Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Songs: Element4l - Close Your Eyes So You Can See

Element4l is an indie game that is available on Steam. It is a cool game that wears its ancestors on its sleeves. While it's not by any really known designers, it very obviously draws on the gems of the community. Gameplay-wise, it's very much an enhanced and nuanced version of Nightsky (also it's way harder - this game is difficult!). Visually, it's like a bizarre crossbreed of LIMBO and Nightsky, with the bloom and lighting effects coming very reminiscent of LIMBO and the black foreground elements and colorful and atmospheric backgrounds from Nightsky. It's very fun, very creative, and very pretty. The game is also cheap, at $10 normally and $8 if you buy it like RIGHT NOW before 10am PST tomorrow. IT also comes with the soundtrack, which is a very good thing.
The music also shows evidence of those who came before. The most obvious inspirations come from Coil (a small game by Edmund McMillen) and Fez, but there's SpaceChem, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, and other stuff. But it's all tied together still, and it also brings in its own flair to everything. All in all it's just an amazing soundtrack. Kind of a downtempo electronic vibe, a little bit of dubsteppy flavor (very very very little), calm and gorgeous.
This song is particularly noticeable in its SpaceChem inspiration. It is also just plain good. Mind Tree (the band who did the soundtrack) has done an incredible job.

Links: (songs have the game I think I hear in them in parentheses)
Element4l homepage
Element4l on Steam
Mind Tree on Bandcamp
The Owl And The Penguin (Nightsky)
Adrift Flows Bronsonic Delight (Coil)
Paxton (Coil)
Manifestation (Fez)
Mother Nature (Fez)
The Mind Tree (Sword & Sworcery)

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