Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Songs - Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex - I Can't Be Cool

The background soundtrack to two seasons of anime somehow pulls more listenable material than most full albums. They're fantastic. The best anime soundtracks I've heard, though some get close, like Attack on Titan or Psycho-Pass.
Speaking of anime, I'm writing a post on anime I've seen. I'm even copping to some of the girlie embarrassing ones I probably shouldn't have watched all the way through.

I don't post links for GitS SAC stuff because I need to save it to use other times when I'm similarly baffled by what to put up.

But here, THESE are some links! I spent a couple hours and made Youtube playlists out of each of the Songadays I've done, out of Sunday Songs, and Blog Songs. Now you can skip the part where you have to actually open my previous posts and feed me views / pitiful amounts of ad revenue! *cries softly*

September Songaday
February Songaday
Midsummer Songaday
October Songaday
August of Games / August Songaday
Sunday Songs
Blog Songs

Obviously a few songs are missing (such as anything not from youtube) but any dead videos I found were replaced, so everything currently runs. It was interesting to look back at almost two years of posts I've made. There's 344 videos there total - I almost have an entire year of daily songs total.
Later folks.

End Recording,

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