Monday, February 18, 2013

MONday Songs: 1 Giant Leap - Bushes

Oh shit, I totally got confused by my long weekend. Oh well, one day late is better than never.

1 Giant Leap made an album in 2002 named after themselves. They'd spent what I can only imagine was years traveling the world and recording music and vocals by a huge array of artists. As far as categorization goes, the music is a combination of world, electronic, and trip-hop, and it's damn compelling.
It's formed by two core members. Jamie Catto is a founding member of the band Faithless, but eventually left to work on this project. The other member is Duncan Bridgeman.
Really, 1 Giant Leap is more than a music group, they're a multimedia project. They've done a pair of films, their albums have a decent amount of spoken word elements, and they transcend several genre boundaries. It's a hard trick to sell this album, but it's really a golden piece of art.

Several of the songs contain spoken word intros. One that I'm consistently amazed by is at the start of Daphne, "Music is to me proof of the existence of God. It is, so extraordinarily full of magic, and in tough times in my life, I can listen to music, and it makes such a difference." Said by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. If I haven't said it before, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is one of my absolute favorite authors ever - his work literally re-inspired me to begin reading again. I know that my own writing style has incorporated a couple of stylistic leanings inspired by him, and I'm sad that I only discovered his works after his death. Even 1 Giant Leap said that getting an interview with Vonnegut was probably the most surprising thing during the creation of the original album.

In 2009, they released another album, What About Me? I discovered it today. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but it's still damn impressive.

All Alone
Braided Hair
The Way You Dream
My Culture
The Truth Is Changing
Set Me Free

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