Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Songs: Black Ops II Theme

So, sorry for taking until like 2pm to post, I have a wicked cold that has me flat on my back.

So, I never expected to be sitting here recommending a Call of Duty soundtrack. They tend to be bland and uneventful, even stuff like Zimmer & Balfe's Modern Warfare 2 soundtrack. But I have to mention this one as particularly good, because this time they picked a soundtrack team I can support from the bottom of my heart. Trent Reznor here composed the main theme, and if I hadn't said so beforehand, I really like Trent's soundtracking. Him and Atticus Ross did a stellar job on both The Social Network's soundtrack and the one for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I'm not the biggest NIN fan, but I certainly enjoy a bit of it, so I'm a fan of this guy.
But he only did the main theme. Most of the soundtrack is actually composed by one of my two favorite composers - Jack Wall, with help from several Wall of Sound members. In particular, I'm interested by Jimmy Hinson aka Big Giant Circles's participation, since I love his work too. He did amazing work on the song  Adrenaline. Another particular song I like is Alex and David by Jack Wall, which has a distinct Mass Effect 2 vibe to it. Also, Brian Tuey did a song called Shadows (Outer Club Solar) that is awesome.

Taken as a whole, the album has a sound extremely reminiscent of what would happen if you fused a Mass Effect soundtrack with an Uncharted one and a Metal Gear Solid one, and I'm pretty damn okay with that.

Alex and David
Savimbi's Pride
Flying Squirrels
Future Wars
Desert Ride
Sand and Camels
Nino Precioso (feat. Kamar de los Reyes)
Anthem (Tuey Remix)
DeFalco's Theme
The Invasion of Panama
Guerra Precioso
Adrenaline (Jimmy Hinson track)
Main Theme Orchestral Mix

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