Monday, March 23, 2015

Learning Pixel Art Released! Buy Now!

Calming fakebit tunes to ease the end of a journey? Yes please.

It's taken months, but my book tutorial of pixel art has been officially released for sale! It comes to a grand total of 207 pages, with 8 full lessons ranging from clusters to contrast to starting a piece, as well as three appendices containing a wide array of challenges, references and links, and a handy glossary of terms! All of this for the low, low price of $0.99!

Here's the blurb:
Pixel art is an intricate and precise form of art famous for its legacy in video game art of years gone by. However, it continues to thrive today as an art form of its own, and in mobile game development.
Many people try to enter the world of pixel art underestimating the depth of the medium. This book is meant to remedy that, taking you from knowing absolutely nothing to being well-versed in the medium and ready to make your own art.
You won't find any step-by-step paint-by-numbers tutorials here. This book takes you through the techniques you'll need to make your own art. It explains why certain techniques are important or problematic in clear language, not jargon. It is furnished every step of the way with illustrations and diagrams to help both visual learners as well as those who prefer to read.
With a wide array of exercises to help you practice your skills, Learning Pixel Art will help you reach your pixel art dreams!

Learning Pixel Art can also help existing pixel artists! With in-depth discussion of techniques in the context of the modern cluster-based view of pixel art, even artists who've been making pixel art for years can learn something about how techniques are connected and significant. Learning Pixel Art also supplies a set of terminology with which to discuss pixel art with others.

If you'd like to sample the book before you buy it, two previews are available: the entirety of the first two (of eight) chapters discussing What Is Pixel Art and Clusters, the basic unit of pixel art, as well as the whole appendix of Exercises to see what skills you might be missing!
So why charge a dollar for this? In a word, "exclusivity." We're pretty well-trained to be hesitant of free stuff on the internet because it's so easy to put anything up there. With even a minor cost though it makes the product itself seem worth more. I'm not doing this to trick people: I genuinely think I have something valuable to offer the new pixel artist (and some veterans too!), and I want people to be drawn to it! It also adds an air of legitimacy to the book.
Plus, well, I worked really hard on the book, so I'd like a little back on it, even if it's really really small.

Click the button on the header bar to access the book's page, which includes a link to buy the book, the free resources folder, and two free previews of the book!

Alternatively, just click here to go straight to Amazon!

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  1. Hi there!

    I bought the book from Amazon. I totally love it but the structure of the book makes it very hard for me to read. I wish no pictures were under the text as I read it in B&W on my Kindle Touch. I don't like the fixed pages either. Should I hope for any change in these points?

    1. Potentially. There's no imminent change coming, but this entire process has been quite a learning experience as it's my first experience in the ebook market. Some feedback (as well as additional ideas for Lessons!) has been making me consider writing a proper 2nd Edition.

      If having a proper PDF instead would be beneficial for you, I'd be willing to send you a copy without any additional payments.

      Sorry that my learning pains have made it harder to understand the book!

  2. Hi! Today I bought the book and it's great!! But unfortunatelly I don´t have a Kindle so I have to use Kindle Cloud Reader, but the text its too small and the settings don't seems to work.

    Can you send me a PDF please? My mail is

    Thanks for the great book!

  3. Hi!

    I'd love to buy a copy but I can't seem to find the link anymore. It's also not available from amazon anymore - I just wondered if you've withdrawn it from sale?

    Thanks in advance