Monday, July 2, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 30

Wow, pretty much the last time I'm gonna have to pull that header. Anyway, I'm sure you noticed that I kind of missed the 30th. Since the 29th, I've been going to Go Play NW, and if I haven't been gaming it up there I've been asleep to prepare for the next day. It was incredible, but I still feel a bit bad letting it take priority over Midsummer Songaday - That last day and I would've not missed once! Too bad.
Metroid Prime had it pretty good - it sat at the top of my "absolute favorite games" list until just recently finally falling over to Mass Effect 2. It still holds a firm second place, and its soundtrack is beyond good. In fact, the soundtrack of all three Prime games is incredible. This is just the title music, the first piece on the soundtrack, and it never lets up on the awesome. All three soundtracks recommended to the highest degree. Super-special songs include: Title, Menu Theme, Tallon IV (1 and 2), Phendrana Drifts (1 and 2), Magmoor Caverns, Drowned Frigate, Flaaghra, Meta-Ridley, Metroid Prime (Phases 1 and 2), Credits, and those are just the ones from MP1. In my opinion, there's not much that can fight ME2's Suicide Mission theme, but the MP 1 soundtrack is definitely more consistent in its amazingness.

And a moment to discuss remixes of Metroid
1) Relics of the Chozo. This was the first OCRemix project ever I believe. This remix of the Super Metroid Soundtrack continues to stand firm.
2) Reserve Tank VARIAtions. Made swiftly to support a long-time community member, OCRemix collected Super Metroid remixes from anyone who wanted to put forth a song to raise bLiNd's spirits. The result was a strong album.
3) Metroid Metal. These guys do exactly what they say, and it's sweet.
4) Harmony of a Hunter. This is my favorite. It's an independent collection of remixes from all sorts of Metroid games, spanning the series. It's really amazing. They're also currently making a sequel album, 101% Run, which is going to be extraordinary based on the video previews.

So, if you can't tell, I love the Metroid series' music. And the series - hell, the blog is named after Metroid Prime (thought that did have a specific intention in the past iteration of the blog).

Anyway, it's been an amazing time doing Songaday with everyone again, and I'm hoping that anyone who came to see the music will stick around and keep up with it! If you enjoyed it, let me know, it motivates me to keep going! I'll likely do another Songaday in a few months again, as soon as I have a good batch of music to share again. Also, AP from Go Play NW will show up VERY soon!
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