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Apocalypse World: Front 3, The Reborn
I love Massive Attack, particularly the albums Mezzanine and 100th Window. Mezzanine gets more air play, especially Angel and Teardrop (both in its own right and as the song in the House theme). I think 100th Window is also a really great album though, and it gets far less publicity. What Your Soul Sings, Special Cases, Antistar, it's a great album.

This front is...slightly less formed. I don't really like running, or at least writing, countdown clocks. The first four of these threats have all appeared in the game. The last one has NOT. And the inclusion of that last one on top of the others makes this everything I could want from a front. I'll be sad to see Rex or PURITY go, but, well, Look Through Crosshairs. They're sure as hell gonna put up a fight before they go though.

Is Called: The Reborn
Expresses: Zealousy and Technophilia
Dark Future/Agenda: Complete domination of the settlement, followed by PURITY taking control.
Description & Cast: Rex is the head of the public face of the Reborn, with Mech as his second. Behind the scenes, PURITY is in mental control of everyone to some degree, though often individuals are left to their own devices. They live in The Salvage Yard and their home base is Repair. They have a tenuous alliance with Warlord Usimog and his Nuzulu tribe, with each thinking they are in control of the other - in truth, they both defeat each other, with the Nuzulu having the brute strength and firepower to win in a fair fight. Rex would never fight fair though.
Stakes Questions: * Will Rex convince any of the PCs to accept an implant?
* Will the group find out about PURITY or her control? Will Usimog?
* Will Rex take over the settlement?

Is Called: Rex
Kind: Warlord - Prophet
Impulse: To denounce & overthrow.
Description & Cast: Rex is the sole leader of the tech-cult known as the Reborn. His right arm is entirely mechanical, as are his eyes, which are solid black and have a distinctive 3-point glowing yellow iris. (I might upload a pic later, I have it drawn but it's a rough doodle). He's charismatic and smart, but he speaks with intent to convert people to the Reborn by replacing parts with cybernetics. He has plans for the settlement, but what they are have yet to be determined.
Custom Move: When you struggle with Rex's arm, roll+Hard. On a 10+, you succeed agaist it! On a 7-9, choose one of the following:
* You beat it.
* It doesn't slice you up.
* You aren't left vulnerable to his minions.

Is Called: The Salvage Yard
Kind: Landscape - Maze
Impulse: To trap, to frustrate passage.
Description & Cast: The Salvage Yard is the home base of Rex and his Reborn. A genuine salvage yard, it's filled with huge heaps of junk that act as hills and turn the place into a natural maze. The Reborn know the place like the back of their hands, but getting anywhere in there isn't easy. There's treasure hidden in the piles though...
Custom Move: When you Read A Sitch in the Salvage Yard, add the following questions: * Where is Repair?
* How do I get out?
* Find something in the heaps.

Is Called: The Reborn
Kind: Brutes - Cult
Impulse: To victimize and incorporate.
Description & Cast: The cultists themselves are enthralled by Rex through their cybernetics. Each cultist has at least one, of varying levels of sophistication and form. None of them are quite as extraordinarily advanced as Rex's arm, but there's a good deal of advanced tech in the bunch, even a couple pairs of cybereyes.
Custom Move: When you Manipulate or Read a Reborn, roll+Weird instead.
Custom Move: When you loot a Reborn corpse, roll+Sharp. On a 10+, you find a hi-tech piece of implanted gear. On a 7-9, pick from useless tech, dangerous tech, worthless tech, or destroyed tech.

Is Called: Repair
Kind: Landscape - Breeding Pit
Impulse: To generate badness.
Description & Cast: Repair is a work shop, situated somewhere in the middle of the Salvage Yard. Inside are a variety of things, including a large workbench covered in tech, a bloody operation table, and, most significantly, a wall covered in the only working computers in the area. Rex has been using them and communing with them, and seems to be guided by it somewhat. The place is full of fumes. The resident tech and second-most important member of the entire cult is Mech. Mech is pretty crazy, and none of his tech is obvious, but he's actually skilled with surgery and implantation.
Custom Move: When you perform strenuous action in repair, Act Under Fire. On a 7-9, Open Your Brain about the Reborn.
Side note: Triggered this in the session! It generated my favorite spur-of-the-moment idea of the night.

...threat five... called...P.U.R.I.T.Y. a...grotesque...a mindfucker...
...who craves mastery...
...a ghost of the past, of the war that brought about the Golden Age. She's no human though, but an AI, alive and thriving in the supercomputer network underneath the Salvage Yard and accessible through Repair. PURITY is partially corrupted, and is obsessed with increasing its spread - which it achieves through networking itself into more cybernetic parts. It's been stringing Rex along with its siren call of a world made perfect through technology - Rex genuinely believes he's doing the right thing. PURITY? No such delusions. She wants to ensure piece by controlling everything, and she has her eyes on the settlement. Only in the caves beneath Repair can she manifest in her hologram form, that of a blue-ish female form with glowing yellow triangular eyes.
...and here you thought REX was charismatic. Whenever PURITY asks you to do something you'd really rather not do, and you do, mark XP. Refusing her means you need to Act Under Fire, with the fire being "does your refusal cause her to explode in rage?" - she doesn't take losing well.

Hope you enjoy them, and I hope you'll hear about their scheming soon! (meaning I really need to write AW AP3).
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