Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Songs: Robert Delong - Long Way Down


Picking these Sunday Songs are getting easier, it's just whatever song I've listened to like five times per day that week.
Easily Delong's biggest hit, I really enjoy this song. I kinda hadn't identified it until I saw a commenter on this video (I know, dumb of me to look) that it almost has some James Bond tune vibes. It's that brass three-note climb I think, but it's just a great song. Energetic and laid-back at the same time, just how I like my tunes.

Projects! Legends of the Elements is coming along, I'm done with all of the Avatar World transitioning and am now just writing new material, and it's almost done! Then I go into art mode. I'm actually feeling pretty confident about my Comicon deadline.
LPA is in proofing status. Almost done, but not quite. So slooow, but fine, I'll wait.

End Recording,

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