Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dungeon World 2.2 Annotations

Oh screw you Adam and Sage. I literally wrote this up last night and only didn't post it because I wanted to space stuff out a bit more after the LB post so it got some attention. I didn't think you'd really go ahead an post 2.3 tonight!

Whatever, I'm posting it anyway. I'll do the 2.3 changelog soon.

"DW2.2 Changelog Annotations
- Lots of typo fixes courtesy of Jeremy Friesen.
* Appreciated.

- Expand the dice rolling paragraph into its own section. Introduce “XdY·b” notation.
* While basic dice rolling seems like something that ought to be covered in Basic and not the advanced rules, no harm done. The notation is cool, but I'm not so sure how well it'll catch on in general.

- Hold from Bolster is now called preparation
* Cool, makes sense. Kinda makes me wish the hold from Defend had a name.

- It Goes to Eleven now gives the monster +1d4 damage to make the 7–9 result a bit more interesting
* I like it!
- Eldritch Chord now doubles one effect
- Duelist’s Block armor bonus reduced
- There were two moves named Bamboozle, one is now named Con
* The rest make sense, but don't interest me a whole lot.

- Fighter Load is now 9+Str
* Sure thing.

- Devoted Healer now gives a smaller bonus
* That's probably for the best, especially since hit points stopped scaling.

Cleric Spells
- Reword Bless for clarity
* Fair enough. Still seems a very strong spell to me, it made Kris infinitely more effective.

- Healing bonus abilities (Hospitaller, Perfect Hospitaller) grant a smaller bonus.
- Perfect Knight granted too many boons, now just three
* Yeah, it needed that. Not that I didn't love having that many boons, but it was really strong.

- Revise poisons
- Armor bonus moves (Underdog, Serious Underdog) grant less armor
* Okay. I like the poisons, but non-Touch poisons will get almost no use from us.

- Revise poisons
- Change healing potion to 10 HP
* Cool.

- Reword “adaptation” question for clarity
- “Skill in combat” question is now three questions to give more specifics
- Devious now adds “roll twice and take lowest” instead of reducing damage dice size
- Reword “planar” question
- Add section on monsters without stats
* Cool stuff, all helpful.

- New monster setting
* Blink dogs, Dryads, Ogres, TREANTS! Hell yes. Also love the Hill Giant description a lot, as well as his instinct - everyone else has things they want to achieve, but he, he just wants to throw stuff.

- New monster setting
* Important stuff, but less exciting since it's a lot of standard fantasy fare. Except Tritons though, THAT'S sure as hell not standard. Why include them? I like it, I'm just curious.

- New monster setting
* Finally, some damn golems! Also Bulettes and Rust Monsters! Not sure all of these really are experiments (Pegasus?) but it works out. Wait...they're constructs? Huh. Interesting.

Lower Depths
- New monster setting
* DRAGONS! FINALLY! And Gray Renders, Salamanders, and Aboleths and Minotaurs and Nagas! A good category. Question: While the Apocalypse Dragon's instinct is easy to understand as a concept, I don't know how well I could use it in combat as a "it will tend in this direction" thing. Maybe I just need to try it. Also my first "Set a disaster in motion" will be "Create psychic maelstrom."

- New monster setting
* I'm a sucker for all of this stuff, I'm just gonna consume it all. But the Concept Elemental stands out as a piece of genuine beauty. Powerful piece right there.

- New monster setting
* Again, important, but less interesting. Hey, when it comes time for final release are you going to take your monster settings and alphabetize them? I'd say to do so.

Moves Discussion
- Add discussion of class moves
* Very nice, would love discussion of even more moves. This is what I read for, basically. You got a typo in the Guidance one btw. And Animate Dead (wrong "it(')s" multiple times).

Overall valuable stuff! After D&D Next this is back on the list of Games To Play since we didn't give it a full shake. Maybe I'll post that list up sometime.
Aaand I can finally take this off of the schedule! Cheers folks."

So, that's that. Finally. Oh, and if you're interested my name's gonna be in the book with the other members of the Adventurer's Guild! That also means you're all gonna know my last name... Oh well. Cross that bridge when we get to it. Just look for Max 'Ego' lfekjhsnrkj. My name in there'll probably impress Kris a bit, though Daniel will think I'm super-nerdy for liking that. Whatever, I'm excited.
Oh, and just glancing at the 2.3 changelist, I see Dex-based Backstab <3 <3 <3 You just made Shank's day guys. I like to think my comments helped with that, it makes me feel like my feedback actual helped in the long run (and validates that SOMEtimes I have good ideas...)

Well, what's next up? Schedule is still here:
This Week: Battleship, AotP, D&D Next annotations, DW 2.3 notes (goddamn it guys)
Next Week: Men in Black III maybe, AotP, D&D Next, Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb review.
June: Songaday! YES I'm doing another round. Also, June 15-22 is the TheSpeedGamers Pokemon marathon, and June 5-7 is E3. June 29-31 is Go Play NW, so I'll have con stuff.
Stars Without Number: If you're wondering where this went, this will probably be a more project-style posting. Deciding how I want it to interact with AotP and June Songaday (catchier name suggestions? Oh! Midsummer Songaday maybe!), so dates are TBA.

Cheers, back to work. First final went well.
End Recording,


  1. The tritons are there because we wanted something non-standard! Plus, it encourages interesting adventures that interact with water, an type of environment that presents all kinds of cool challenges. And chances to say "poop deck."

  2. Haha, they definitely do stand out as being non-standard, and it makes the whole section more interesting. I hadn't thought about how it encourages water-based stuff, especially since, now that I'm thinking about it, aquatic stuff isn't nearly as daunting in DW as in the big ones like D&D since all those little simulation things aren't in the way (plus 3-d gridmapping sucks). I totally need to remember to pitch that water stuff is actually tolerable in DW to my group.

    Also wow, this means you actually READ the stuff I type! I thought I was just talking to myself a lot!
    (Oh and congrats, you are the first commenter on this blog.)

    Thanks for answering!