Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dungeon World Beta 2.3 Annotated Changelog

Hey wanted to do this before the Next playtest goes up and consumes me for a bit.
- We’ve fixed a lot of typos. Thanks in particular to jeremyf and tresi on github for not only finding typos but fixing them too!
* Why thank you jeremyf and tresi.

- Martyr and Penitent work better with the current HP scale.
* Sounds good.
- Cleric spell tags are no longer a restriction, so Inquisitor and Scales of Life and Death have been replaced by new moves.
* Invigorate is nice and seems pretty useful, but the new Scales of Life and Death seems like it could be really powerful. Oh well. Less perma-death is always good for our group.

Cleric Spells
- Replace Gibber and Dictum with Command Elements
* You mean Storm of Vengeance by command elements? Because that's the name in the file. Cool spell though. Also Peace seems to have become Plague. Pretty sure that's a typo in Plague (death of the first borN, unless I don't know anything about plagues).

- The Human and Halfling Fighter moves have been rewritten
* Hmm. The human one still doesn't have the flair of the others. It's useful, just less flavorful seeming. The halfing one is great though.

- The Human Paladin move has been rewritten
* Yup. I like it. Less "detect evil" and more divine connection.

- Animal Companion Ferocity is a flat bonus again
* That works. And less dicerolling. Bonuses seem low for the number of dice we had been rolling though (2d4 to +2, for example). That's just at a glance though.
- The Ranger now has moves for improving archery
* Both Blot Out The Sun and Smaug's Belly are extremely cool and put al kinds of pictures of Legolas's fights in my head.

- Backstab is now Dex-based
* YES <3 <3. Looove it.

- Eldritch Touch and Eldritch Connection have been replaced with some cooler moves.
* Enchanter and Enchanter's Soul? Why yes, they ARE cooler. Might they be a bit too easy to replicate through Ritual though? That's something I liked about the other moves, they didn't overlap with all the cool things you can do with Ritual (I love Ritual btw, so cool).

Wizard Spells
- Replace Identify with Charm Person
* I liked some of the stuff you could do with Identify but Enchanter basically does that now (and anything further is good Ritual material), Charm Person is a good replacement.

- Magic items have been rewritten, along with plenty of cool new items.
* What does a blind wizard see if he casts Clairvoyance? Sorry, the Arrows of Acheron description got me thinking.
* Cursed Item variant: When sounded, Captain Bligh's Cornucopia spills forth food - out of the end you have in your mouth. Unfortunate, and difficult to use.
* Woah, the Cloak of Silent Stars is awesome.
* As is the Echo.
* Okay, I'll finish looking through this later, it's all sweet stuff.

Blood and Guts
- Added an extended example of play
* Only skimmed it, but including an example of play is an awesome idea.

Appendix 1: Thanks
- The place where we’ll thank everyone who helped out, including the Guild.
* Thanks to you too for making a great game, glad to be able to help a bit!

Appendix 2: Teaching the Game
- How to introduce new players to Dungeon World
* Very nice stuff.

Appendix 3: Conversion
- How to convert adventures from other Dungeon-y games
* Mmmmm I love it. Also seems a bit weird to put Introductory Moves in the Conversion chapter. Also I wish there was as evocative a name as "Love Letters" that would still fit the genre. Oh well, for now Intro Moves will do.

Appendix 4: Instant NPCs
- Make an NPC on the fly.
* I love it. BUT MORE LISTS, GIVE ME MORE LISTS (and I assume that's what the blank pages are for, so just keep doing what you're doing).

So, uh, yeah. Changelog 2.3. Just wanted to do this tonight before the D&D Next playtest goes live and consumes my attention. So, uh, schedule time I guess. GO CHECK OUT THE HENSE IN THE ART OF THE PANTHEON I POSTED TODAY. I don't want it to lose attention because I'm posting this. I'm really proud of it. Okay done plugging my othe project now.

This Week: Battleship, AotP, D&D Next annotations(excited!), maybe a post about my friend's game if he allows it.
Next Week: Men in Black III maybe, AotP, D&D Next (current game scheduled for Monday the 28th), Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb review.
June: Songaday! YES I'm doing another round. Also, June 15-22 is the TheSpeedGamers Pokemon marathon, and June 5-7 is E3. June 29-31 is Go Play NW, so I'll have con stuff.
Stars Without Number: If you're wondering where this went, this will probably be a more project-style posting. Deciding how I want it to interact with AotP and June Songaday (catchier name suggestions? Oh! Midsummer Songaday maybe!), so dates are TBA.

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