Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Songs: Voices of the Lifestream - Deliverance of the Heart

It has been a very busy week stop complaining about the lack of posts. I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving, I did, it was very low-key, and then I played some very excellent Sagas of the Icelanders on Friday.
Today's song comes from OCRemix's Voices of the Lifestream album, a remix album of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. I received my physical copy last week from the Kickstarter over a year ago, and it sounds gorgeous through my car's speakers. I'm having an extremely hard time picking the song to put up here just because almost the entire thing is just amazing. The Kickstarter may have been for their FFVI album, but this was the one I backed for (which is a little crazy seeing as it was $50, but for 11 discs across three albums that ain't bad). I also bought FFVII on the Steam sale a few days ago, though I'm realizing I don't have the patience to wade through its JRPG bullshit.

In the end, you can't go wrong with Jillian Aversa aka pixietricks and her now-husband Andrew aka zircon, who was in charge of the album. Jillian's voice is just awesome, and Andrew's awesome style is a perfect complement to her. Andrew's own albums Identity Sequence (and to a lesser extent Antigravity) are amazing for their work together.

Voices of the Lifestream homepage
zircon's website.
Every Story Begins With A Name
No Such Thing As The Promised Land
Damn Those Turks! (<3 a="">

Adrenalyne Kyck
Lunatic Moon
Short Skirts
Serenity (<3 a="">

Golden Fields
Crystal Sermon
JENOVA Celestial (<3 a="">
Mark of the Beathsmith (<3 a="">
Kweh! (<3 a="">
The Crossroads
Fading Entity (<3 a="">
Airships Make Me Happy
Beginning of the End (<3 a="">
Black Wing Metamorphosis (<3 a="">
The Golden Ivories of Gaia (<3 a="">

Big ups to Requiniz17 for uploading the album!
End Recording,

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