Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Songs A: Oasis - Falling Down

Well, I was in Portland last week and so didn't have a chance to put up Sunday Songs last week, and then decided I didn't want to knock a new Avatar World draft off the top for something so...normal. So instead, today there will be TWO Sunday Songs posts.

I really like this song! I listen to barely any Oasis, but this is an excellent song. I don't even remember where I heard it first. Later, I discovered it was used as the Opening song for the anime Eden of the East, which I'd watched on Netflix with an alternate opening. It's a great fit, and that was a really damn good show. Suprisingly high on my list of favorites.
Anyway, regardless of the anime connection, this is a really good song.

I don't know any other damn Oasis stuff. Sorry for the light links. I'll try to make the other song, which will go up later today, have a good number of links, not that I know of anyone who clicks 'em.

End Recording,

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