Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Songs: Skyward Sword - Fi's Theme

I confess, I have enormous trouble with Skyward Sword. I've gone back to start trying it again, and while I'm trying to think charitably and I see a lot of good ideas and, in general, the puzzle design has been fantastic and made me actually think about how to solve stuff, I'm driven to madness by the MESS that is the controls. I was never adept with a Wii remote in the first place. I can't precisely control with swing angle, and the analog stick is way too sensitive for me to properly control link, and the camera keeps dicking me over. For everything good in the design side of things, the execution makes me hurt inside. Except character design, that hurts me from the design side too. I'm hoping that, with time, I'll adapt and get better, but it's really frustrating, because I WANT to be able to enjoy this game.
However, my distaste does not come from the soundtrack. I mean, I guess it does on the odd occasion - not every song is good, of course. But in general, it's a competant soundtrack by Mahito Yokota and Hijime Wakai and Shiho Fujii and Takeshi Hama and Koji Kondo. A reliance on brass and very light melodic parts played by, primarily, harp or flute (ocarina?). It gives the whole production a fairly light and airy feel that's quite appropriate for the world.
Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of the overarching theme of the game's music, Ballad of the Goddess. It's good, but not great. I have much stronger attachment to stuff like Ocarina of Time's Song of Time or Link's Awakening's Ballad of the Windfish.

Fi's Theme easily emerged above the rest as particularly special. It has that aura of mystery and wonder that I think games sometimes struggle to capture. Fi's Theme in particular actually reminds me the Journey soundtrack, which is a very very good thing. There's also a bunch of variations of it on the soundtrack, and that's pretty cool. The song I chose, Chasing Fi, is probably my favorite mix of it.

I'm still amazed that Nintendo finally locked themselves into a timeline using Hyrule Historia. I mean, Skyward Sword is basically an extended backstory explanation piece.

Theme of Skyward Sword - Ballad of the Goddess
Knight's Academy
Zelda's Theme (I'm also a big fan of this one, very dynamic yet sweet tune)
(I gotta say, I DON'T like Groose's theme. Where I am in the story though, he's still just a bumbling jerkwad, so my dislike of his character may be affecting that)
Exploring the Skies - Overworld
Dance of the Goddess
Thrill Digger (woooo, Goron theme!)
Earth Temple (one of my favorites as well)
Lanaryu Desert
Beedle's Airshop
Lanaryu Sand Sea
Ancient Lanaryu
The Sacred Dragons
Bazaar - Fortune Teller

Fi's Theme
Chasing Fi
Call of Destiny - Fi's Theme
Conclusion - Fi's Theme

Seeya later folks! Should have some postable stuff right away, and I'll do an Oscars reaction post tonight or tomorrow.
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