Friday, March 28, 2014

The Emerald City Comic-Con Pre-post (Monsterhearts, The Doppleganger, Avatar World and Art)

Boom boom boom it's Evangelion meets Godzilla in a modern blockbuster shell, with a soundtrack that's not exceptionally creative, but is still pretty darn rockin'. It's all very comics, which is why I picked it here.

Before I go into anything else: do you know me? Do you live in Seattle? Do you have a spare couch tomorrow (Friday) night that I can use? If the answer to all three of those was yes, please please please shoot me an email ( or a tweet (@logbook_project) or something, I'd really like to have a place to sleep tomorrow.

Alright, in related news, Comic-Con is happening and I'm very excited. Not for any particular event: I pretty much saw nothing on the panel list that actually interested me. But I'm excited to see the crowds and my friends over in the Games on Demand room and to show off my Avatar World stuff! The only thing I have explicit intention to buy is the Lost At Sea 10th Anniversary Edition (a Bryan Lee O'Malley thing that I saw in Powell's last weekend and am regretting not buying despite a ridiculous $25 price tag). I think the crowds are the biggest draw for me, I'm excited to see cosplayers and webcomics people I know from the internet.

So given that I have no plans, what on earth am I posting here? Two things.
One: If you are there and want to play some freakin' awesome Monsterhearts or Avatar World, I'm at Games on Demand for the 10:00am session on Saturday and Sunday.

Two: I have new files for you! Specifically, a new version of the Avatar World playbooks with art in them and a new version of The Doppleganger skin for Monsterhearts that's now actually made in InDesign and looks 99% like an actual MH skin (instead of the MS Word document the previous version was).

So, uh, enjoy! Hope you like them. This is basically the final release for the Doppleganger, I'm not really gonna do anything more with it. Avatar World you can continue to look forward to some more improvement though.

End Recording,


  1. hey Max, the Avatar World link points to the MH Doppleganger playbook!

    1. WHOOPS thanks dude, it should all be good now!

  2. Hell yeah man! I hope I can get a bunch of people together so I can run this.

    Don't forget the sandbenders btw! : D