Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Songs: Solarstone & Clare Stagg - Jewel (Pure Mix)

Sorry for the vanishing act yesterday. I've just been having zero drive to write recently. I hate myself for it because I really want to give you guys some good thoughts and stuff but it feels like a huge chore to actually write things. The Games For A Month/August Songaday thing I was talking about is on track though, I have more than the first week already written and everything, so activity will kick right back up into high gear in a couple days.
Besides, I kinda warned that the Pixel Art Lessons might not be weekly for a bit. I've covered almost all the super-major topics in some detail, and I'd rather not keep retreading old ground, but sometimes I can't find something to critique in a new way.


So this song is by trance people who I don't know anything about. For loving trance music, I just don't bother to keep track of all the DJs and producers (though vocalists seem to recur regularly enough for me to recognize some of 'em). Instead, this is another song I found through Trance Is Life. In fact, this is the second Sunday Songs to come out of Episode 43 - When I Go by tyDi was also from 43.
It's pretty much excellent. Upbeat in tone and tempo, with ethereal female vocals - reminds me of other favorites of mine like My Enemy and Lost.
Sorry that it's so long. Trance songs have a tendency to get on the lengthy side, but it's great, I swear!

Trance Is Life (currently giving a 403 Error, it'll be back up soon)
" Episode 43 (also currently 403'ing)
tyDi - When I Go
Sied van Riel ft. Temper Heart - Carved By Your Hands
Arty feat. Nadia Ali - Must Be The Love (Benya Remix)
Kenneth Thomas ft. Molly Bancroft - Hiding (Gal Abutbul Progressive Remix) (I like Molly Bancroft's voice)
The Blizzard & Daniel van Sand ft. Julie Thompson - Made For You (Club Mix) (Also I like Julie Thompson's voice)
Armin Van Buuren ft. Miri Ben-Arti - Intense (I usually DON'T like Armin Van Buuren, but this one is really good)

End Recording,

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