Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Songs: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Crimson Blitz

God this is late, I've been so so busy. And unfortunately today is a short post.
So this might sound a bit familiar. I've posted Blinded By Light before, from the first Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack, and this is a remix from the new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (aka FFXIII-3). And I think it's SO GOOD. The soundtrack is amazing. It's not quite as consistently mind-blowing as the FFXIII-2 one, but is more like the original's in that all of the songs are good, but there's a selection of really amazing songs. The sound is also a bit more in the style of the original, rather than XIII-2's very eclectic and varied styles. Mitsuto Suzuki's songs are regularly the best on the album, and he's just on fire with his percussion, but all three of the composers are good. It's kinda weird that the original's soundtrack was a solo effort, then the ensemble score of XIII-2 with dozens of artists, and now a small group doing XIII-3.

Speaking of Lightning Returns, uh, I want to buy it. It's a really really dumb idea as I'm going to dislike it just based on my own resistance to typical JRPG tropes, but from my own reading about the again-refined battle system and the batshit crazy plot I'm tempted to actually go for it.

Sorry, no links today. I'm still busy and most of it probably isn't uploaded anyway.

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