Friday, April 27, 2012

AotP: A Bit More Garmuth, Some Roathus

Meh, I don't care if this is multiple posts in a row on the same day. I know I could just edit it, but whatever.
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Garmuth, a bit more Hense

So just two images right now. I'll start with the guy I introduced us to earlier.
Hello Garmuth. So, this take does some pretty good things. I tried out the taller and narrower face from the profile views on a front view, and I think it worked. In general, I think I got the look I want - in fact, I think I went and made him a bit TOO severe looking. Gotta mess around with the eyebrows, the direction of the cheeks, and the lines framing the mouth area to remedy his expression a tiny bit more.
Speaking of the mouth area, I just don't know what to DO with it! I don't just want it blank, but shading really starts messing with stuff. Maybe have it all retreated back in a bit, a bit darker. That could work. Will try it out.

Oh, I lied. More than two images, just two important ones.

So yeah. I messed around with the color reduction functions and had some fun with a bit of solid noise stuff. I like the look. I'm probably gonna use the small one as an avatar on KG or something. Click the larger one for a full view.

Alright, I admit, there actually WAS a point to making these. I've found that the color-reduction function is an excellent indicator of whether or not I've blocked in my shading right. If I reduce it way down and it doesn't look all deformed and the shading is still in the right place, I got my values right. So yeah. Just thought I'd share this.

Okay, back to real things.
Roathus, the Gorging Host. God of Thirst and Plenty, Roathus "grows ever larger yet remains insatiable, his eyes awash in tears."
So, this design is obviously very different from the original. While I found that the original fulfilled some requirements, I just wasn't fully satisfied with his look. This time, I went a lot less Ent and a lot more Tret from Golden Sun. I wanted the face a lot more human-like, with larger, fatter cheeks than a lot of the other gods are getting (if only to jump out of the rut of drawing gaunt faces), with a fairly large nose. I do miss the huge gaping maw, but it doesn't work great here. Maybe later versions will find a way. I don't feel so good about doing later versions though - I really like the drawing here, it gives me a very bark-y tree look that I have a really hard time replicating. This was essentially a happy accident.
And if you think the tears look tacked on again,'d be right. Again. Seriously, they're just not a compelling part of his design to me, I always forget them once I start drawing. Next time, I swear I'll get them!

That should be it for now. Maybe later I'll edit even more into here.

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