Thursday, February 14, 2013

Art/Schoolwork: Sketchbook Stuff!
Fine. I'll take a break from the Halestorm and give you something a little softer for Valentine's Day, even though this post took a bit longer to write than I'd have hoped. This is by Sweet Talk Radio, the band most-known for doing the songs to the Syfy channel show Haven (which I adore, along with its star Emily Rose). The show has a really special look to it, and I love it and its musical stylings. Sweet Talk Radio is just gorgeous. This is very VERY close tie for my favorite song by them, along with We All Fall Down. Hell, let's just give you that video too!
Just fuckin' incredible.

Hey there! So if you weren't aware one of the classes I'm taking this semester is an art class. It is...

Drawing 101.

Okay, yeah, that's not impressive. Plus I can already draw decently enough (though I can always get better!). But regardless, I figure to get a bit more art up here I'll be posting up stuff I do for the class in the same way I post my essays.

Today is the first little batch of stuff. See, one ongoing assignment throughout the semester is to do personal pages in our 5"x7" sketchbook. They need to be pen and ink, but can be whatever we so desire, though they will be judged on quality (meaning how obvious it is that we put care into the drawing), composition (making a piece out of things and paying attention to the page as a whole rather than just floating object), and whether it meets the general goal. The class requires everything in the sketchbook be pen and ink. The goal for the end of the course is to have done 12 personal pages.
It's been a week and I have five. Somehow I imagine I'll be bustin' that bar pretty quick.

Let's see now.
All these photos are gonna be a LITTLE messed up, but I'm not putting that much effort into them. I'll probably re-compile things later and make good images, but I'd love to be able to get this post out soon, so just take it.
The top part of the page is just a couple things layin' around. The bottom part was drawn from life, and I was mainly focusing on the bottle cuz it was catchin' the light right. Overall, a pretty meh page.

This page I like though! The focus is, of course, the kitsune in the foreground. I've had kitsunes in my head for the past couple days since I've been talking with HyveMind over on Story Games about his transforming Monsterhearts Skin about this critter. I drew a different fox earlier, and it was not half as good. I'm quite fond of the posing, it looks believable to me.

Very little to really note here - it's an arm. I wanted to take a stab at getting the right musculature. The very light body isn't accurate, it's just there to kinda fill up the empty space. The arm and hand are the important bits.

Drew this today based upon the image you see referenced there at the bottom (no need to go see really, it's a skull picture). I wrote a couple notes on it - I didn't get the proportions QUITE right, so I'll be taking another stab. I still think it looks pretty good though.

Everything else has been done with a Micron gel-tip pen or just a ballpoint. This one, however, was done with a felt-tip pen, which I hope counts, because I really like it. It's obviously a little inspired by Native American art traditions, but I'm just very happy with it. Yeah, if you're being anatomical, the wings are too high and too far forward. But this is about STYLE, I don't care about that.
I really like this piece.

Anyway, that's my first dump of art stuff. I have another thing to share on next Wednesday, but not until then.
Cheers, and hope your Valentine's Day has been excellent!
End Recording,

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