Friday, September 14, 2012

Art, AW: A Hulk (Mostly art, a couple moves)

So, hey, I wanted to post something again today. Music real quick though.
From OCRemix's Project Chaos, a Sonic 3 & Knuckles remix album. I like it quite a bit. This is a remix of Carnival Night Zone.

So, I just wanted to share this. Here, a link to the original image.

And here's some AW-itizing!
 Click for full size.
I really like the hands. The grey in addition to just the white really helps these piecs.Not a huge fant of his left arm though, and his eye still doesn't look good in my opinion.
So yeah, I had this idea of a couple of Incredible Hulk-like moves for Apocalypse World, essentially for the guy who just gets angrier and angrier and more more violent and powerful. It doesn't necessarily involve transforming into a giant beast, but it can. Maybe that'll be another move. I'm aware that there exists an Atomic Monstrosity (or some such) playbook, but I don't have it. To be entirely honest, this was just an excuse to give the art some contest.

(__) Rage!: When you get angry and hulk out, take 1-harm (ap) and Roll+Hard. On a 10+, take 3-Hulk. On a 7-9, take 2-Hulk. For each point of Hulk, choose 1:
* Your physical attacks deal +1 harm.
* You have an additional 1-armor (doesn't stack with actual armor).
* You take +1 to Go Aggro and Seize By Force rolls.
* Your incredible strength allows you to jump/swim/climb with ruthless efficiency. Take +athletic (+1 to any rolls that use your strength to allow you to move somewhere you normally couldn't).
* Your physical attacks have (ap).
* You ignore s-harm entirely.
You may take any of the options a second time (and they stack), but not a third time. Additionally, at any point while you are hulked out and something makes you even angrier, you make take an additional 1-harm (ap) to take an additional 1-Hulk.
When you calm down or go unconscious you lose all Hulk that you've accumulated. Unless you take the option to ignore it, s-harm brings you out of your rage.
 That's the core move I have. It's still a work in progress, but it's a concept. It was mostly the idea of self-inflict harm to get tougher. The first time amps you up a lot, and then you can gradually do it more and more. Some of the possibilities bug me a tiny bit, but this is mostly a list of potentials right now. I'm also not sure of the balance of ANYTHING.
The other moves I came up with all function off of this move, like some of J. Walton's ( think) supplemental playbooks like The Broodmother.
(__) Unstoppable: When you're hulked out and would go unconscious or die due to harm, you don't do that until you come out of it. S-harm no longer brings you out of it either. If you're healed in the meantime, great! If not, well, hope you made that last rage count.
 This is heavily inspired by several Barbarian options through D&D's history (heck, I think one of 'em might have actually been called "unstoppable"), the idea that you live til the rage ends. The additional immunity to s-harm made sense to me fictionally, but may again be unbalanced.
(__) I'm Always Angry: Select one of the Rage! benefits. You have that benefit, even when you're not all hulked out - you don't count as hulked out, and this counts as a use of that benefit (meaning when you actually rage you can only slect it once more). You choose this benefit when you take this move, and it cannot be changed.
 The name is, of course, a reference to the recent Avengers movie. This is a way to get a little constant benefit out of the power. There are likely results on the list that make this overpowered, again probably the s-harm immunity.

I have a couple other ideas, like a move for HULK SMASH or one that essentially turns you monstrous. I'm sure there are others, but I don't have them in mind right now. So that's it I think.

Oh. No Hulk-like art would be complete without:
You gotta show him green. With a purple background.
Click for full-view.
Okay, THAT should be all now.

If I'm lucky, I'm playing AW tonight. I hope for luck.

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