Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Songs: Halestorm - Hate It When You See Me Cry

Shit, is it Sunday already? Wow. The back half of the week kinda went by like a blur. Anyway, I kinda had a bitch of a time choosing a song today. I wanted to not do another video game piece since the last few have been, and I really didn't want to subject you guys to the pop that's been dominating my playlist lately. I'm not afraid of admitting to liking it, but I sure as hell don't think I should be subjecting everyone else to it. (that said, some blog posts might have a few songs, but I'm not doing a Sunday Songs post on them).
You might recognize Halestorm. I put their song I Miss The Misery on my post about webcomics and pop music. I am completely in love with that song. No joke, I've listened to their album "The Strange Case Of..." almost every single day since I discovered it. I'm not usually one to repeat bands, especially this close to the last share, but whatever.

Halestorm has been around for a while, but their first actual album came out in 2009 (it was also titled Halestorm). Formed by the Hale siblings, Lzzy (frontwoman and vocalist and various guitars) and Arejay (drums), as well as Joe Hottinger (lead guitar) and Josh Smith (bass), Halestorm is a rock band that managed to become the very first female-fronted band to top the active rock airplay chart with Love Bites (So Do I). They're one of the very few female-fronted acts in the major rock scene, a place I admittedly know quite little about - I'm not usually into the heavy stuff.
Lzzy has a charismatic pull, with a very aggressive tone in most tracks, though there's numerous softer tracks in The Strange Case Of... (something done very intentionally, since the first album was much harder but didn't really showcase Lzzy's full range of character).

Something you may have noticed about me from my reviews and such is that I love knowing intent. You can REALLY tell from my RPG design posts - I share a lot of my intent with what I'm trying to go for. I remember discussing intent quite a bit in the Basement Collection review in regard to Coil. I don't usually get to talk about intent with music. Often the albums are left to speak for themselves. Halestorm has, in some location, talked openly about what they were discussing in most of their songs, revealing what they were trying to get at. I say "some location" because Wikipedia has compiled the discussion from somewhere, but nobody bothered to CITE anything. My best guess is that they discuss it in the liner notes or some such.
It gives a lot of interesting context to the music. For example, I Miss The Misery isn't actually about an abusive relationship, which would be an easy leap to make after hearing the song, so it's interesting to know that's not it. Rock Show in particular has a neat context that's cool to hear about even if ultimately it changes nothing (it was written after receiving a letter from a young fan who learned to play guitar after being inspired at one of their shows). It really says a LOT to me that they're willing to talk about intent, because intent can really expand the music.

This particular song does a good job of including both sides of the band's persona - the soft and the hard. It's catchy, and hits some nice chords. If you have the album but haven't heard this, it's one of three songs that're only on the Deluxe Edition. If I hadn't remembered that not everyone would know this song I probably would have shown off Daughters of Darkness, but might as well share something even less people would already know.

I've said this before, but they feel to me like what might happen if you smashed together Paramore, Lacuna Coil, and some other element (a radio station?). I mean that in the kindest way possible by the way. It has the guitar power and gruffness of LC and a lyrical style and voice that reminds me of Paramore. So, I guess a pop- and punk-influenced rock band? I'm saying that as a good thing.

Love Bites (So Do I)
Mz. Hyde
I Miss The Misery (<3>
Freak Like Me
Rock Show
Daughters of Darkness (also love this)
American Boys
Here's To Us
Don't Know How To Stop
I Get Off
Familiar Taste of Poison

End Recording,

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