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AotP: Colorful Forms (Roathus, Jevel, Garmuth)

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 So, a quick one! I decided to do a quick color-over of each of the folks I've redone so far.
So let's just go through them all.
First is Hense, who you've already seen. This was the first color edit, and I didn't do any manual shading fixes on her, but it gets all the points across. I'm reshowing this mostly because I like it and now I've removed the white paper background and made it transparent. I really gotta figure out an easy way to make that yellow look less yellow and more gold. Also, again, does the veil need a design on it at all, or does anyone have a thought about the robe color?

I, um, did a Lemaign one, but it sucked. I'll redo another one later. So here's Jevel instead. I like it. This one is lighter than the other ones from way back in the beginning, but that's alright. I think the color difference is TOO much here actually, the left side is too yellow/green. Also, it's hard to transparency around hair. I do NOT envy green-screen digital artists, having to clear out and leave individual strands of hair...

And yeah, I'm definitely gonna go with this angle on the final picture for him, not the 3/4 most folks are getting.

Hey look it's Roathus! Definitely screwed up the expression in the coloring, it all has to do with the lips. Needs to be sadder. Still, I like the wood texture and the colors that came out, which was my main concern. Also tears fucking SUCK. I hate 'em. THAT is gonna take some practice. Just in general, Roathus' coloring came out exactly the way I wanted, despite messing up his expression. Also, I need to incorporate "Gorging" and his overall hunger better into it. It's there as a theme, but it needs to be more visual. Maybe his mouth is hanging open in a frown, with his lower jaw stuck out a bit further with a prominent lower lip, combined with sadder eyes and tears.

 You guys saw Micia last time! I still like it, and pretty much nothing in my opinion has changed in the, like, 2 days since making it.

And once again, Garmuth goes ahead and makes me love drawing him. The skin colors just WORKED. The purplish shadow tones that emerged? Hell yeah. Copper-ish cog trim for the shirt? Yup. The sealed over eyes actually receding and looking a bit sunken? God yes. Why is Garmuth such a joy to draw?
EDIT: Gave him an outline now.

Hey look, that's five colorful pictures and a sixth that's ready for color! I'm actually making significant progress on this project. Gotta keep making Lemaign better in the drawing department and gotta improve Roathus' expression (against all my instincts - I really like the drawing I did for Roathus Take 2!, and then I just need to make new drawings for Pyth and Yudrig (as all of the hard work for Yudrig happens at the color stage) and need to keep struggling with Acobi. Olak is in the works already, I think he might be up next.
Next Week: Dark Shadows review (seeing it tonight), DW2.2 changelog annotations, Stars Without Number, DW session 2 if all goes properly, AotP (maybe more Micia, I hope to do some Olak). End of the week might bring a Battleship review if I go right away.
Week of May 21st: Finals week, probably low content until I finish on Wednesday. This week is more likely for Battleship.
May 24th: D&D Next playtest goes public, I'll start writing up my annotations for that. Very exciting, might break from DW for a shot at it this week or the next.
May 28th: Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb releases, and I'll spend a bunch of time playing it and then review it. Very very excited for it. 

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