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AotP: A Return!

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Who is this? Well, it's not related to Bastion or the Pantheon in any way! Sharp viewers will recognize this as being from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. This was the flash-forward to Arwen's potential fate should she remain in Middle Earth for Aragorn - eventually he would die and she would live on in eternal grief.
Why is it here? Because I was watching Two Towers the other day and saw this and instantly triggered my AotP reflexes. Who could it be about? Why, Hense, of course!
Here's some other versions of the shot. I took all these screenshots myself off my DVD copy, btw.

That second one there is actually from a different part of the same prediction. It looks MUCH better in motion, mind you.
Anyway, what it has from Hense is pretty obvious: all black, veiled (albeit more like the original veil idea I had, less like the second-and-onward one), in grief and pain but living on. Now, I obviously already have quite a bit of Hense decided. Maybe if I'd seen this early on in Hense's development she would have taken a different path, but that didn't happen.
It DOES have something to take from it beyond cool inspiration stuff. In case you couldn't tell, she has a whole body, something that Hense has as-of-yet been unable to come up with. Well, no more! With a little inspiration from here, Hense has a body!

Yeah, that sure is Hense! Hot DAMN! This is basically what I've been looking for from the beginning. She's strong and silent behind a veil of black and flame - in fact, that's not an awful tagline description.
"Left broken with pain, Hense stands strong and silent behind veils of black and flame."

This isn't particularly different, it's essentially just her dress alone. It's function is now pretty muddy, unsure if it's robe or dress, but I'm comfortable with that.

It hasn't born any fruit yet, but this work has also had me come to the idea that Acobi is TOTALLY bound in a corset.

Anyway, so yeah, here's some content! Art of the Pantheon is officially back on! Not on a schedule, but I hope to have more soon.

So if you're looking for my GPNW stuff, come back tomorrow. I want to give myself a little more time to write Microscope's AP seeing as it was the most revolutionary game I played.
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