Thursday, July 26, 2012

Apocalypse World: The Boy and His Dog Playbook Tri-Fold

Okay, so this is kinda out of the blue I guess. If you're not familiar with the tabletop RPG Apocalypse World, become so HERE. It's a great RPG that, while I haven't ever played it straight, I've played at least 3 of its derivatives - one of which is the also wildly successful Dungeon World! It's a great game, and has a cool thing. Okay, so Character Classes are handled as Playbooks, a self-contained pair of pages that serve as a character sheet for members of that class. There are, I dunno, a bunch that come with the game default. There are ALSO a bunch of Limited Edition ones that to get from the creator you had to do certain things (contribute to his friend's kickstarter for one, buy the game at a con for another, etc). There are 6 of those. People have also made their own custom playbooks, supplements, and hacks.
The cool thing is that the community is encouraged to NOT just share these! Instead, we're supposed to trade with people and BARTER for them (a cool thing that brings some of the game's post-apoc flavor into the real world).
Now, I have quite a few. I have all the LE ones and a bunch of custom ones, as well as the LE and several custom Monsterhearts ones (since that game's in on the action now too with its Skins). One, however, has been incredibly elusive: The Boy And His Dog. This playbook, created by dragonraven of the official game's forums (Barf Forth Apocalyptica), was forum-posted but no one seems to be able to find the legal tri-fold with art and everything.

So I made it.

I took (I believe) Johnstone's NOT Johnstone, the best I can call him is d7 I guess, ask me if you want to know more about the template and stuff, anyway so I took d7's Scribus template and dragonraven's content, built 'em together, formatted everything in GIMP, and then went and took a stock image from deviantart (link!) and manipulated it into the art style of the game.
So really the only things I did was modify the image and put together all these disparate elements. However, that's not gonna keep me from putting it up for barter! The barter is non-standard though.
So here's the rule: If you want one of these suckers, comment here on the blog (if you don't get an answer, comment on a more recent post that this is what you're talking about and I'll work it out with you) with the playbooks and skins and stuff you have (or any other cool stuff you made or have that you think is worth the trade). If you have something I need, you send me that and I send you this. HOWEVER, in the spirit of paying forward some Kindness bestowed upon me, if you show me what you've got and DON'T have anything I need, you can have it anyway as long as you promise to pay the Kindness forward yourself!

So of course this isn't official or anything - I'm not dragonraven. The font isn't perfectly sized, scale it up too much and it looks kinda blurry (though it stands up better than the first draft) and there isn't a Barter section since dragonraven never finished that. This is all for coolness and putting a desperately wanted piece of Apocalypse out into circulation.

Want a preview? Sure. I'm proud of the way the art came out (took a few shots) so you can see it before you buy!
Cheers, hope someone like it enough to take up the offer!

(also, D&D Next session 2 AP upcoming soon, as well as more Rapid-Fire Reviews)
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  1. Hey, I have a a bunch of Playbooks.
    I have a zip with a bunch of different ones - including Feral Kid, Ruin Runner, Juggernaut, Horseman, Tribal and Turncoat.

    All I want is the Boy and His dog tri fold and if you give it to me, I promise to pay it forward in a BIG way. So if your interested, or feel nice, shoot me an e-mail at

  2. I would be happy to trade one of the following for your Boy and his Dog trifold:

    The Witch
    The Last Child
    The Horseman
    The Turncoat

    I haven't been so fortunate in finding others thus far :)

    1. Got those, so I just sent along the playbook. Enjoy :3
      - Max/Ego