Monday, April 28, 2014

A Late Sunday Songs: Broken Social Scene - Anthem for a Seventeen-Year Old Girl

Okay before someone yells at me that I'm just throwing MORE fuckin' Scott Pilgrim media at you, I've actually been listening to a couple Broken Social Scene albums lately and I just happen to like this one. (if you don't know why I say the Scott Pilgrim thing, this one's on the movie's soundtrack)

I confess that it has taken a LOT of effort to like Broken Social Scene. They're just quiet and folksy and strange yet for some reason I've tried to listen to You Forgot It In People like three times and this most recent time something about it just clicked better about it. Maybe it's my mood, but I'm starting to see the cleverness in the craft.

So I should talk about who Broken Social Scene are. It's mostly based around Toronto, a collective of indie musicians managed by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. There's nearing two dozen members in the group, who shift in and out as they're needed. Its members include several of the members of Feist, Metric, Stars, and other major Canadian indie bands. They play folksy stuff, described at times as "baroque pop," but the range is wide, which is part of why I have a hard time hooking into it. They're experimental in all the best ways though, in instrumentation and style and song structures.

Their album You Forgot It In People is considered their best, and has been showered with effectively universal acclaim.
I recommend checking 'em out for yourself.

I can't compile a great set of links myself, sorry.

Regarding other projects and the continued absence, classes are busy enough that I don't have anything complete yet. I have a bunch of work done on Mass Effect Hack, but want to get a bit more done before I write it up here.
If you're interested in my art stuff, I've been vectoring Scott Pilgrim frames (from the comics). I finished the biggest one yet the other day and I'm proud of it so I'm gonna show it off.

Envy is great. This is my favorite frame of her in the series. Oh and I guess Todd's there too. Click the image to see it full sized.
(important note: the vectors are literally traced over a screenshot of the frame, I'm just doing vectoring and color stuff, actual art credit to Bryan Lee O'Malley)

End Recording,

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