Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Songs: Ke$ha - Warrior

I've backed off from using Ke$ha for over a year. It's one of those lines that I try not to cross for a couple reasons. While there's certainly an element of trying to hold myself at a certain level of "indie" credibility because of dumb priorities, it's more that she's one of those artists who really doesn't need any help promoting her work. She's on the radio all the time, anyone can find her stuff. But I'll be honest, that's an excuse for the first thing.
So, uh, fuck hipster elitism. Come enjoy some radio-style party rap.

In the time since I actually started listening to her, I've moved through stages of my opinion of Ke$ha's music. First stage was guilty love, then just straight up liking Warrior (the album) a lot, to not really being that into Animal to liking it as well (that's recent!). I will say that Warrior is eons ahead of Animal in terms of maturity, both from the themes and in the musical ability.
I initially heard Ke$ha through Tik Tok and Die Young on the radio, but it was C'mon that actually got me to pay attention. I have a soft spot for live-in-the-moment themes. I was gonna use that, but I thought I'd post up one of her overall stronger songs, up there with Supernatural and Love Into The Light. Wonderland and Past Lives are some of the best vocal work she's done, but I don't actually like them as much! And nothing from Animal ever even made it into consideration for this post.

Also, if you keep track, Ke$ha is one of the central stars in my Monsterhearts playlist.

From Warrior:
Die Young
Thinking of You
Wherever You Are
All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
Gold Trans Am
Out Alive

From Animal:
Your Love Is My Drug
Take It Off
Kiss N Tell
Hungover (this is easily the strongest song she had on Warrior, though it doesn't have the pulsing energy of TiK ToK)
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Chain Reaction
We R Who We R
Cannibal (I heard this one first in a nightcore mix)

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