Friday, September 21, 2012

(Lack of Updating)
Man is the Time Fcuk theme good. This is the third song on a six song soundtrack. All six are are really good, but this is probably the most pronounced version of the theme.
Sorry there folks. I don't have anything for ya right now. I've been racking my brain for the whole week, trying to come up with something to post, and I'm blanking - I just haven't generated anything new really. But I don't want to leave readers in the dark, so here's everything I have sitting idle:

* My Apocalypse World game. For the life of me, I just cannot bring even three of them together at the same time, let along four. Fucking schedules. This will happen as soon as I can make it happen, and I will keep you appraised. But seriously, this was supposed to happen over a week ago.

* I am in the process of playing Borderlands 2 with my brother. It is fun, but I don't want to write a review til I beat it.

* I completed The World Ends With You - like, every secret report and everything. Not every item, not every pin, not even every boss beaten on Ultimate, but it's crazy fun. I want to talk about this but am working on what to say. Kinda want to do some art to go with it. My best bet for non-RPG content to post.

* I was writing my thoughts on stuff in the D&D Next Playtest Packet 2 before a crash ate my Notepad and I lost the stuff. Remember to save your files, folks! This will take a while longer.

* The Binding of Isaac LP is in the testing stage. I'm teaching myself the recording and editing stuff, and am getting close to a point to actual make Final videos. I'm met with an issue of one run taking about an hour, and I dunno if people will sit through that. Also, I can't actually record that straight, I have to chop it up into 10 minute segments. Thinking I'll cut it up by floor.
Planned runs: Basic run, 10 Runs of Womb, at least 1 Sheol run, at least 5 Cathedral runs, at least 1 Chest run, the Challenges. At least one run with each character (may be integrated into the other runs).
The other problem is that I kinda plan to show off my dead runs cuz I'm unlocking stuff. Maybe I'll just do screenshots of me unlocking stuff when I die? I don't know. Each update will probably be enough dead runs until I succeed at a run. Commentary will be live audio.
An unfortunate uncontrollable variable is Cellar/Catacombs/Necropolis/Utero - I can't control the appearance of these variant floors instead of the originals. Meh.

* The Gunslinger Playbook is a bit hung up on trying to convert Trick Shot to a Gunlugger Move. Nothing's really sticking out to me yet. Once I figure that out I'll probably make a proper pdf of it.

* Do I actually have any art ideas right now? Nope. Nothing worth sharing at least.

* My Twitter has been broken for several days, only accessible through mobile, so my apologies if I missed something.

* Songaday is in October, gearing up for it. At least next month I'll have a post everyday...

* This weekend is actually really busy for me. On Saturday I'm going to the Tacoma Gamerati Game Day to play RPGs from 9am-midnight. I'm very excited, and that will absolutely generate some writing content. Additionally, on Sunday, I'm going on an actual Ocean Research Vessel to do some actual volunteer work out on the water. Excited for that too.
Of course, this means I'm going to be really busy doing my schoolwork right afterward. So it may take a couple days to unpack these.

That's what I have right now I think. Typing this up has kinda jogged my memory a bit, and I have a couple ideas for what to do now. But please: if you have ANY ideas for what kind of content you'd like to see, I can totally try, I need ideas. Thanks, later.

End Recording,

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