Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday Songs: Strike Suit Zero - Main Theme

I haven't played Strike Suit Zero, but I grabbed the soundtrack on a whim before I knew anything about the game. I was pleasantly surprised to find a soundtrack that shouts back some of my favorite sci-fi sounds, while maintaining its own identity. Thanks to a heavy use of some choice middle-eastern instrumentation and an echo-y female voice, it manages to push at some of my favorite audio things. This song, the main theme, is a good active one that stays quite emblematic to the soundtrack. If you like the atmospheric side of it, click the link for The Signal. If you like the action side, go clicking the link for The Black Fleet.
I mentioned other sci-fi sounds! Three in particular. First: very obvious in Thule Research Station is this pulsing noise that sounds a ton like the first Mass Effect game. Second: I don't even know what the voice in Ancient A.I. is making me think of, but it's very familiar. Third: The Mind in the Machine, while aided by the name, sounds very Deus Ex to me.
I probably won't ever play the game - it's not really my thing. But I like the soundtrack a lot. Middle-eastern flavor in my soundtracks is a big plus.

The Signal
Off World
Thule Research Station
Ancient A.I.
The Mind in the Machine
The Black Fleet

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