Friday, April 27, 2012

AotP: Garmuth, Hense, Squirt

Hey, so I did some stuff yesterday. First, Hense.

Okay. I forgot the cog trim on the hood, but that's an oversight. I tried extending the trim along the edge, but I don't like it. The eyes are still problematic, and I dislike them a lot here. Overall, this is not my favorite Hense drawing.
However, I got a couple of things right in this. First, I was experimenting with flipping around the shaded part of the hood. I like this one too, but I'm just not sure. I'd need to try it in color.
Also, the staggered cog pattern going down the robe partition is pretty good looking.

I really just don't know what to do with the robes. If anything, I think the issue is that I'm making her shoulders too wide. Oh well, something else to try out.

So before I go on, have a picture of a Squirt from the Bastion series. Obviously he's not a god, he's a basic enemy from the game. I like him. He's fun.
I'd love to talk about monsters (including Windbags) and their relation to the gods of Caelondia and the Ura sometime. Now's not that time though. For now, just have a cute drawing.
On to Garmuth, the topic of the day!


So, Garmuth. Remember that he is the Crippled Duke, he is the God of Purpose and Folly, and that "despite his lack of senses, he provides council to the humble and the wise." My particular version of Garmuth lives in a mirror. So obviously, flanking this text, are two heads.
Garmuth has a bald head, and has no mouth, eyes, or ears in any of his renditions. This is the whole "lack of senses" thing. However, I'm sure you can tell the difference here: the nose. One has one, one doesn't. So, I'm not sure whether or not to actually have a nose on him!
Obviously, the implications of the nose kinda hurt my no-senses thing. I can, of course, counter it by just saying it's sealed over and he can't actually smell, but that has issues being communicated visually.
On the other hand, it has visual problems without the nose too. I mean, I just don't know what to DO with the front then. I like how the nose gives me an excuse to make the shading more interesting.
As another thing, I'll mention the expression. I wanted it to be a noble/wise stature, very purposeful, but perhaps a bit arrogant too. Basically, he needs to look aristocratic. Thankfully, the whole Crippled DUKE thing already had me going in this direction. A very straight neck, high cheekbones, tight drawn face, etc.

But I have more! This was the first image I was building of Garmuth for today. It's a bit more refined in the drawing than the others. However, as the first one for the day, it has some things that I fixed up on the others. For the largest thing, his face shape. The other ones I did afterward has a taller, thinner-looking face, even gaunter than this guy. I have a hard time drawing that face shape from the front, but hell, I'll give it a shot. He doesn't look as severe here, he looks much more relaxed. The facial shape will help that, as will the gaunter look, but other things involve that his neck isn't so straight up here, and he should have much more set-back rigid shoulders. Obviously, this one has the nose.
I want to talk below the neck for a minute. Pretty obviously, that's a shirt. If you're wondering about the texture, I just went without a reference while trying to think of a silk shirt. That's what he'd wear, silk. It has cog trim at all the edges, but it's a light, comfortable shirt. I need to learn how to draw silk in pencil.
One last little bit: arms. Here he has no arms, obviously. Did I just not draw them? Well, yes. That's true. But it's also a point of debate for me. I have this urge to give him no arms or legs. He's the CRIPPLED Duke. Of course, I could interpret that as his lack of senses, but I like the idea that he's limbless. It's not like he actually needs to touch anything - he lives in mirrors! Anyone care to help me out on this one? I could go either way, but I don't like drawing arms. Maybe I should just suck it up and try it both ways.

So, that should be it for today! Garmuth, Hense, and a Squirt. Enjoy!

Non-AotP: So, what's going on? Finals coming soon, so Kris can't make it for DW. Likely can't play until his summer, though that's soon. Avengers is probably the next movie I'm going to see, so that'll get a review. Video games, I'm still playing huge volumes of Mass Effect. Might play something else too soon though.
Oh yeah, and DW 2.2 came out, so I'll do some margin notes and quick look at the changelist at some point soon.

End Recording,

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