Thursday, January 2, 2014

Movies: Catching Fire

Heard this on the radio a week ago, now I know where it's from. A good song.

I could do a whole complete review of Catching Fire but why bother because my real conclusions is HELL YES GOOD I LIKE THIS MOVIE A LOT.
Seriously, I liked The Hunger Games, but this was in a whole new league. Some of that is just overall improvement, some of it is the shuffled staffing, and like a whole half is Jennifer Lawrence just killing it out there. Among the better emotional performances I've seen in an action movie.
Also the movie was not hesitant to pull any punches. My mom (who saw it before me) was talking about how it wasn't quite as violent, or at least wasn't as explicit about the violence, as the first movie. I don't really agree - it was really brutal. The man in District 11, Gale, Cinna, it was intense.

I have a special love for that speech in District 11 though. I'm not invested in Hunger Games too much - I've only read the first book, and I only saw the first movie in the theater and not since. I like it, but I'm no superfan. But that scene made me emotional, hell I almost cried a bit - I'm serious, and that's really damn rare for me. Ed on Twitter made a good point - it was one of the few moments where Katniss is being completely unlike her normal self, breaking out of her hardened shell, and I think that added major power to it.
Well, even if I'm no Hunger Games superfan, I'm pretty sure I'm now a J-Law superfan.

Go see the movie folks.
I should have a real, more significant post soon. I'm almost totally finished with Assassin's Creed IV, so my focus should return soon.

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