Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Songs: The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet

Well, sorry for the lateness. My past several days have been taken over by a lot of schoolwork and maybe also some Fire Emblem and Pokemon and A Certain Scientific Railgun (don't judge me). And because I don't feel like subjecting you to more anime tunes this week (even if I have some that I like), I'm plumbing a bit deeper into my collection to dredge up something old but good. The Chemical Brothers released Exit Planet Dust almost 20 years ago, and it remains an awesome album. The song holds some memory value to me, along with a few other songs from back in the day that my parents had on mixtapes that were used during long car rides (like the ones from NY to Montreal or Florida, or trips to Saskatchewan or eventually the long drive from NY to WA). I don't remember much about those trips, but the songs on the tapes stay with me. Ones that are burned pretty near the surface are Curve's Chinese Burn, Moby's version of the 007 theme, Wall of Voodoo's Mexican Radio, Train's Drops of Jupiter, A3's Woke Up This Morning (the full version of the Sopranos's opening, not the original). Lots more too, but those jump to my mind.

Listening to Exit Planet Dust again, I can hear the sounds that brought forth The Crystal Method's Vegas album. I could easily mistake Three Little Birdies Down Beats as a Crystal Method song.

Anyway, enough gazing into the past. I'm just gonna clone the links from the Sept/Hist Songaday post, those were good.

Their Site:
Hold Tight London(this is among my favorites):
Block Rockin' Beats:
Do It Again(dang, there's a lot of bad videos of this one out there. I don't vet all my link videos, hope none of them are crappy!):
The Salmon Dance:
Wonders of the Deep:
The page for Flip The Switch. No song downloads here, sorry, would if I could:
Believe(Belief, Elektric Cowboy)(from Flip the Switch, this is an awesome remix):

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