Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Songs: Crystal Castles - Plague

Finally, actually doing a Sunday Songs post!
This is a weird one for a couple reasons. First, I literally found them today (thanks @AllegraIntegra!) and have never heard of them before. Second, They're just a weird sound. Third, I feel weird sharing them because for some reason their tunes are actually strangely disturbing to me. Not in any lyrical way or anything, but something about the music itself and the vocals and the whole feel just sets me on edge. You know, that anxious "on edge" feeling where nothing is quite comfortable and every little thing bothers you just a bit more than it usually does? They make me feel that. However, they're out there enough that I think I want to share them with everyone.

I really don't know them well enough to link other songs. I recommend their latest album over their first though. I'll probably link them on a post some time, so if you stick around you'll likely see more of them.

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