounds are the name Nuzulu has for their scouts and hunters. They're all mounted on motorcycles, and all have machetes and usually have some scary-ass weapon (shotguns go BOOM). Rigge is in charge of them, and in general the tribe respects them.
Custom Move: When you attempt to elude the Hounds, roll+Sharp. On a 10+, they lose your trail for now. On a 7-9, choose 2:
* You are undetected.
* You're in a good position to attack them.
* An escape route is open.
Countdown: Don't have one here.

Overall Countdowns: 12:00-9:00: Occasional raids from Nuzulu, open threats.
9:00-11:59: Nuzulu threatens major assault - and seem to be far more serious about it than usual.
12 midnight: The tribe descends upon the town.

So that's it I think! Game got canceled Saturday, but I may be having the game on Tuesday (though without Kris, unfortunately, but Kenny/Luke/Dan would be there if it works out). I'll see about coming up with something else to stick out there in the meantime, over the weekend or something.

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