Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Songs: The Naked And Famous - Spank

So I really like The Naked And Famous. They popped up all of a sudden, and were featured in my first Songaday series in September 2011 with Punching In A Dream, which remains a great song. One of my favorite things about these folks is their wide range of styles they're proficient with; while Electropop and Alternative Rock work as blanket classifications, you can't listen to Punching In A Dream, Spank, and The Sun without seeing the group's range. The radio's also quite fond of them - back in 2011 Punching In A Dream was pretty commonly played (and was where I first heard it), and Young Blood got a lot of play mid-to-late last year; that one I'd first heard on the Underworld Awakening soundtrack, which I've talked up and posted about several times.
Their follow-up album, In Rolling Waves, was released in September, and it's no weaker than their awesome first outing. They just keep getting better. The sound is a bit more acoustic, fitting with their desire to be able to play the whole thing live, without demo tracks.

Basically, this is a really clever group with a lot of musical range, and they're worthy of your attention as we go forward.

All of This
Punching In A Dream
The Source + The Sun (two songs, combined by this uploader, because they are so good back-to-back - I was gonna do this myself if I hadn't found this video)
Young Blood
Jilted Lovers
A Wolf In Geek's Clothing
A Stillness
I Kill Giants
Only the last three are from In Rolling Waves - I wish there were more, but there aren't good videos uploaded yet. Get on it, Youtube!

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