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AotP: Olak Take 2

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So, before I get started I just need to say: I <3 The Binding of Isaac. Seriously, damn game is incredible. And I finally hit 100% of the achievements. Yeah, a game that I said was ridiculously difficult, that took a week of trying to get even one win, well, I sunk 150 hours into it and now I have all 64 secrets, all 133 items, and everything. Hell yes, this is one of the most nuanced, incredible games out there. I've been giving the whole Mass Effect series a lot of love lately, but that's a game that I'll praise for its storytelling and universe with a pretty good gameplay system to go with it. BoI has an excuse for a story (with surprising depth) sitting next to unbelievable gameplay. Rock on, BoI. I'll sink another eternity into you in a couple weeks when your expansion comes out.

Okay, done gushing over that game now. You came for AotP and Olak, right? Oh hey, did you know that as of the previous post, the colorful ones, this project has been going for a whole month? I'm impressed with my own resolve, I usually give up faster and move on to something else.
Well, here's what we know about Olak:
1) Olak is the Carefree Son.
2) Olak is the God of Chance and Whim (making him the only deity with two positives and no negatives)
3) "Alive forever in a single moment, the Carefree Son plays beyond the reach of time."
That's what the game gives us. Here's my additional pieces that come from my own interpretations.
4)  Olak is the son of Micia.
5) As such, Olak has white hair.
6) Olak is the spirit that brought color to the world during the planet's creation.
7) He wears extremely vivid and colorful clothing, not unlike that we see on Zulf and Zia.
8) He's young. HOW young is up for grabs still.
9) He no longer exists with the other gods. He left the general time stream to reside in his one moment.
10) He bears a Star of Caelondia as a relic of his mother.

Yeah. This drawing has a lot of issues. But it gets the concept down. The face is much too high, though the mouth is in the right place. The fair is just...I have an issue drawing Olak's (and the Kid's for that matter) hair. One shoulder is much higher than the other, the arm are slightly odd, etc BUT it gets some patterns down. He might get even younger than this, though I've been avoiding that. Also, he has no Star on this, I haven't decided where it goes yet. Considering putting it on a necklace. How would that be?

Now, the important part is to see him in color. Not that there are still a lot of issues with the lines in the colored...

Well, his expression changed, but I tried to slide around the head and features. The arms came out much better than I'd expected. The clothes worked great, super bibrant and colorful, though I need to think up of even more possible patterns. I like the blue shoulder a lot, especially when touching that purple. The hair is still BLECH. Look, I did what I could. I'll have another go at it later.

So yeah, that's it! Quick showing of what's to come for Olak.

5/18: Maybe my DW 2.2 Annotations. The game IS happening, so AP soon! We aren't going to Battleship, but we will be this weekend probably. If I come up with some good AotP, that.
Next week: Battleship review, DW Session 2 (if that's what we play) AP, D&D Next release, Men in Black III release. Definitely some AotP. Olak needs some reworking, Micia needs a damn body, Pyth and Yudrig need redraws, Hense needs a finalized hood design (as in placement of the "flames", for consistency) and a rough body.
Following Week: D&D Next Annotations begin, hopefully either DW Session 3 or D&D Next Session 1, maybe a MiBIII review, a Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb review. By June I want to have someone's design finalized (it'll probably be Garmuth or Hense).
Later folks!

End Recording,

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