Thursday, July 5, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

So I was gonna do the Microscope AP as today's post but saw this and so I'll review this today. Here's the review:

Yes. This movie is comic book movie gold. This is EVERYTHING I want from a Spider-Man movie minus organic webs.

So what's my past with Spider Man? I've seen the movies, but nothing else - however, I'm moderately to decently aware of what happens in the comic book world so I'm not blind and only built from the movies. Here's my list of things I liked: Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, I like the way Peter got played, the way they really made you feel how FAST and STRONG Spider-Man is, Gwen Stacy (I appreciate the complete absence of MJ at this point. Plus I think Gwen is a bit more compelling anyway, and the romance itself is just better in this one), Emma Stone (she's pretty cute, especially as a blonde), fucking Lizard and Curt Connors, the references to Norman Osborne, the first-person sections, the prominence of Peter's father, the fact that this is the first of at least 3 movies (and after last time they're gonna watch their every step), the happy-ish ending, the fact that Peter DOESN'T catch Ben's killer yet, the thing with Flash.
What I didn't like: Web canisters (I just like the organic web idea more), the fact that I know the happy-ish ending simple can't last (unless this breaks far enough from Spider-Man tendency to kill off Gwen and make way for MJ - creators, do that! I like Gwen more!), the lack of wrestling in his past (I get trying to disassociate with the 2002 movie, but this was a pretty important thing), the critics who're upset with points that were also in the '02 movie (come on guys, this is an established thing! They can only twist so much!), Spidey STILL isn't wisecracking enough (though I get it, your audience would probably tire of lame puns and corny jokes very very fast).

I dunno about anyone else, but I'm ready for Part Two. Bring it on. I CAN'T WAIT.

(In the meantime I'm going to sit anxiously for Batman 3 and Bourne Legacy)

I hope you enjoyed my fly-by review. If you want the usual process come and ask and I'll write out something a bit more comprehensive.

Watch This Movie If You Like: Action Movies, the old Spider-Man movies, if you were disappointed with the handling of the old Spider-Man movies, Teenage romance with superpowers.
Don't Watch This Movie If: You're a hater, you hate comic books, you hate fun.
Final Grade: A, 9.75/10.

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