Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Songs 2015: The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow


There was this fantastic playlist labeled "Southern Gothic" that made it to the front page of Spotify sometime last week and I never knew I was missing out on this particular descriptor, but I love it. Usually I have to dig through some reaaaally bad country and folk to find stuff like this, but the playlist is just full of gems.
The Civil Wars are one of those gems. Country / Alt-rock, with a pretty unique vibe punctuated by their obvious vocal talents.

Seriously, check out the playlist.
Some standouts? Well, most folks know Hozier now for their breakout hit Take Me To Church, but the rest of their music shares that laid-back dark-inflected instrumentation. Ben Miller Band might interest you if you're a KONGOS fan. Snake Song by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan is good, as is Psalms by Vudu Sister. Monica Heldel puts a little less country on the vocals, but definitely is still the same sort of vibe. Ain't No Grave by Crooked Still is one of my favorites. Johnny Cash and Tom Waits are both classics, of course. Trouble by Bellstop is good.
There, that should be enough to give you the sense of what I like about the Southern Gothic style.

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