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AotP: Micia, The Lorn Mother

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Hello, and I've had no idea what to do with characters over the past week. I've been doing way too much Stars Without Number that I will never use. Seriously, it's crazy. I'll share some later, though you probably don't care about that.

Micia is the Lorn Mother, goddess of Loss and Longing, who tore out her own heart. She is the bearer of the Star of Caelondia. In my interpretation, she has the face of a crone and the body of a young maiden, and has long, pure white hair.  The left side of her chest is wide open, unhealed from her self-destruction, and the Star lies where her heart used to be. She still clutches the heart, and it continues to beat. Her actual outfit is still undecided and as such it is currently using the black dress placeholder from the original sketch. the final will incorporate some unique element of Olak's design.

So this was the first thing I drew when I decided to take another shot at Micia. I really like the expression she has here, it's really one of true unhappiness and it communicates age well, though her face is perhaps too tightly drawn. At first I was worried about design conflict with Hense since both are old women in the face, but the Hense redesign fixed that. I am aware that her ear is too high up here.
Something I'm not sure about is how I will tackle the neck area. She has an old face, but a young body, and the problem is where the transition is. I fear that if I make the neck old there won't be enough 'young' apparent. If it's young though I have to figure out how to draw the transition. Perhaps I'll have a lesson in this from Jevel.

And here's a much larger sequel drawing. This drawing actually spanned all the way to the waist, but I am unhappy with the rest and do not think it fit to share. This is a much more weathered face, though it doesn't capture the great expression from the other one. However, it's a different take on it, and I still like it.

There we go, this was the same sort of treatment I gave to Hense. I really like how the hair came out. It's definitely the right sort of look if the expression changes. Now I just need to think about what the rest of her looks like. Though the ear is still damn far away -_-

And here's a very quick drawing I tossed on the side of her arm on the big drawing. I didn't like the hand posture I'd done, but hey, came up with this alternative shape. It also shows the kind of strong posture I want her to have, a very 'proper' lady. And yes the doodle has black hair but give me a break, the whole thing is like an inch across the long way. You can also see here the  one-breast with a hole look that was in the main image. Drawing her with just the one breast is very bizarre. I'm considering just blowing open her whole damn chest to get the heart out. A lot more gruesome, a lot harder to draw, but still doable.

So hey, there's your update already. Had a hard time starting with Micia, though I like the end results so far. Hey, here's a quick run-down:
Hense: Main design complete, colored entry generated. Oh, question, anyone have an opinion on whether the veil should have a design or edging or something?
Acobi: Initial sketch only. I have ideas, but I need to figure out a new pose to put her in to showcase them. Nothing's worked as of yet and also been within reach for how well I can draw it.
Lemaign: Main design mostly complete (slightly lacking for godliness).
Pyth: Only the initial sketch, but it's pretty solid design-wise.
Jevel: Main design complete, colored entry sorta generated (need to take a second shot at that).
Yudrig: Initial sketch only. I have ideas for a repose, but need to look up a ref for it and haven't done so yet.
Roathus: Main design complete, needs some color. I like my sketch of him more every time I see it.
Micia: Head design complete and colored, need to keep trying to draw the body.
Olak: Initial sketch only, but I like it so I just need to do some redrawing.
Garmuth: Main design complete, just need to do one more drawing of him in his mirror and then color it.

his Week: AotP: DW 2.2, more Micia I hope. Also considering coloring Roathus or recoloring Jevel quickly.
Next Week: Stars Without Number, DW session 2 if all goes properly (Kris wasn't back in time this week), AotP (maybe more Micia, I hope to do some Olak). End of the week might bring a Battleship review if I go right away.
Week of May 21st: Finals week, probably low content until I finish on Wednesday. This week is more likely for Battleship.
May 24th: D&D Next playtest goes public, I'll start writing up my annotations for that. Very exciting, might break from DW for a shot at it this week or the next.
May 28th: Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb releases, and I'll spend a bunch of time playing it and then review it. Very very excited for it.

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