Monday, April 23, 2012

AotP: Hense Take 3 (and hood designs) and Lemaign Take 2

Hey, two Art of the Pantheon posts in two days! So today was a really nice day and I didn't really feel like doing anything on the computer during my class break, so I just sat there and drew. I sketched some stuff, but I ended up doing brainstorming and trying stuff out with the AotP characters. Here, let me show you.

Take three is a modification of take two. As I mentioned yesterday, I fulfilled criteria 1 and sort of 4, but needed to do a redraw to take 2 and 3 into account. I also decided to try to figure out how exactly the hood worked and what was happening below the neck, as well as trying to come up with a hood design. Oh yes, and all the pictures today are more crappy cell phone pics. My scanner is annoying to use, so I'm just going to keep doing this until I come upon drawings I really want to use.

So this is what I got at first, redoing how the hood fits in and I tried to give a little more room to work with on the face. Most obviously, it's lost a lot of the look that Tali's hood had that I wanted to change. Instead, now it reminds me of something I would see in the middle east, which I'm totally cool with. I intentionally left the hood blank at this point - I wanted to try a couple things out before I muddied this drawing with the pattern.
I didn't have a good reference, so I don't yet get "smiling" from the eyes, though it's deinitely better. I can visibly see "scratches and scars" though, so that's good. The main issue is that now that I see it, I don't think those will be enough to make her goddess-y. Gotta keep thinking.

 And so, here.
 I drew a couple of these blank, side views of the hood so that I could practice out some patterns. This is the swirl pattern, inspired by the Hense take 2 design, which was in turn inspired by Tali'Zorah's hood. I'm still on the fence if this is too similar to her's, as the note says. I'm also not sure what color it would be. Really, I think the two issues are connected - pick the right colors, and it wouldn't look too similar. I'd need an outside opinion though. Help?

This one, the Flames design, was the other one I drew. Honestly, I like how it looks a lot. I drew the flames in solid black and made the hood a lighter gray, but not as bright as the trim. By the way, you can see on both of them now that I actually added something to the trim - the cog look. I think this was a really iconic image that gave Bastion a lot of its flavor, at least for the Caelondians, so it's pretty much a go-to trim for me. Still deciding if it should be the trim by itself or if it should be a second band of trim, as shown here.
Anyway, the comments on it note a couple of issues. I think the dark flames might be too harsh in this drawing, they're overpowering. They would likely be much lighter in a final. Another one posits the colors: I was thinking a crimson red hood with light gold threaded flames. It's the inverse of the colors on the drawing, but I like the idea, and it solves the issue of not being boring while not treading on Olak's toes as the colorful one. Lastly, I question whether the flame design is thematically appropriate for a Bastion god. It's jagged and violent and fire, which I don't think are quite right, but I think Hense could make it work. I'll keep trying hood designs, but this is pretty good I think. So good that...
I put it on her. I also some robes, to get a sense of her body position. I think it actually meshes pretty well. I'd think she'd be boring to look at any lower than that, but most robes are, so that's not really my problem. This adding of the flames is kinda messy, but it's less harsh. I think this could really work for her. Just need to do some more eye work and I'd be prepared to call he done. Oh, does the veil need anything extra? Should I show the outline of her face under it to try to make it barely transparent-ish? I'd rather not (cuz it's hard!), but I'm willing to if others think it's a good idea.

Oh yeah, so I said I had some Lemaign as well, right?
This is less a take 2 and more a redraw just because I like drawing him and I need to figure out something godly for him here.
Hi Lemaign! I really like this drawing too. It's a little different, but it fits I think. This kid in my Stat lab saw this on my binder as I was setting up my laptop and complimented it, so that feels nice.

Here we go. Doesn't look like I changed much? I didn't. As it says, I found a godly trait for him: maybe he's made of stone. Make the Mason King bit really strong too. However, I can't do much for drawing stone without the color, so just cracks for now. Still gotta find out some hope/despair for him (though his expression right now is pretty hopeful I guess), but meh. Still not positive about the stone thing either, I'd need to try it.
Oh, and all the blurry? Yeah, I tried some body context and goofed it up, but my eraser smudged it all up. Ignore it.

So, that was fun! Any opinions about these? Especially about Hense's hood design? Do you actually like seeing this stuff?
Talk to you guys later.

End Recording,

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